Peyto Lost Ark: Island Token, Quests & Collectibles

Our Peyto Lost Ark guide covers everything you need to know about Peyto including all quests, collectibles, and shops on the island.

The items in Lost Ark can help you along your journey and can make traversing the game easy. However, whenever you travel to a new island, you need to know where and how you can find these quests. Our Peyto Lost Ark guide will go through how you can complete all primary and secondary quests on the island.

Key Highlights:

  • Peyto is an island located in the Gienah Sea in the game Lost Ark. It can be accessed by traveling southeast of the North Vern continent or north of the Loping Island.
  • The island is filled with quests and activities that can earn players rewards.
  • To acquire the Island Token, players must complete the main quest “Finally Finished“, which requires the Emote: Roar. This emote can be obtained by completing Una’s Tasks or purchasing from Freedom Island.
  • Peyto also has the main quest chain that progresses the story and rewards players with items such as Legendary Card Packs and Silver.
  • There are also Una’s Daily Tasks and secondary quests available on the island.

What Is Peyto In Lost Ark?

Exploring Peyto in Lost Ark

Peyto is one of the islands that you can travel to in Lost Ark. It is located in the eastern central section of the Gienah Sea. You can also travel to Peyto by heading south-east of the North Vern continent or by heading North of the Loping Island.

Once you dock your ship on the island, you will find that it is filled with quests and activities. These activities can help you earn a lot of rewards that help you get through the game easily. For this very reason, Peyto has also been heavily mentioned in our Lost Ark Island Guide.

Locating the island on the map is also easy. All you have to do is type Peyto Island in the search bar. Once the island has been located, you can place a travel marker on it and make your way there.

How To Acquire Peyto Island Token?

The Island Token is the ultimate reward you can get in Peyto Lost Ark. To acquire the token, and you need to complete the main quest, “Finally Finished”. It is the longest quest on the island, and you are required to have the Emote: Roar to complete it.

The Roar emote can be attained by completing different Una’s Tasks. You can also buy this emote from Freedom Island for 3,600 Gienah’s coins.

Different Peyto Island Quests

Completing Una’s tasks also rewards you in tokens that can also be traded at Gold Shops. Our 6 Best Lost Ark Gold Farming Methods guide explains the best ways to trade these tokens.

Main Quest Chain

These are the main quests that are essential for progressing the story. All these quests have ranging difficulty levels and reward the players accordingly.

Becoming An Idol

The first mainline quest on Peyto Lost Ark is Becoming an Idol. You need to make your way to the Ship Deck and talk to Danidani to start the quest.

quest 1
Quest 1: Becoming an Idol

After accepting the quest, you will make your way to Producer Hermes to start a dialog with him.

quest 1 (1)
Producer Hermes

In the dialog, he will ask you to dance and audition for him. Dancing for him will complete the request, and you will receive x3 Legendary – Uncommon Card Packs, Emote: Sway, 2,000 Pirate Coin, and 2,700 Silver as a reward. The Legendary Card Packs can help you in unlocking one of the Best Card Sets in Lost Ark.

The Future Is In Our Hands

Quest 2
Quest 2: The Future is in our Hands

To start this quest, you will have to travel to the market district and talk to Gambler Caze. He will ask you to deliver a gift certificate to Blue Anglerfish Ventum. After accepting the quest, you will head to the ship deck and locate and talk to Anglerfish Ventum.

Quest 2(2)
Talking to Blue Anglerfish Ventum

Engaging in a dialog about the Gift Certificate with him will end the mission. You will get x2 High Seas Coin Chests and 1,300 Silver for completing the quest. You will also unlock Una’s Daily Tasks after completing this mission.

The Girl With The Starlet Eyes

The Girl with the Starlet Eyes is the third main mission on Peyto Lost Ark. You will have to complete the first Una mission, “A Hard Day at Work,” to play this mission.

To start the mission, you will make your way to the Ship Deck to talk to Blue Anglerfish Ventum.

Quest 3
Quest 3: The Girl with the Starlet Eyes

He will ask you to talk to his daughter Tanay and help her. After that, you have to travel to the end of the Ship Deck to locate and talk to her.

Quest 3 (2)
Talking to Tanay

In this dialog, she will ask you to help her by becoming her music assistant. After you agree to it, the mission will end, and you will get x2 Epic Rapport Chests and 1,300 silver. These Rapport Chests are important for establishing relationships with NPCs. You can learn more about Rapport in our Lost Ark Nia Rapport guide.

The Ship’s Magician

You can start The Ship’s Magician right after finishing the last mission. To start the mission, you will have to talk to Tanay. After talking to her, you will make your way to the Dock and travel to the Arid Path.

Quest 4
Traveling to the Arid Path

Once you get there, you will make your way to the Hoverboard Lab in Nebelhorn to talk to Chief Safi.

Quest 4(2)
Talking to Chief Safi

When you are done talking to her, you will return to Peyto Lost Ark to inform Tanay about your conversation. She will then send you to Lussier to collect your reward of x3 Uncommon Battle Engraving Recipe Selection Pouch. You will also get 1,300 Silver and 3,000 Pirate Coins.

These Pirate Coins have a lot of uses, as explained in our Lost Ark Songs of Resonance guide.

Want To See My Hat Trick?

To start the mission, you will have to go to the Ship Deck and talk to Lussier.

Quest 5
Quest 5: Want to see my Hat Trick

After accepting the quest, you will make your way to Tanay to watch her magic show. Once her show finishes, she will send you to her father, Blue Anglerfish Ventum. Conversing with him will end the mission. You will receive x1 High Seas Coin Chest and 2,300 Silver for completing this quest.

Time For A Takedown

Time for a Takedown is the penultimate main quest on Peyto Lost Ark. You are required to complete Una’s quest called Another Hard Day at Work to start the mission. You will have to play and complete the quest twice to unlock the Emote: Roar and start the mission.

Once you have completed that quest, you will make your way to Blue Anglerfish Ventum to start this quest.

Completing the quest will earn you x2 High Seas Coin Chests and 1,200 Silver as a reward. You will also unlock the final mission, “Finally Finished”, after completing Time for a takedown.

Finally Finished

As the name suggests, Finally Finished is the last main quest of Peyto. To access this quest, you will have to complete Una’s “Everything Circles Back Around” mission four times. Once you have successfully done that, make your way to Blue Anglerfish Ventum to start the mission.

You will receive x3 Uncommon Battle Engraving Recipe Selection Pouches, 130 Gold, and 2,800 Silver for completing this quest. You will also get a valuable Peyto Island Token which you can use to advance in the game.

Island tokens are an essential part of the Lost Ark exploration process. You can look up our Lost Ark Turtle Island guide if you are struggling to find the Island Token there.

Other Island Tokens Quest Chain

In addition to the Peyto Lost Ark Island Token, you can also obtain tokens from other islands in Peyto. The following quests allow you to acquire the Gravis and the Aiwana Island Tokens. These quests include;

The Perfect Gateway

To start The Perfect Gateway, you will have to travel to Stern Times Office and talk to Anteri. Talking to him will start the quest, and you will be required to make your way back to Peyto.

Quest 2 Sec
Talking to Reporter Anteri

Here, you will have to take pictures of different events taking place around the Ship Deck area. The areas where you have to take these pics will have camera icons present.

Quest 1(2) Sec
Taking Pictures on the Ship Deck

You will have to take a total of 4 pictures on the Ship Deck. After taking these pics, make your way to Volta the bartender, to talk to him. To complete the mission, you will have to buy and consume liquor from Volta. You will receive 10 Gold and 100 Silver for completing this mission.

Island Of Dreams

You can start the Island of Dreams by conversing with Volta. Once you have accepted the quest, you will make your way to the Dock and set sail for Aiwana Island.

Quest 2 Sec
Traveling to Aiwana Island

After making your way to Aiwana Island, you will talk to Handsome Ronald.

Quest 2(2) sec
Talking to Handsome Ronald

Talking to him and using the Sun Lounge will end the mission. You will get x9 Lavish Destruction Stone Chests, x25 Lavish Guardian Stone Chests, and x8 Lavish Leapstone Chest as a reward. You will also get the Aiwana Island Token for completing this mission.

Unforgettable Night

To start the quest, you will have to go and talk to Handsome Ronald. After talking to him, you will make your way to the ships to travel to Revelry Row.

Quest 3 sec
Setting Sail for Revelry Row

After you get there, you will talk to the Manager and make your way to the stage to complete the mission. You will get x5 High Seas Coin Chests, x3 Legendary Uncommon Card Pack, 18,000 Silver, and +1 Charisma.

Quest 3(2) Sec
Talking to the Revelry Row Manager

Charisma is very important in Lost Ark and can greatly help you along your journey. You can read our Lost Ark: How to Increase Charisma guide to learn more about it.

The Ultimate Vacation

You can start this one by talking to the Revelry Row Manager right after completing the Unforgettable Night mission. After accepting the mission, you will leave the island and set sail for Gravis.

Quest 4 sec
Traveling to Gravis

After reaching Gravis, you will have to locate and talk to the Tavern Master.

Quest 4(2) Sec
Talking to the Tavern Master

Once you are done talking to him, make your way to the lake. There you will have to collect 10 Perfect Starfishes and Conch Shells. Collecting these items and resting on the sun lounger will end the mission.

Quest 4(3) sec
Collecting Conch Shells and Starfishes

You will receive x3 Lavish Destruction Stone Sets, x6 Lavish Guardian Stone Chests, and a Lavish Life Shard Chest for completing this mission. You will also get 50 Gold and the Gravis Island Stone as a reward.

Una’s Tasks On Peyto

As stated before, Some of Una’s Tasks are essential for playing the main mission on Peyto Lost Ark. You cannot complete the main island missions unless you have played these missions a certain number of times. In Peyto, there are a total of 4 Una’s tasks. Each of these tasks gives you 10 Tokens upon completion.

Una’s Tasks also have a tier system. This means that you have to complete a specific number of tasks to move on to the next tier. Each tier upgrade will unlock new prizes and rewards that you can unlock. Furthermore, all rewards are great for all the Lost Ark Best Solo Classes so you can use them regardless of your class. These tasks include;

A Hard Day At Work

A Hard Day at Work is the first task that you can perform. You can start this task by going to the Ship Deck area on Peyto. Once you are there, you will make your way to the bar area and serve people drinks.

After you have served the drinks, you will have to remove Sawdust and catch the Rats that are eating the supplies. For this portion of the task, you will have to go to the Shipyard.

Next, you will have to head to the Market District and Clean the display cases. Once that is taken care of, make your way to Gambler Caze to receive your daily pay.

This is a tier 1 task so you will get 10 Una’s Tokens and 2,000 Pirate Coins as a reward.

Another Hard Day At Work

Another Hard Day at Work is the tier 2 version of the first mission. You will have to perform all the same tasks but you will get a better reward. For completing this mission, you will receive 30 Una’s Tokens and 6,000 Pirate Coins.

Everything Circles Back Around

By completing the Tier 3 variation of Una’s task, you will get 50 Tokens as a reward. You will also receive an additional 10,000 Pirate Coins as well as a Stat Increase Potion. This Stat Potion is extremely powerful as it can upgrade the stats of Lost Ark Classes.

Dance Time Redux

Dance Time Redux is the last of Una’s Tasks on Peyto. It is a Tier 4 task so you can earn 80 Tokens for completing it. Additionally, you will also get 16,000 Pirate Coins, Game Table Craft Recipe, and a Swiftness Potion.

Ride Like the Wind Una’s Task To Unlock Eurus

Ride Like the Wind is an additional Una’s Task that you can do to unlock Eurus. Eurus is the second fastest boat in the game and has been mentioned in our Best Ships in Lost Ark list. This is an exploration-based mission which means that you will have to travel to different Islands on the map.

Ride Like the Wind also has three different tiers that ensure that you can get better rewards if you keep replaying the mission. At tier 1, you will get 30 Tokens and 6,000 Pirate Coins. At tier 2, you will receive 60 Tokens and 12,000 Pirate Coins. Finally, tier 3 allows you to earn 120 Tokens and 24,000 Pirate Coins.

In addition to these rewards, you also receive the Fast Sailing Sprint: Eurus. You can use this to unlock the Eurus Ship once you have collected the required amount.

Other Activities Available On Peyto

Here is the list of activities that you can engage yourself in Peyto Island to make the most of this terrain in the game.

Mokoko Seeds

Mokoko Seeds are collectibles that you can find while you are exploring different ships and islands. If you want to 100% the game, you need to find all of them. There are a total of 5 Mokoko Seeds that can be located on Peyto Lost Ark.

You can find the first Mokoko Seed by making your way to the Shipyard and looking at the end of the first turn.

Seed 1
First Mokoko Seed Location

The Second Mokoko Seed can be located in the pool area on the main Ship Deck.

seed 2
Second Mokoko Seed Location

To Find the Third Mokoko Seed, you will have to go to the Market District and look between the two painting stacks.

seed 3
Third Mokoko Seed Location

The Fourth Mokoko Seed can be found in the Captain’s Quarters.

seed 4
Forth Mokoko Seed Location

You can find the Fifth and final Mokoko Seed in the corner of the supply closet.

seed 5
Fifth Mokoko Seed Location


Lastly, we will discuss Merchants. Peyto has a plethora of unique merchants who you can buy items from. All these Merchants sell different items ranging from treasures and coins to items and weapons. You can purchase any item you want based on your requirements. These Merchant Shops include;

Treasure Hunter Igran

Igran can be located on the Ship Deck of Peyto. He sells two different items that you can buy or exchange. These two items are Song of Resonance and Sail Glyph: Temptation. These items cost 16,800 and 3,300 Pirate Coins, respectively.

Claw Hand Loto

Claw Hand Loto owns a card shop in the Market District in Peyto Lost Ark. He sells legendary card packs that you can buy in a limited amount. You are only permitted to purchase 7 of these packs every week and each of them costs 2,000 Pirate Coins.


Tots is a cooking ingredient merchant that you can find in Peyto. He does not sell any dish himself but you can Lobster Dish Order Ticket from him. This ticket can cost you 2,500 Providence Stone and you can take it to Broccoli after purchasing it.


Broccoli is the chef on Peyto. After you have purchased your Lobster Dish, you can take it to him to buy the dish. Purchasing the Lobster Dish will cost an additional 1,000 in addition to the ticket.


Yurei is the Dessert Merchant on Peyto. You can visit her to purchase the Emote: Cute. This emote will cost you 1,000 Silver, and you can then use it based on your requirements.


Daun has an ability stone shop on Peyto Lost Ark. You can visit his shop to buy all sorts of stones for different prices. You can then implement these stones into your Build based on your preference. Some of the ability stones that can be purchased from this shop include;

  • Unidentified Outstanding Stone of Birth 325+ for 644 Pirate Coins
  • Unidentified Powerful Stone of Birth 385+ for 891 Pirate Coins
  • The Unidentified Elegant Stone of Birth 460+ for 1,040 Pirate Coins
  • Unidentified Outstanding Stone of Devotion 825+ for 1,287 Pirate Coins
  • Unidentified Powerful Stone of Devotion 885+ for 1,782 Pirate Coins
  • And lastly, Unidentified Elegant Stone of Devotion 960+ for 2,079 Pirate Coins

You can buy 3 of each stone per week based on your needs.


Volta is a Bartender who sells different types of Alcohol in his shop. You are required to purchase, serve, and consume this alcohol in multiple missions. These items provide you with different boosts that make them a good investment. The items sold by Volta include;

  • West Luterran Beer
  • Dyorika Beer
  • Totrich Beer
  • Vernse Wine
  • Ealyn’s Blessing

All these items cost 1,000 Silver each.

This concludes our Peyto Lost Ark guide. Let us know what you think about the guide in the comments below! 

Lost Ark gives players to explore different areas of the map. You can access a plethora of islands on the map and unlock new quests. These quests are exciting and challenging, and they add a level of complexity to the game. You also receive rare weapons, armor, and currency for completing these quests.

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