Peyto Lost Ark: Island Token, Quests & Collectibles

Our Peyto Lost Ark guide covers everything you need to know about Peyto including all quests, collectibles, and shops on the island.

The items in Lost Ark can help you along your journey and can make traversing the game easy. However, whenever you travel to a new island, you need to know where and how you can find these quests. Our Peyto Lost Ark guide will go through how you can complete all primary and secondary quests on the island.

Key Takeaways
  • Peyto is an island in Lost Ark, located in the Gienah Sea.
  • It can be reached by traveling southeast of the North Vern continent or north of Loping Island.
  • The island offers various quests and activities that yield rewards.
  • To obtain the Island Token, complete the main quest “Finally Finished,” which requires the Emote: Roar. This emote can be acquired through Una’s Tasks or purchased on Freedom Island.
  • Peyto features a main quest chain that advances the story and grants rewards like Legendary Card Packs and Silver.
  • Una’s Daily Tasks and secondary quests are also available on the island.

What Is Peyto In Lost Ark?

Exploring Peyto in Lost Ark
Location Peyto Island Token Main Quest Chain Island Tokens Quest Chain Mokoko Seeds
An Island in the eastern central
section of Gienah Sea
Complete the “Finally Finished”
main quest
-Becoming An Idol
-The Future Is In Our Hands
-The Girl With The Starlet Eyes
-The Ship’s Magician
-Want To See My Hat Trick?
-Time For A Takedown
-Finally Finished
-The Perfect Gateway
-Island Of Dreams
-Unforgettable Night
-The Ultimate Vacation
Collect 5 Mokoko seeds are present in
different locations of Peyto

Peyto is one of the islands that you can travel to in Lost Ark. It is located in the eastern central section of the Gienah Sea. You can also travel to Peyto by heading south-east of the North Vern continent or by heading North of the Loping Island.

Once you dock your ship on the island, you will find that it is filled with quests and activities. These activities can help you earn a lot of rewards that help you get through the game easily.

How To Acquire Peyto Island Token?

The Island Token is the ultimate reward you can get in Peyto. To acquire the token, and you need to complete the main quest, “Finally Finished”. It is the longest quest on the island, and you are required to have the Emote: Roar to complete it.

The Roar emote can be attained by completing different Una’s Tasks. You can also buy this emote from Freedom Island for 3,600 Gienah’s coins.

Different Peyto Island Quests

Completing Una’s tasks also rewards you in tokens that can also be traded at Gold Shops. Our 6 Best Lost Ark Gold Farming Methods guide explains the best ways to trade these tokens.

Main Quest Chain

These are the main quests that are essential for progressing the story. All these quests have ranging difficulty levels and reward the players accordingly.

  • Becoming An Idol
  • The Future Is In Our Hands
  • The Girl With The Starlet Eyes
  • The Ship’s Magician
  • Want To See My Hat Trick?
  • Time For A Takedown
  • Finally Finished

As the name suggests, Finally Finished is the last main quest of Peyto. To access this quest, you will have to complete Una’s “Everything Circles Back Around” mission four times. Once you have successfully done that, make your way to Blue Anglerfish Ventum to start the mission.

You will receive x3 Uncommon Battle Engraving Recipe Selection Pouches, 130 Gold, and 2,800 Silver for completing this quest. You will also get a valuable Peyto Island Token which you can use to advance in the game.

You can look up our Lost Ark Turtle Island guide if you are struggling to find the Island Token there.

Other Island Tokens Quest Chain

In addition to the Peyto Island Token, you can also obtain tokens from other islands in Peyto. The following quests allow you to acquire the Gravis and the Aiwana Island Tokens. These quests include;

  • The Perfect Gateway
  • Island Of Dreams
  • Unforgettable Night
  • The Ultimate Vacation

Una’s Tasks On Peyto

As stated before, Some of Una’s Tasks are essential for playing the main mission on Peyto. You cannot complete the main island missions unless you have played these missions a certain number of times. In Peyto, there are a total of 4 Una’s tasks. Each of these tasks gives you 10 Tokens upon completion.

  • A Hard Day At Work
  • Another Hard Day At Work
  • Everything Circles Back Around
  • Dance Time Redux
  • Ride Like the Wind Una’s Task To Unlock Eurus

Mokoko Seeds

Mokoko Seeds are collectibles that you can find while you are exploring different ships and islands. If you want to 100% the game, you need to find all of them. A total of 5 Mokoko Seeds can be located on Peyto.

You can find the first Mokoko Seed by making your way to the Shipyard and looking at the end of the first turn.

Seed 1
First Mokoko Seed Location

The Second Mokoko Seed can be located in the pool area on the main Ship Deck.

seed 2
Second Mokoko Seed Location

To Find the Third Mokoko Seed, you will have to go to the Market District and look between the two painting stacks.

seed 3
Third Mokoko Seed Location

The Fourth Mokoko Seed can be found in the Captain’s Quarters.

seed 4
Forth Mokoko Seed Location

You can find the Fifth and final Mokoko Seed in the corner of the supply closet.

seed 5
Fifth Mokoko Seed Location


Lastly, we will discuss Merchants. Peyto has a plethora of unique merchants who you can buy items from. All these Merchants sell different items ranging from treasures and coins to items and weapons. You can purchase any item you want based on your requirements. These Merchant Shops include;

  • Treasure Hunter Igran
  • Claw Hand Loto
  • Tots
  • Broccoli
  • Yurei
  • Daun
  • Volta

This concludes our guide. Let us know what you think about the guide in the comments below! Lost Ark allows players to explore different areas of the map. Players can access a plethora of islands on the map and unlock new quests. These quests are exciting and challenging and add a level of complexity to the game. For completing these quests, players also receive rare weapons, armor, and currency.

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