Lost Ark: Hall Of The Twisted Warlord Dungeon [Definitive Guide]

In our guide on the Hall of the Twisted Warlord, you will find out how to defeat the enemy.

What Is Hall Of The Twisted Warlord?

Players will be experiencing the final Tier 1 of Abyssal Dungeon before starting Tier 2 while playing The Hall of The Twisted Warlord in Lost Ark. Moreover, this is the first genuine abyssal that is mechanically complex and tough.  Also, the players are going to need to be at the 460 level of items to get past the Dungeon and would be able to craft Tier 1 Legendary Gear and Accessories as a reward for clearing out the Dungeon.

Continue reading to learn about the two main kings in Hall of the Twisted Warlord, Phantom Legion, and Rook and Bishop, the Phantom Legion King, and how to defeat them both.

Lost Ark's Twisted Warlord's Hall
Hall Of The Twisted Warlord
Hall of the Twisted Warlord Dungeon Summary
  • The Hall of the Twisted Warlord is a dungeon in the game Lost Ark. In this dungeon, players must defeat powerful bosses to complete a quest.
  • To enter, players must be at least level 460 and craft Tier 1 Legendary gear.
  • The dungeon has four sections featuring bosses like Phantom Legion Rook, Bishop, and King.
  • Tactical coordination and obstacle avoidance are key to defeating these bosses.
  • It includes a dynamic hallway and a puzzle-solving room.
  • Players are rewarded with valuable gear and items upon completion.

Phantom Palace Abyssal Dungeon Dungeon 

The players run through the hallway, where the scenery changes as buildings appear and landscapes change repeatedly. There are a lot of obstacles in your way as you pass through these hallways. To open the forward gate, you must defeat a couple of demons.

Hall of the twisted Warlord in Lost Ark
Castle wall of Phantom

Phantom Legion Rook And Bishop In The Hall Of The Twisted Warlord

Players must face the two main purple Chess Piece Golems called the Phantom Legion Rook And the Phantom Legion Bishop in the Hall of the Twisted Warlord. Besides that, players must remember the most important mechanic to win this fight: the Wipe Mechanic.

Mechanics and Strategy

  • Wipe Mechanic: Triggered during intense combat phases, players must strategically position the Bishop between the Rook and incoming projectiles to prevent a devastating party-wide attack.
  • Team Coordination: Three players will notice a purple circle beneath them, indicating imminent damage, while the fourth, marked by a crosshair, must position themselves to direct the Rook’s projectile at the Bishop.
Hall Of The Twisted Warlord
Battles In Hall Of Th Twisted Warlord.

Boss Attacks

  • Rook:
    • Punch & Swipe: Delivers a forward punch and a horizontal swipe to stagger and knock back players.
    • Cross-Shaped Belly Flop: Marks an area with a cross, followed by a damaging belly flop.
  • Bishop:
    • Exploding Orbs: Summons orbs that fill and burst, causing mild damage and disruption.
    • Cardinal Sphere Projectiles: Launches slow-moving orbs from the arena’s edge, dealing damage as they pass.
    • Cardinal Lasers: Emits lasers from cardinal direction orbs, rotating to strike multiple times.
Twisted Warlord Lost Ark
Wiping off the party.

Defeating The Illusion Legion In Hall Of The Twisted Warlord 

After defeating the Rook and Bishop, enter the castle to confront the Illusion Legion in the Hall of the Twisted Warlord. Clear waves and defeat several Elite mobs in this challenging area. Post-victory, approach the double doors to encounter the Phantom Legion King.

Phantom Legion King Overview

The Phantom Legion King, the final boss in the Hall of the Twisted Warlord, is complex due to its Wipe Mechanic, but manageable otherwise. Key mechanics include:

  1. Illusion Sword Stagger Check – Triggers when the boss’s HP drops to 16% and 6%. The King moves to the center, surrounded by a purple barrier, and summons four Illusion Swords targeting players.
  2. Default Stagger Check – A standard mechanic requiring players to attack the boss to reduce its Stagger Check Bar.

Mechanics of Illusion Swords

  • Activation: When activated, Illusion Swords chase players, inflicting debuffs.
  • Management: Players can remove debuffs by:
    • Attacking the Phantom Legion King directly.
    • Picking up an Illusion Sword and using it correctly to avoid wiping the party.
  • Cycle: The process repeats with swords being picked up and used to deplete the Stagger Check Bar and clear debuffs.

How To Defeat The Phantom Legion King In Hall Of The Twisted Warlord 

We have gathered the key points of this whole method to give a more detailed understanding of
how to defeat the Phantom Legion King in Hall Of The Twisted Warlord Lost Ark:

  • An order is given to each party member before getting into the fight as to who would
    go first, second, third, and fourth.
  •  Players are to be standing in the direction of the cardinal, stuck to the number of their
    orders as well (NESW=1234).

What Should Players Do

  • Players move when Boss HP reaches 16 or 6.
  • The first player grabs their sword, and attacks summoned swords.
  • Other party members kite Swords clockwise with differences.
  • Debuff clears when the first player strikes the boss.
  • The second player gets a sword (about 2 seconds) and attacks.
  • Player three grabs a sword when the debuff clears and attacks boss.
  • Player four grabs a sword last, clearing Stagger Checks.

Standard Stagger Check

The Phantom Legion King in Hall of the Twisted Warlord in the Lost Ark consists of a Stagger Check that may happen while the war is ongoing. However, it is much less cruel than the Swords of Illusion. As the Phantom gets the red barrier, Players would be able to tell that the Stagger Check is about to come up. Additionally, the king is also going to hit the sword onto the ground.

Damage By The Stagger Check

Once the sword has hit the ground, the Phantom King would call out two bug cones that would constantly explode the cracks in the Hall Of The Twisted Warlord. Additionally, it would deal heavy damage that is going to be constant. The said spins would cone towards either the north/south or east/ west side of the Phantom King. It will also be able to switch to the other side after seconds.

Players could see a yellow-colored Stagger Check Bar under the Phantom King. They must channel it by the hell of the Stagger Skills to end this movement early. Not only that, but players could also bring out the Phantom Legion King to an uninterrupted combo of chain damage.

Regular Attacks Of Phantom King

There are several attacks that the Phantom King has, due to which the fight might get a little
difficult in Lost Ark.

  1. Double Slash – The King slashes vertically on both the left and right sides, causing low damage and staggering players.
  2. Jump Slam and Energy Wave – This multi-part attack involves the King jumping up to three times, slamming the sword down each time, and finishing with an energy wave. It deals moderate damage and can knock players up.
  3. Illusion Sword Barrage – Similar to the Jump Slam and Energy Wave, this attack starts with a triple dash followed by an energy wave, causing moderate damage.
  4. Large Illusion Sword Summon – The King summons a giant sword that circles around before being thrown skyward and crashing down in various areas, signaled by purple circles where they will impact.
  5. Spinning Blade Summon – The King summons several spinning blades at the arena’s edge that move towards the center, dealing moderate damage before disappearing.
  6. Dash and Slam – In this attack, the King dashes forward with its sword pointed at a targeted player, then slams the blade down upon reaching them.
  7. Sword Projectiles – The King charges its sword with energy and releases one to three waves of purple sword energy, dealing moderate damage and causing knockback.
  8. Hook and Chain – Scarkrill throws a hook on a chain at a player, causing knockback and minor damage. This attack is more challenging to dodge from a distance.
Twisted Warlord Lost Ark.
Clearing Out The Dungeon.

To summarize, the Hall of the Twisted Warlord in Lost Ark is a dungeon that includes all the evil bosses. These bosses are at your neck to kill you. Our guide will guide you through how to get rid of these bosses and win.

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