Lost Ark Summoner Build: PvE & PvP Class

Summoner makes use of her elemental creatures to win her battles. But with our Lost Ark Summoner Build you can become even stronger.

Lost Ark lets players choose from a variety of classes. Whether you’re looking for a martial artist-type approach using Striker or a ranged style using Gunslinger, Lost Ark supports it all. Amongst those various classes is the Summoner. With a bunch of spirits at their disposal, Summoner can be a really powerful class. But with my Lost Ark Summoner Build, you’ll be able to breeze through the various challenges of Lost Ark. Let’s dive in!

Key Takeaways
  • Lost Ark Summoner is part of the Advanced Mage class, focusing on using magical creatures and elements in combat.
  • They can summon spirits to assist in battles and escape dangerous situations.
  • Summoners can conjure elements and create magical creatures, dealing damage, debuffing enemies, and supporting allies.
  • Skill point allocation is crucial for an effective Summoner build.
  • Recommended PvE skills: Steed Charge, Fleeting Gale Bird, Pauru, Shurdi, Sticky Moss Swamp, Winged Spirit, Earth Collapse, Ancient Spear.
  • Recommended PvP skills: Steed Charge, Pauru, Elcid, Winged Spirit, Earth Collapse, Electric Storm, Reine’s Protection, Chain Lightning.
  • These skills enable damage dealing, enemy debuffing, and ally support for Summoners.

Summon Build

Lost Ark Summoner Build
Summoner Gameplay

Summoners are part of the Advanced Mage Class like the Sorceress. She can conjure elements and call on their powers to create magical creatures to aid her in battle. The Summoner can use her spirit summons to get out of almost any situation with their special abilities.

PvE Summon Build

Creating the best PvE Summoner Build can be quite tricky. Although leveling up in Lost Ark is not too hard, you should still invest your points carefully so you don’t end up wasting them. Near the end, you should have around 17 skills. But in reality, you only need 8 skills for your build. Consider the following skills.

Skills Tripod 1 Tripod 2 Tripod 3
Steed Charge Stormlike Gallop Weak Point Detection Destruction Charger
Fleeting Gale Bird Accumulated Energy Flame Bird Mother Gale Bird
Pauru Small Talk
Shurdi Ignore Collision
Sticky Moss Swamp Ready Attack
Winged Spirit Swift Cast Thunder Split Whirlpool
Earth Collapse Flame collapse Shake Great Earthquake
Ancient Spear Swift Cast Explosive Spear Ancient Strength
  1. Steed Charge:
    • Summons a magical energy horse to damage and launch enemies.
    • Enhancements: Stormlike Gallop (+15% crit rate, 30% chance of Electric Shock), Weak Point Detection (+100% Crit damage on Push-Immune enemies), Destruction Charger (summons 5 charging horses, significantly boosting damage).
  2. Fleeting Gale Bird:
    • Sends out Gale Birds for 3 seconds, dealing damage per hit.
    • Elemental Enhancements: Flame Bird (adds fire element, +30% output damage), Mother Gale Bird (charges up and inflicts +80% of base damage).
  3. Pauru:
    • Throws a fireball to damage enemies and summons a Fire Elemental Pauru.
    • Additional Effect: Small Talk (50% chance of getting an Elemental Orb).
  4. Shurdi:
    • Summons a Light Element that moves with you, damaging nearby enemies.
    • Enhancement: Ignore Collision (+10% movement speed, ignores all enemy collisions).
  5. Sticky Moss Swamp:
    • Summons a sticky, mossy swamp that decreases enemy speed and inflicts damage.
    • Enhancement: Ready Attack (+30% attack power, +50% MP cost).
  6. Winged Spirit:
    • Summons a Wind Element in Hawk form at the target location.
    • Elemental Enhancements: Thunder Split (adds Lightning element, +30% crit rate), Whirlpool (+30% output damage, +100% crit damage).
  7. Earth Collapse:
    • Causes a powerful earthquake at the target location, launching enemies into the air.
    • Elemental Enhancements: Flame Collapse (adds Fire element, +15% output damage), Shake (hits enemies 4 times, inflicting 30% of base damage per hit), Great Earthquake (increases AoE Radius by 50%, +50% damage to lower foes).
  8. Ancient Spear:
    • Concentrates energy for 2.5 seconds and calls down a great spear at the target location.
    • Enhancements: Swift Cast (+30% casting speed), Explosive Spear (adds fire element, burns enemies on hit for 5 seconds).

PvP Summon Build

Summoner Weapon Lost Ark
Summoner using her weapon

The thing about PvP is that you don’t have to worry about skill points while choosing a skill. You can invest in any skill and go all out. But with the Summoner Build, you won’t need more than 7-8 skills. Let’s take a look at the skills that can help you win your battles.

Skill Tripod 1 Tripod 2 Tripod 3
Steed Charge Stormlike Gallop Weak Point Detection Destruction Charger
Pauru Twilight Consumption Burning Flame Fiery Pauru
Elcid Magic Amplification Ice Seed Elite Summoning
Winged Spirit Swift Cast Wide-Angle Attack Whirlpool
Earth Collapse Glacier Collapse Tenacity Great Earthquake
Electric Storm Swift Cast Virtual Point Attack Guilding Storm
Reine’s Protection Energy Concentration Shield Enhancement Resonance
  1. Steed Charge:
    • Essential for a Summoner Build.
    • Tripods: Stormlike Gallop (+15% crit rate, 30% chance of Electric Shock), Weak Point Detection (+100% Crit damage on Push-Immune enemies), Destruction Charger (summons 5 additional horses).
  2. Pauru:
    • Great for ranged attacks.
    • Tripods: Twilight Consumption (increases attack power for more MP consumption), Burning Flame (inflicts burn damage for 5 seconds, explodes if the burn damage stacks), Fiery Pauru (causes self-destruction and damage to nearby enemies).
  3. Elcid:
    • Works well in both PvP and PvE.
    • Tripods: Magic Amplification (increases attack power), Ice Seed (turns element to water, freezes enemies), Elite Summoning (decreases the number of Elcids but increases output damage and attack range).
  4. Winged Spirit:
    • Summons an elemental wind hawk.
    • Tripods: Swift Cast (decreases casting time), Wide-Angle Attack (increases AoE radius by +25%), Whirlpool (increases output and crit damage by 30% and 100%).
  5. Earth Collapse:
    • Creates a powerful earthquake for crowd control.
    • Tripods: Glacier Collapse (changes element to water, causes freezing effect), Tenacity (grants Push Immunity), Great Earthquake (increases AoE radius and damage to Challenge or Lower Foes).
  6. Electric Storm:
    • Creates an electric storm for significant damage.
    • Tripods: Swift Cast (increases casting speed by +20%), Virtual Point Attack (increases MP cost but also increases Crit Rate by +50%), Guilding Storm (increases Ancient Energy gained by +100%).
  7. Reine’s Protection:
    • A defensive skill with a shield.
    • Tripods: Energy Concentration (gains 1 Elemental Orb per use), Shield Enhancement (increases shield gauge by 100%), Resonance (causes the shield to explode after breaking, stunning enemies).
  8. Awakening Skill – Bagron’s Wrath:
    • Targets multiple enemies, reduces movement speed, and launches enemies into the air.
    • Provides a strategic advantage in PvP situations.

Summoner Class Build Engravings And Stats

Lost Ark Summoner Build
Summoner – Summon Gameplay

Most classes tend to have engravings that are vastly different from each other. An example of such is the Glaivier, where both her engravings lead to different playstyles. But with the Summoner, the class engravings can go hand-in-hand to and won’t affect playstyle too much. This approach is quite similar to the Deadeye.

Master Summoner

Summoner can cause a lot of elemental damage through her skills, especially if chosen the elemental tripods. If your Summoner Build has adapted to dishing out a lot of elemental damage, then this engraving is for you. Master Summoner uses one of the Elemental Orb and instead increases all elemental damage by +15%. This is good if you don’t plan on using the class identity skills to summon many of the summons through the orbs. Otherwise, you should consider the next engraving.

Communication Overflow

This engraving allows you to increase the summon duration for Marinin, Pauru, Elcid, Shurdi, and Kelsion by +30%. It will also increase the damage by 20%. As the build is focused heavily on the summons, this engraving is preferred by many users.


For your stats, you can go for something like this:

Crit 0
Specialization 1400
Domination 0
Swiftness 1000
Endurance 0
Expertise 0

The 0 represents the less important stats; you can invest in them freely.

With that, you know quite a lot about the Summoner Build. She can be quite a strong class if built right. But if you are still looking for a better class, consider reading our Lost Ark classes Tier List to get a better idea of which class works best for PvP and PvE segments in the game.

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