Lost Ark Best Mining Spots: Farm Materials Faster

Some of the best mining spots in Lost Ark contain a lot of mining nodes from which you can farm iron or other materials faster in the game.

Lost Ark features excellent combat and exploration that require players to unlock certain trade skills. Trade skills comprise various handy skills that players can master including Fishing, Hunting, Foraging, Logging, Excavating, and Mining.

Key Takeaways

  • Mining locations in Lost Ark are called “Mining Nodes”. They are small blue crystals on the Lost Ark mini-map.
  • Different materials are obtained from different mining nodes.
  • You need to have a Pickaxe before mining.
  • If you are looking for a mining spot that is enemy free and rich in material extraction, Meteora is where you should head to.

These trade skills are essential if you want to gather useful materials and resources. So, in this guide, we will show you some of the best mining spots in Lost Ark that can help you farm Iron and gather useful resources. You can utilize these resources for upgrades and crafting purposes. You can get various useful materials from different ore veins.

How To Mine?

To mine in Lost Ark, players would be required to look at certain mining nodes on the map. Mining nodes are shown as small blue crystals on the Lost Ark mini-map. Players would be able to mine at every node twice and after it, the ore and mineral vein would break.

You can use the pickaxing ability to begin mining, though this would cost some work energy so keep a lookout for its regeneration during mining. Other than the pickaxing ability there are various other abilities like Moonlight Miner and Mining Bomb that you can use later in the game for better materials yield. While you’re at it, consider reading Lost Ark Paladin Build guide.

You can get various rare, common, and uncommon materials from mining. Some high-quality materials can also be found at specific mining points that will be covered in this guide. If you want to gather more high-quality resources, you can utilize various great mining tools that you can craft or get from vendors or by completing quests.

You can utilize these materials for various upgrades, On the subject of upgrades, you can upgrade a lot of your builds with our various build guides including  Sharpshooter, Striker, Scrapper, Deadeye, and Gunlancer builds.

The following materials can be mined in Lost Ark. Obtain these various resources by visiting several mining spots.

  • Iron Ore
  • Heavy Iron Ore
  • Strong Iron
  • Mining Powder
  • Alteisen’s Scraps

The Best Mining Spots 

The following places are the easiest mining locations in Lost Ark, Visit the mining nodes in these areas to farm iron ores easily. Make sure to have a Pickaxe before you begin mining. 


early mining spot lost ark
Lakebar Map

The Lakebar is one of the best mining spots especially during the early game of Lost Ark. You can locate Lakebar in the West Luterra continent. Most of the mining nodes can be found in the center of the Lakebar map. You can also locate some copper mining nodes near the Triport. The enemies found in Lakebar are weaker and you would be able to beat them easily to continue mining. You can get a lot of Iron ore including Heavy and Strong Iron from the mining nodes efficiently on the Lakebar map.

Battlebound Plains

The Battlebound Plains can be found in the West Luterra continent, you can spot it just northeast of the Lakebar mining spot. You can find a lot of mining nodes all over the map of the Battlebound plains. This location is abundant with copper ores, and you can get valuable Iron ores for stronghold upgrades and crafting purposes.

Lullaby Island

Lost Ark mining
Lullaby Island

The Lullaby Island is a great mining location in Lost Ark to farm various resources. This Island is not only good for mining, but you can also make use of various other skills like Fishing and Foraging. However, when it comes to mining, you can find useful materials located at various places on this Island. If there are too many players busy mining, you can switch layers so you can get enough materials on a layer with lesser players. You can locate Lullaby Island east of Easter Luterra, it would be situated near the singing sea.


Lost Ark best Mining spots
Meteora Location

The Meteora is a small island and contains the best mining spots. You can locate Meteora in the Siren Seas near the Rayan Current. The island is full of rich resources that you can gather with your Pickaxe. You can farm materials easily without getting interrupted as there are no enemies to be found on this tiny island. You would be able to collect a lot of materials from many mining nodes located in Meteora.

The island is a hot spot for players to farm material, so you might be required to switch layers to find a layer with lesser players. Though, the island of Meteora is abundant with useful resources so you would be able to gather enough materials.

Orvis Island

Orvis Island
Orvis Island Location

You can locate Orvis Island near the East Luterra continent. It is a great mining location in Lost Ark but the enemies you would face here would be much tougher to beat. You can gather high-quality Iron ore and even some Heavy Iron ore. Though It’s recommended to only visit this place if you are running low on materials. The enemies you would face here would be very challenging so make sure you are leveled up enough and you are well prepared with healing items.

It is recommended to farm resources during the late game because you would need a level of more than 800 to visit this place. Before heading out to Orvis Island, you may also want to improve various builds, so why not check out our Sorceress, Gunslinger, and Sharpshooter Build guides.


Iron Farm methods
Alteisen Location

The tiny island of Alteisen can be found in the south of the Arthetine continent. This mining spot is recommended if you want to gather some valuable ores. Alteisen contains a lot of mining nodes, but the island also teems with a lot of enemies. To farm ores, uninterrupted players would be required to beat a lot of strong enemies. So, make sure, you head to this island well prepared and it would be a good idea to carry a few healing items as well. In addition to Iron ores, you can also mine at various scrap piles to get Alteisen’s scraps.

Platinum Fields

The Platinum Fields is a great mining spot, especially in the late game of Lost Ark. These fields are full of various resources whether it comes to fishing, foraging, logging, and mining. You would be able to find a lot of mining nodes and veins that you can mine to collect useful materials. Players would also be able to find rare resources in the Platinum Fields. To access various resources in Platinum Fields, Players must have a lot of crafting licenses.

That’s all about our best mining spots guide. Mining in these various places would help you farm iron in the easiest and most efficient way.

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