Lost Ark Drumbeat Island: Island Token, Quests & Rewards

This guide discusses all the quests and their rewards present in the Drumbeat Island of Lost Ark.

Exploring Islands and unraveling their secrets is definitely Lost Ark’s highlight, but the exploration of the wild seas of Arkesia isn’t a walk in the park. So having the best crew and ship with you is a given if you want to explore its islands without any hassles. In today’s guide, we will be discussing Drumbeat Island of Lost Ark.

Key Highlights
  • Drumbeat Island: Adventure island off the eastern coast of North Vern continent.
  • Access: Reached by Lost Ark ships, visitation at specific times using Procyon Compass.
  • Requirements: Combat level 50 and item level 250 needed to visit.
  • Rice Cake Dough Event: Known for an event where rice cake dough falls from the sky.
  • Makoko Seeds: Drumbeat Island does not have any collectibles of Makoko Seeds.
  • Drumbeat Island Token: Obtained by completing quests, including “Mysterious Object,” “Dangerous Debris,” and “The Thing from the Sky.”
  • Quests involve collecting shards, participating in a cooperative quest, and defeating a boss.
  • Token Usage: Used to claim rewards like mounts, gears, and maps in the game

Location Of Drumbeat Island In Lost Ark

Drumbeat Island is an island where rice cake dough fell from the sky. This extraordinary event makes it a great Island to visit.

Drumbeat Island is located just off the eastern coast of the North Vern continent. To access Drumbeat Island, you’ll need one of the Lost Ark ships. Furthermore, ensure your combat level is 50, and the item level is at least 250 before you visit this island.

Drumbeat Island Location
Location of Drumbeat Island in Lost Ark
Zoomed in, location of Drumbeat Island in Lost Ark

Unlike other islands like Cradle of the Sea Fermata, Drumbeat Island is an adventure island, which means you can’t visit it at any given time. There are particular timings for when adventure island appears, which you need to keep track of.

To know when this island is available for visiting, check your Procyon Compass, which is located below the mini-map.

Drumbeat Island Token Location 

Island Tokens or Souls are special collectibles found on only 91 specific Islands in Lost Ark, and Drumbeat Island is one of them. These tokens have special uses and can be used to claim many rewards, from portions and mounts to gears and maps.

The procedure of acquiring Drumbeat Island’s Token is kind of hefty and requires you to complete a series of quests. So make sure to carefully follow our guide in order to get your hands on Drumbeat Island’s Token in Lost Ark.

Mysterious Object

Island Token Quest
Initiating the “Mysterious Object” quest

As soon as you arrive at the Island, interact with “Scholar Obitan” to begin this quest. Interact with the telescope nearby and observe the objects falling from the sky. Report your observations to Scholar Obitan, and he will tell you to go collect the shards that fell from the sky.

Observing the sky
Observing the sky through theb telescope

Upon interacting with the fallen shards, the second part of this quest chain will begin. While you are at it, why not go through our guide on Lost Ark Rapport and learn how to build rapport with NPCs?

Dangerous Debris

Second quest
Initiating “Dangerous Debris” quest.

After you interact with the first shard, the quest “Dangerous Debris” will begin. In this quest, your job is to collect 300 shard fragments within a given time limit.

Picking up shard fragments

Upon completing this task, you will now be able to take part in the cooperative quest called “The Thing from the Sky”, which will let you obtain Drumbeat Island’s Token in Lost Ark.

The Thing From The Sky!

Third quest
Initiating “The Thin from the Sky!” cooperative event

“The Thing from the Sky” is a mini-dungeon co-op event where you will be tasked with eliminating blob creatures while hitting the giant blob in the middle with a rabbit hammer. The rabbit hammer can be found just on the right of the arena, so make sure to pick it up before you begin this event.

The rest is straightforward; watch out for the smaller blob creatures while you hit the giant one in the middle. You have to complete this quest at a given time, or you won’t be eligible for its rewards. If you are having trouble with the boss or clearing out mobs in this endgame area, consider reading our Lost Ark Leveling Guide for the best and fastest ways to level up.

Attacking the main target
Attacking the Giant Blob
Attacking enemies
Defending yourself aganist the smaller blob enemies

Upon completion of this quest, you will most likely earn the Drumbeat Island Token as a reward. Remember, the island token is a random drop from this quest, and there is no way to increase your success rate. So your best bet is to repeatedly take part in this event until you get your hands on one.

Moreover, as mentioned above, Drumbeat Island isn’t available for visit all the time, so make sure you take part in this event as much as possible and get its rewards.

Aside from the Island Token, the following rewards can be earned through the completion of the “Mysterious Object” quest line.

  • 10,000 Pirate Coins
  •  2,033 Roster XP
  • 1,875 silver
  • 70 Roster XP
  • High Seas Coin Chest
  • Legendary – Uncommon Card Pack
  • Soul Leaf
  • Providence Stone
  • 1,000 Gienah Coins

Quests In Drumbeat Island

In total, there are two quests you can do on Drumbeat Island. The first one is the “Mysterious Object,” and the second one is “Lingering Questions.” Since the quest “Mysterious Object” is already explained above as part of acquiring an island token, let’s discuss the “Lingering Questions” and its rewards.

Speaking of rewards, why not go through our guides on Best Mining Spots and Best Hunting Spots to know the locations of the most valuable materials in Lost Ark?

Lingering Questions

Quest 2
Accepting “Lingering Questions” quest.

To begin “Lingering Questions” interact with “Scholar Obitan”. He will ask you to track a strange-looking slime. To locate the slime, just keep heading left past the meteor-struck area, and you will locate the slime.

Tracking Slime
Tracking slime as part of the “Lingering Questions” quest.

After you locate the slime, interact with it and head into the hidden area that got revealed. Talk to the “Slime Guard Captain” there, and he will task you with clearing the beehives present in the area.

Guard of Slime Captain
Talking with Slime Guard Captain
Destroying beehives as ordered from the slime guard captain

After you clear the beehives, report back to the “Slime Guard Captain,” and he will take you to where the “Slime Captain” is.

Captain of Slimes
Talking with the Slime Captain

Talk with the “Slime Captain,” open the chest beside him and reveal its content.

Chest Lost Ark
Chest Lost Ark Drumbeat Island Token Quest

Report your findings to Scholar Obitan and Slime Captain. With this, you will be done with the Lingering Questions quest. You will earn the following rewards after completing this quest:

  • 2033 Roster XP
  • 10,000 Pirate Coins

Other Tips

Lost Ark is the latest trending MMO developed by Smilegate RPG and published by Smilegate. Lost Ark offers deep character customization and lets you experiment with a variety of builds like paladin build, glaivier build, berserker build, and more to conquer the seas of Arkesia. For those of you who are fans of wild west and gun-slinging in general, you can make builds like Deadeye, Gunlancer, and Gunslinger build in Lost Ark.

Naturally, these pirate hunts aren’t for bottles or rubble found under the sea. Rewards consisting of various treasures and gold can be earned through completing Una’s Tasks, tracking treasure through Treasure maps, or doing challenge runs in the Lost Ark Training room.

This concludes our guide for the Drumbeat Island in Lost Ark. Let us know what you think about our guide in the comments below.

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