Lost Ark: Hall Of The Twisted Warlord [Definitive Guide]

In our guide on the Hall of the Twisted Warlord Lost Ark, you will find out how to defeat the enemy.

The players need to fulfill Hall Of The Twisted Warlord Lost Ark, a quest in the game Lost Ark. Hence, to do that, you would need to destroy and defeat all the bosses that are powerful chiefs. Have a look at rewards and quests on Forpe Island for the Lost Ark.

Key Takeaways

  • The Hall of the Twisted Warlord is a dungeon in the game Lost Ark. In this dungeon, players must defeat powerful bosses to complete a quest.
  • In order to access this dungeon, players must be at least level 460. They should also be able to craft Tier 1 Legendary gear and accessories.
  • The dungeon is divided into four sections, two of which involve defeating bosses known as the Phantom Legion Rook and Bishop, and the Phantom Legion King.
  • Players must use certain tactics, such as taking turns in a specific order and avoiding obstacles, to defeat these bosses.
  • The dungeon also contains a hallway with changing scenery and a room where players must solve a puzzle to proceed. As a reward for completing the dungeon, players can obtain valuable gear and items.

What Is Hall Of The Twisted Warlord?

Players will be experiencing the final Tier 1 of Abyssal Dungeon before starting Tier 2 while playing The Hall of The Twisted Warlord in Lost Ark. If you want to know about the Martial artists in Lost Ark, do not forget to read our guide. Moreover, this is the first genuine abyssal that is mechanically complex and also tough. 

Also, the players are going to need to be at the 460 level of items to get past the Dungeon and would be able to craft Tier 1 Legendary Gear and Accessories as a reward for clearing out the Dungeon. The top best solo classes for Lost Ark can also be found on our website.

Continue reading to find out about the two main kings that are in Hall of the Twisted Warlord, Phantom Legion, and Rook and Bishop, also the Phantom Legion King, and how to defeat them both. Do not forget to look at the engravings of Gunslinger and Deathblade in Lost Ark, the best warriors of the game.

Lost Ark's Twisted Warlord's Hall
Hall Of The Twisted Warlord

Other than this, we have also curated a guide on the best classes in Lost Ark, and while you are at it, do not forget to check out Lost Ark’s wiki and battle items for Lost Ark.

The Kings

Players who have already completed the Phantom Palace are only looking for little reminders about the mechanics of the Dungeon and do not want a detailed explanation. Furthermore, there are four sections in The Hall of the Twisted Warlord, two of which are for clearing out the mods.

Contrary to that, the other two are entirely about the fights between bosses; The Phantom Legion Rook Bishop and the Phantom Legion King. Before getting into the details of Phantom Legion Rook and Bishop or the Phantom Legion King, let’s look at their key points.

Phantom Legion Rook Bishop & Phantom Legion King

Players having crosshairs at the top of their heads should put the Bishop between them while the gigantic orb projectile of the Rook is being charged. While doing this for the second time in the Hall of the Twisted Warlord, Lost Ark, make sure that the pieces of the chess are all broken down; this way, they won’t become an obstacle.

While engaging with The Phantom Legion King, make sure to take turns in proper order. Players should be using the numbers that are assigned in a random order of the members of the party so that they can get their hands on the Illusion Swords.

Moreover, the order for the Illusion of Sword Stagger Check should be 1 for North, 2 for East, 3 for South, and 4 for West. Additionally, each player in the Hall of the Twisted Warlord in Lost Ark should be equipped with an Illusion. A sword that is debuff activated before they strike the chief, and it is important to keep this in mind because the debuff keeps disappearing for at least two seconds while getting the next Illusion Sword Grab.

Our guide below will take you through the Hall of the Twisted Warlord in Lost ark in detail and explain to you how to defeat the boss, so hold on and sit tight because this just keeps getting interesting.

Phantom Palace Abyssal Dungeon Dungeon In Lost Ark

There is a dungeon in the hall of the twisted Warlord in Lost Ark, where all the bosses reside. In this guide, you will find out how to get into this dungeon and defeat those bosses.

The players run through the hallway where the scenery keeps changing as building keeps appearing and landscapes change again and again. There are a lot of obstacles in your way as you pass through these hallways. To open the forward gate, you will have to defeat a couple of demons as well.

Hall of the twisted Warlord in Lost Ark
Castle wall of Phantom

Phantom Legion Rook And Bishop In The Hall Of The Twisted Warlord

Players would need to face the two main purple Chess Piece Golems that are called the Phantom Legion Rook And the Phantom Legion Bishop in the Hall of the Twisted Warlord in Lost Ark.

Besides that, players will need to remember the most important mechanic to win this fight which is called the Wipe Mechanic.

Wipe Mechanic 

Wipe Mechanic will begin after a few minutes after there is a lot of damage. Once it starts, Bishop will have to go towards the arena’s area, where it will gather all the energies needed to attack, which would stop all the mobility. The Rook then would go towards the arena’s edge spot so the deadly projectile orb can be charged.

Members Of The Party

Three of the teammates will detect a huge, big circle of purple color under their feet that would
damage and knock out all the allies. The fourth member would realize that they do not have any circle like the other members; however, they do own an icon of crosshair over their heads. Mobilizing starts after an outsider has recognized them/

The main aim of each player that does not have a purple-colored circle is to reach a spot at which the Bishop will be hit by the projectile of Rook’s that is moving in a straight line. Therefore, it is important to put Bishop between the Rook and the orbs.

Hall Of The Twisted Warlord
Battles In Hall Of Th Twisted Warlord.

Bishop, Wiping The Party Off 

The orb is shot by the Rook, as well as striking the Bishop. The party wiping attack gets charged up while staggering them if put together properly. The projectile will not shoot at the Bishop if it is not out between in a proper manner. This would unleash a wide attack on the arena, wiping up the entire party at once.

While you are at the end of the ongoing war, the same mechanic will happen for a second time, but with a little difference in Hall Of The Twisted Warlord Lost Ark. Hence, the difference would be that the chess piece which is stoned in shape would summon the Rook, and linger around the center of the Bishop.

Additionally, the three members having purple circles will break off the tower as the fourth one takes his place.

Twisted Warlord Lost Ark
Wiping off the party.

Regular Attacks

Usage Of The BossName of the AttackDetailed Explanation 
RookThe name of this attack is Punch & Swipe.The Rook punches in a forward direction. 

The punch is rather standard while it swipes horizontally. It helps to stagger the player and to knock up whoever gets hit.

RookAttack’s name is the Cross-Shaped Belly Flop.A huge telegraph of red color in the shape of the cross is put on the ground by Rook, which gets filled gradually. After it has been filled, Rook’s belly flops in the middle side of that cross, doing very mild damage. And knocking up all the players that are inside the telegraph of red color.
BishopThis attack is called Exploding OrbsSeveral purple Orbs are called out by the Bishop that telegraph of red color under them that keep filling slowly. After these Orbs are filled, they erupt and knock up, dealing with mild damage.
BishopThe name of this attack is Cardinal Sphere ProjectilesFour spears spawn at the arena’s edge, one of them in the direction of the cardinal. Bishop has these Orbs that keep moving towards it in the middle and deals with low damage to any of the player that comes in the way.

After these Orbs have reached the Bishop, they start moving diagonally to the edge at a very slow speed, dealing in damage that is very high and knocking up all the hits.

BishopThis attack on Bishop is called Cardinal Lasers.This attack is very similar to the Sphere Projectiles ones. The Bishop calls out four tiny orbs all around itself in the direction of the cardinal. After this, four telegraph lines are formed in red color and slowly start filling up.

Once they are filled, the orbs transmit lasers that deal with damage and knock up the players. After the first strike from lasers, the orbs start rotating in the diagonal direction and open fire once again.

BishopThis attack is called Exploding Cracks.In this attack, Bishop calls out for purple-colored bright cracks that are very fiery onto the ground that erupt after being formed.

These attacks are usually perceived as hazards for the environment and also do damage to the players that stand on them. 

Defeating The Illusion Legion In Hall Of The Twisted Warlord 

Once you have defeated the Rook and Bishop, the gang steps into the castle and clears out the waves left out of the Illusion Legion in Hall Of The Twisted Warlord Lost Ark. Furthermore; several Elite mobs exist in this place that is very annoying, which you will have to defeat. After you have defeated the Illusion Legion, players can walk by the double doors before they interact with the Phantom Legion King.

Phantom Legion King

The last boss of the Twisted Warlord Hall in the Lost Ark is called the Phantom Legion King. The boss is very complicated when it has a Wipe Mechanic, but outside that, it’s pretty easy to defeat. Phantom Legion King in the Twisted Warlord Hall includes two most important mechanics;

Illusion Sword Stagger Check and the Default Stagger Check.

Illusion Sword Stagger Check

In Hall Of The Twisted, the main system of the encounter with your boss is called Illusion Sword Stagger Check, Warlord Lost Ark. The Phantom King will shift to the middle of the stage when the HP bar has remained at only 16 and 6, and this is when the mechanic will start.

Illusion Swords

The mechanic will start to transfer energy, and a purple barrier surrounds it, calling out four Illusion Swords. To catch the players, the Illusion Sword will go after each of them. Moreover, all the party members are going to get debuff of the Illusion Swords after the Illusion Sword is taken. That is going to cause either of the following things:


  • The Phantom Legion King is hit by the player, eradicating the debuff for the entire party and so the player can strike at the Boss from afar without any problem.
  •  An Illusion Sword is picked up by another one of the players when the debuff is working. However, it may also attack the Boss without any debuff, wiping out the party instantly.
  • Avoiding the second situation puts the order of mechanics into use.
  • The use of illusion swords can trigger the debuff for the players. It can also attack the boss to drain its Stagger Check Bar and discard the debuff.
  • Afterward, the whole process would be repeated by the player by grabbing the sword.

On the other hand, the floating Illusion Sword is kited by the other member of the party. And until the process of the Hall of the Twisted Warlord gets completed, it keeps following them around.

How To Defeat The Phantom Legion King In Hall Of The Twisted Warlord 

We have gathered the key points of this whole method to give a more detailed understanding of
how to defeat the Phantom Legion King in Hall Of The Twisted Warlord Lost Ark:

  • An order is given to each member of the party before getting into the fight as to who would
    go first, second, third, and then fourth.
  •  Players are to be standing in the direction of the cardinal, stuck to the number of their
    orders as well (NESW=1234).
  •  Hence, the war in Hall Of The Twisted Warlord Lost Ark can begin once the players are done with this whole process.

What Should Players Do

  •  Players should start moving in the direction assigned to them when the HP bard of the
    Boss is left at 16 or 6.
  •  The very first player should run and get their sword as soon as the Boss summons all the
    swords and then start attacking them.
  •  Other members of the party shall kite the Swords as they move clockwise, but make sure
    they have enough differences between each player.
  • When the first player strikes the boss, the debuff is going to disappear; however, the second
    the player can get its sword which would take around 2 seconds.
  • Additionally, the second player would wail the boss.
  • Player three will grab their sword when the debuff disappears and start attacking the boss.
  • Player four will grab their sword at the end and hit the boss. This clears all the Stagger Checks.
  • In case the Phantom King can make it through until the energy has charged completely and is starting to wipe off the party.
  • It might be even better to switch the order by putting the heavier class of staggering first before you throw out an early surrender vote.

Standard Stagger Check

The Phantom Legion King in Hall of the Twisted Warlord in the Lost Ark consists of a Stagger Check that may happen while the war is ongoing. However, it is much less cruel than the Swords of Illusion. As the Phantom gets the red barrier, Players would be able to tell that the Stagger Check is about to come up. Additionally, the king is also going to hit the sword onto the ground.

Damage By The Stagger Check

Once the sword has hit the ground, the Phantom King would then call out two bug cones that would constantly explode the cracks in the ground in the Hall Of The Twisted Warlord Lost Ark. Additionally, it would deal heavy damage that is going to be constant as well. The said spins would cone towards either the north/south or east/ west side of the Phantom King. It will also be able to switch to the other side after seconds.

Players would be able to see a yellow-colored Stagger Check Bar under the Phantom King. They would need to channel it by the hell of the Stagger Skills so that they can end this movement early. Not only that, but players would also be able to bring out the Phantom Legion King to an uninterrupted combo of chain damage.

Regular Attacks Of Phantom King

There are several attacks that the Phantom King has, due to which the fight might get a little
difficult in Lost Ark.

Double Slash

The Phantom King would Slash its sword in a vertical direction on the left and right sides. And would also deal in damage that is rather low. It also staggers the players to have an impact.

Jump Slam and
Energy Wave

During this kind of attack, the King jumps around one to three times and slams the swords on the ground while doing so. Before the wave of energy attacks, the combo is finished. This attack also deals with damage that is moderate and helps to knock up the Hall Of The Twisted Warlord Lost Ark.

Illusion Sword Barrage

This attack is very much similar to the Jump Slam and Energy one in the. However, before jumping the boss attacks in a dash three times before throwing in the wave of energy.

Large Illusion Sword Summon

In this attack, the Phantom King calls out for an even bigger sword all around it in a circle, before throwing them up the sky and off the screen. After a little while, the swords come to the ground in various areas, erupting on their arrival. A purple indication in a circle is there to tell the players when the swords are going to strike the ground.

Spinning Blade Summon

Before calling out for several blades that spin, the Boss holds up its sword in the air at the arena’s edge. These blades can spin,  start moving towards the Phantom King, and deal with moderate damage. They reach the center of the arena after the blades disappear.

Dash and Slam

During his attack, the boss moves in the forward direction and holds his sword out. It is pointed to one of the players before running on top of them and throwing their blade at them.

Sword Projectiles

The boss charges the energy of its sword in this attack. The players get slashed after it is held over their heads. Therefore, doing this attack sends out the energy of the purple sword wave that would deal moderate damage and knockback. This attack can be in one or three waves.

Hook and Chain

Scarkrill would throw out a hook on the chain at the player, which would cause knockback and a little damage. This damage is easier done when you are close to it but is rather difficult when done from afar.

Twisted Warlord Lost Ark.
Clearing Out The Dungeon.

Consumables For the Hall Of The Twisted Warlord

Moreover, players would need to bring the following best engravings. Also, the consumables to the Hall Of The Twisted Warlord Lost Ark

  • A Portion Of HP (I prefer the Blue rarity ones)
  • Whirlwind Grenades (Used for the Stagger Checks of the Phantom King)
  • Time Stop Potions (No avoidance of attacks when an emergency occurs..)

Optimal Class And Combat Engravings

The use of slots of the engravings, or the faceted ability stones, is made. Included with a few accessories they own, in Hall Of The Twisted Warlord Lost Ark.

To summarize, the Hall of the Twisted Warlord in Lost Ark is a dungeon that includes all the evil bosses. These bosses are at your neck to kill you. Our guide will guide you through how to get rid of these bosses and win.

Lost ark is a 2.5D,  massively multiplayer online role-playing action game, MMOARPG, that was created by Tripod Studio and Smile gate RPG together with an initial release in South Korea on the 4th of December, 2019.

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