Lost Ark Turtle Island: Questline & Island Tokens

Lost Ark Turtle Island has a questline comprising of five steps that help players in earning rewards by getting tokens.

Lost Ark Turtle Island is one of the main islands in the game that players can unlock by reaching level 50. The questline “The Turtle and the Boy” should be unlocked then the players reach Turtle Island using a ship. The guide has covered everything in detail that you need to know about Turtle Island. We have another Lost Ark leveling guide that will assist you in leveling up faster. 

Key Highlights

  • Upon reaching level 50, one of the main islands named “Lost Ark Turtle Island” is unlocked. One must have unlocked the questline “The Turtle and the Boy” beforehand.
  • Turtle Island is located between the Annika and Tortoyk regions of the game. It is fairly easy to reach Turtle Island.
  • The Quest contains five parts which involve players traveling to Annika, Vern, and Arthetine.
  • You can also unlock Una‘s tasks such as “Gathering Slumberries” by completing the turtle island.
  • The turtle island quest is relatively easier and will reward you will many bounties such as seven High Seas Coin Chests, the Jewel Coral, and 10,000 Silver.

Turtle Island Location

Mokoko seeds location
Mokoko Seeds in Turtle Island

Turtle Island is located between the Annika and Tortoyk regions of the game. It is fairly easy to reach Turtle Island.

You need to complete the questline to acquire everything related to Turtle Island, be it Mokoko seeds or tokens. The Quest contains five parts which involve players traveling to Annika, Vern, and Arthetine. There are tons of Island Resources in Lost Ark and you need to know their locations. 

Once players complete the storyline of turtle island, they will receive the island token. Other rewards that are obtained by completing the questline are seven High Seas Coin Chests, the Jewel Coral, and 10,000 Silver.

Una’s tasks such as “Gathering Slumberries” can also be unlocked by completing it. Moreover, there are three Mokoko seeds located on Turtle Island of Lost Ark, and the exact location of these Mokoko seeds has been mentioned below.

How to Get Mokoko Seeds

Mokoko seeds are located on Turtle Island at different locations.

  • The first Mokoko seed is located on the Northside of Turtle Island; the exact location is east of the northmost water body on this island. 
  • The other two Mokoko seeds are not located in different locations; they are located at the same place, which is east of the coast of Turtle Island.

The Mokoko seed located in the north can be found near a palm tree in the open area. The other two are in a hidden location inside the cave.

Now you know the locations of Mokoko seeds, it will take much less time to find them now. Go and find your Mokoko seeds right now on Turtle Island. Besides that, check out our guide on Best Ships in Lost Ark.

How to Get the Turtle Island Token 

Turtle Island Lost Ark
Lost Ark Turtle Island

In Lost Ark, there are 85 Island tokens. Once these tokens are collected, they can be transformed into NPC at Opher. If you successfully collect all 95 Tokens, you will be rewarded with many items. While mentioning NPCs, it is a must-read our Lost Ark Best Rapport guide. 

Turtle Island token is said to be the easiest to obtain once you complete the Quest. All the steps in the Quest are mentioned in this guide.

Try to complete the Turtle Island quest as soon as possible and earn the rewards. Knowing about Lost Ark Trading Skills will help you enhance the pace of the game. 

The Turtle and The Boy

To begin this questline, the players must travel to the isle. Here the players will meet Tatan, who is a turtle sitting in front of the docks, and receive the first Quest from Tatan. Players should make sure to reach player level 50 before accessing this Quest.

If players try to access the quest “The Turtle and the Boy” before reaching level 50, they will not be able to access it. The task for the players here will be speaking to Flynn, who is the only human resident on the turtle island. The remaining residents on the turtle island will be turtles. 

Flynn’s father, Baham, is also a giant turtle. Flynn’s wish is to become a turtle, like the rest of his brethren, and it is the choice of the players if they want to fulfill his wish. The players will find a person on the turtle island and then talk to Baham inside the cave using the emotion “Talk” and tell that a person cannot become a turtle.

To Look Like A Turtle

The next part in the questline is “To Look Like A Turtle,” which involves getting a turtle outfit for Flynn. For this, the players will first travel to Annika. You will also be required to talk to Ringling, a textile merchant in Delphi Township.

Ringling will also need players’ help to drive away from the thieves while she is making clothes for Flynn. Later, you will find someone to take care of Flynn by talking to villagers and then return to Ringling. With this being done, “To Look Like A Turtle” will be completed.

To Breathe Like A Turtle

“To Breathe Like A Turtle” requires players to travel to Arid Path in Arthetine and go to Rizen Orphanage in Totrich. There will be a Hoyte reporter, and players will talk to him. This will be followed by talking to Housefather Viltri.

The next step is to move to the stern and make a turtle shell for Flynn using an Equipment crafter. An important measure here is to look around and notice if you are being followed. 

To Dive Like a Turtle

This is the fourth Quest and requires players to talk to Magick Scholar Irene. Irene is in Lost Ark’s Vern Castle, where players must complete a fetch assignment. This assignment involves collecting 100 Spectral Breaths in Fesnar Highland. The task can also be completed if players kill Highland Spirits.

Here, players are recommended to do two things, one, lead the mobs in one spot, and second use a powerful AOE ability to farm groups effectively. Talking about farming, do consider reading our guide on Lost Ark best mining spots and learn how to mine materials faster in the game. 

To The Sea

The final segment in the chain of questline in Lost Ark Turtle Island is “To The Sea”. An ending cutscene starts to play in this part after players are done talking to Flynn and Baham. Once this is done, players receive the Turtle Island Token. 

If you successfully complete these five steps in the turtle island questline, you will receive the token, which will eventually lead to earning so many rewards. Turtle Island quest is fairly an easy quest, but it can make players stop and think if they do not know what to do next. Similarly, the location of Mokoko seeds is not that tough, but players can waste a lot of time looking for them if they are unaware of the exact locations. 

The tokens earned from islands in Lost Ark help you get your rewards. Getting a token in Turtle Island is not so difficult; just keep following the steps mentioned in the guide, and you will be good to go. 

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