Lost Ark Aeromancer: Skins, Abilities, & Release

This Lost Ark Aeromancer guide will showcase an overview of the class and how it operates for players!

Lost Ark has had many classes released since its launch, and since 2021, a new sub-class has been rumored to be released. The Lost Ark Aeromancer class was in question, with the first rumors surfacing as early as October 2021. Our guide will uncover the basic abilities as well as overall gameplay! Make sure to check out our Top 5 Lost Ark Best DPS Classes if you want to figure out which classes will work best for damage dealing while being on the battlefield!

Key Highlights

  • The Lost Ark Aeromancer class was officially announced in December 2021, with a trailer released a few days later giving a basic overview of the class and its abilities.
  • The Aeromancer is expected to be released on the Korean servers in Lost Ark in the middle of 2022, with a global release a few months later.
  • The Aeromancer is rumored to be the main DPS class that can also act as a support. It can also control the weather elements, particularly water, to deal damage to enemies and debuff them.
  • Players are also expecting this class to have mobility and crowd control abilities.
  • The Aeromancer will have two skins available. The first one with a pink and blue color scheme and the other with a purple and black color scheme.
  • The class will have three skillsPleasant Wind,” which is a powerful attack that boosts the party’s attack. It also gives the main damage dealer a speed and attack boost.
  • Foxy” is a buffing skill that increases the party’s magic and melees damage negation by 15%. It also has an AoE component, causing damage to all enemies within range. 
  • The third skill is a simple buff that reduces incoming crit resistance by 10% and has a parrying component that reflects enemy attacks at them.

Expected Release 

The class itself was first featured back in December of 2021 after Lost Ark held its celebration event known as LOA Winter 2021, whereby they also announced a new class known as Specialist and an Artist. The Lost Ark Aeromancer class was the last class to be announced. 

From the first picture being released, players speculated that she was holding an umbrella, indicating that her abilities would also be based on the umbrella or something of the sort. 

After that, there was a period of silence, with the expected release during the middle of 2022 on the Korean servers in Lost Ark. considering how the West or global servers always get new content and class releases a couple of months after the Korean servers, it was pretty clear that it would be a few months or even a year before the main class would be revealed. 

However, a few days ago, a trailer was revealed dedicated to the Aeromancer class in Lost Ark, giving a basic oversight. It also gave a short description and showcase of her playstyle and abilities, though it was all in Korean. 

So far, there has been little to no information about her actual skills and abilities, with no names being released, so players in lost Ark have to stick to sketchy translations. For that reason, there will be no official names for the abilities we discuss! 

The rumored release for the Korean Servers was estimated to be July 6th, not confirmed in which year, though. That’s all known for a release for Korean and global servers. Want to solo all kind of content in the game? Whether it’s bosses, weaker enemies or PvP, our Lost Ark Top 10 Best Solo Classes Guide is the way to go!

Overall Playstyle 

As far as playstyle is concerned, the Lost Ark late-game Aeromancer class is considered the main DPS that can also output damage and act as a support while in the middle of the battlefield. While the details of the Aeromancer playstyle aren’t confirmed, we can only take as much information as is available from the trailer. 

As seen from the umbrella in her, it seems like she can control the weather elements, typically taking control of water as well as rain down absolute destruction upon her enemies. With her skills combined, she can also use water to her advantage to just deplete the HP of her enemies as fast as possible. 

With water, however, there are certain abilities whereby it seems like she also shoots down a laser beam, which can only be assumed might be extremely hot and will burn enemies, causing them to take in several debuffs all at once. 

She is also probably able to crown control enemies, suck them in, and render them useless. While she appears cute, she shouldn’t be underestimated, considering she will wreck opponents with her cuteness. 

Her mobility is impressive, as she can move from one end of the arena to the other with swift hops, evading the attacks aimed at her from the opponent’s end. This makes the Aeromancer class pretty damn viable for clearing both mid and end-game content. 

New Skins for Aeromancer 

Next up, before going over the abilities, let’s take a quick look at the Lost Ark Skin for Aeromancer available for players to use once they can get their hands on the class. Make sure to read up on our Lost Ark Legendary Skins guide if you want to customise your characters and make them personal!

First Skin 

Lost Ark First Skin
First Skin

The first skin we would like to mention will be a cutesy pink and blue design. The color scheme is incredibly pretty and embodies the cute vibe of the skin down to a T. for her main outfit; it seems like she is wearing plain white overalls that are sleeveless and cut off at her upper thighs. 

There seems to be some form of pastel blue elements embedded into the white overalls, with a pastel blue ribbon or belt tied around her waist. There is also a gold keychain or chain dangling from her belt, with a blue bow tied on top of the chain and a blue tassel hanging from the gold chain. 

She’s also wearing black thigh-high stockings with the left leg having a blue tie and the right leg having the same blue tie, except it’s elongated down to her knees. Her main defining feature is her pastel pink coat, which has three bows, one tied to the left string, and two tied to the right string. 

The arms are adorned with blue pastel elements, and blue strings are hanging off her coat, mixing in with the color incredibly well. 

The final elements that the Aeromancer Skins include are some bunny ears with white fur on top and pink pastel on the inside of the ears. And there are also small flowers dangling from the ears. She also has a tail, and all her weapons are blue and pink, which completes her look. 

Second Skin

Lost Ark Second Skin
Second Skin

The next skin players in Lost Ark can look forward to whenever the skins get released globally on Lost Ark global servers. The second skin is a lot simpler, and while it still has the blue aesthetic of the overall design, the actual outfit is completely different and does not resemble the first one. 

The main outfit consists of her wearing a pastel blue dress, which is strapless and pretty short as it ends at her thighs. There are gold embellishments adorned around her shoulders and her stomach. It also looks like she is wearing a blue choker or a necklace, with golden chains that tie the look together and makes it look even more aesthetic. 

Apart from the outfit, she’s also wearing a crown that looks incredibly sharp, and unlike the typical baby blue aesthetic that she has going on around her entire outfit, the tiara has a dark blue and golden color palette, contrasting perfectly with the pastel blue outfit and ties together pretty accurately. 

Her hairstyle is pretty simple, as she is wearing two ponytails hanging low and resting against her shoulders, and two strands of her hair are let loose and rest at the front of her shoulders.

As for her shoes, she’s wearing simple baby blue heels and has white and gold sparkles floating around where her dress ends. That finishes off her second skin, making her look adorable. 

Aeromancer Abilities 

Now, let’s look at some of the Aeromancer abilities. Again, please keep in mind that the official translated versions of these skills haven’t been revealed yet. Therefore only basic translations are available at the moment! 

Skill 1 

Lost Ark Skill One
Skill One

The first aeromancer skill we would like to discuss is the name of “Pleasant Wind,” which will essentially be cast down whenever the “wind” hits the player; it will give the entire party and the main DPS an attack boost. 

From the appearance of her abilities, it seems like she opens her umbrella to instantly shoot out water waves that rotate in circles, sway away the enemies, and cause severe knockback to the point that they can’t attack back. After the water waves end, a giant cyclone appears, which causes a gush of water to travel towards enemies. 

The cyclone continues to hurl around enemies, causing them to go airborne for a solid while before launching them back down to the ground and causing them to take in fall damage. With this skill, it also appears to be where she will grant buffs using the tripods that are given out to increase her damage output. 

Her AoE damage using the first skill is insane and will probably render any enemy who is daring to face the Aeromancer mains

The skill doesn’t end there, however. It continues to shoot down what seems to be either ray of light or lightning that consistently damage enemies over time, slowly depleting their health until they are practically left dead on the battlefield. 

As for the main status effect, the skill will offer a movement and attack speed of 8%, allowing the players to swiftly move across the battlefield and kill off any enemies surrounding the player. You might find our Lost Ark Island Guide a great help!

Skill 2 

Lost Ark Skill 2
Skill 2

The second skill in question that the Lost Ark Aeromancer class will offer is known or at least translated to be rendered as “Foxy,” which is essentially a buffing skill that will not only apply to the main damage dealer but also to the party members that are on the team. 

The main status effect includes the skill increasing the Lost Ark player’s overall magic and melee damage negation by 15%. The skill will grant them the ability to go head to head with even the deadliest of enemies and wreck them without taking in much damage themselves. 

As for the basic playstyle, whenever the Aeromancer class unleashes the skill, she will cast out and open her umbrella, which will immediately create this large ring around her, which we can only assume to be a protection circle or an AoE damage dealing radius. Inside the radius, enemies will probably continue to take in excessive damage. 

She then continues to rotate her umbrella anti-clockwise and unleashes “wind” damage probably that is targetted towards the opponents present in the radius of the active skill. She swings her umbrella left to right, after which she unleashes deadly damage. 

Throughout the skill, she also charges forward toward her opponent, which can be a single-target enemy or an elite boss, and she also deals damage to them.

Being able to buff her party members, she can continuously launch attack after attack against her enemies until they are useless and are practically dead. For players that are new to the game, our Lost Ark Wiki guide will practically cover all you need to know, from classes to build and everything in between!

Skill 3 

Lost Ark Skill 3
Skill 3

The last skill revealed in the main trailer is a simple buff that will essentially apply to the player whenever they are in the middle of the battlefield and get hit by any incoming attacks from the enemies. It will reduce incoming crit resistance by 10% to the total amount of damage being taken in by the player. 

With the third ability in particular, whenever the latest Aeromancer class in Lost Ark activates her ability, she opens up her umbrella in a way whereby she will shield against enemy attacks. With that, she also parries the attacks, thereby ricocheting any kind of projectiles that are launched against her and sending them straight back to the source of the incoming damage. 

After she unleashes the parry it causes knockback to enemies, to the point where they fall back and will need to get up again to deal any sort of damage. The counterattack seems to be pretty strong, and it might work pretty well for both PvE and PvP battles. 

She then continues to rotate her umbrella as if it is a drill and continues to shred through her foes like nothing, causing knockback as she moves forward and absolutely obliterates them. 

She finishes it off with her second awakening skill, where she summons a giant ball of energy (assuming it *is* elemental), which deals extra damage. With that, we will wrap up our Aeromancer guide! Don’t miss out on our Lost Ark All Classes guide if you want to know about all the classes that are available to play currently in the game!

Skill Credits: Cauttyh on Youtube

Skin Credits: Sywo on Youtube

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