Lost Ark Summoner Build: PvE & PvP Class

Summoner makes use of her elemental creatures to win her battles. But with our Lost Ark Summoner Build you can become even stronger.

Lost Ark lets players choose from a variety of classes. Whether you’re looking for a martial artist-type approach using Striker or a ranged style using Gunslinger, Lost Ark supports it all. Amongst those various classes is the Summoner. With a bunch of spirits at their disposal, Summoner can be a really powerful class. But with our Lost Ark Summoner Build, you’ll be able to breeze through the various challenges of Lost Ark. Let’s dive in!

Key Takeaways
  • Lost Ark Summoner is part of the Advanced Mage class, focusing on using magical creatures and elements in combat.
  • They can summon spirits to assist in battles and escape dangerous situations.
  • Summoners can conjure elements and create magical creatures, dealing damage, debuffing enemies, and supporting allies.
  • Skill point allocation is crucial for an effective Summoner build.
  • Recommended PvE skills: Steed Charge, Fleeting Gale Bird, Pauru, Shurdi, Sticky Moss Swamp, Winged Spirit, Earth Collapse, Ancient Spear.
  • Recommended PvP skills: Steed Charge, Pauru, Elcid, Winged Spirit, Earth Collapse, Electric Storm, Reine’s Protection, Chain Lightning.
  • These skills enable damage dealing, enemy debuffing, and ally support for Summoners.

Summon Build

Lost Ark Summoner Build
Summoner Gameplay

Summoners are part of the Advanced Mage Class like the Sorceress. She can conjure elements and call on their powers to create magical creatures to aid her in battle. The Summoner can use her spirit summons to get out of almost any situation with their special abilities.

PvE Summon Build

Creating the best PvE Summoner Build can be quite tricky. Although leveling up in Lost Ark is not too hard, you should still invest your points carefully so you don’t end up wasting them. Near the end, you should have around 17 skills. But in reality, you only need 8 skills for your build. Consider the following skills.

SkillsTripod 1Tripod 2Tripod 3
Steed ChargeStormlike GallopWeak Point DetectionDestruction Charger
Fleeting Gale BirdAccumulated EnergyFlame BirdMother Gale Bird
PauruSmall Talk
ShurdiIgnore Collision
Sticky Moss SwampReady Attack
Winged SpiritSwift CastThunder SplitWhirlpool
Earth CollapseFlame collapseShakeGreat Earthquake
Ancient SpearSwift CastExplosive SpearAncient Strength

Steed Charge

Allows you to summon magic energy in the shape of a horse. It inflicts damage while launching enemies into the air.

To strengthen the skill further, you can invest in Stormlike Gallop for the lightning element. It will increase the crit rate by +15%. Additionally, there will be a 30% chance of causing Electric Shock. You can get Weak Point Detection to increase Crit damage on Push-Immune enemies by +100%. Destruction Charger will let you summon 5 horses that charge one by one. It will substantially increase the damage dealt but will also increase cooldown by +12s.

Fleeting Gale Bird

Summoner will send out a flock of Gale Birds in the direction you’re facing. The attack lasts for 3 seconds, and each bird inflicts damage per hit.

You can get Accumulated Energy to get an 80% of gaining an elemental orb. Flame Bird will let you have fire element and increase output damage by +30%. Lastly, you can get Mother Gale Bird. It will allow you to charge up and send an additional Mother Gale that will inflict +80% of base damage.


You can throw a fireball at a target location to inflict damage and also summon a Fire Elemental Pauru that damages nearby enemies.

Getting Small Talk will give you a 50% chance of getting an Elemental Orb. The skill is already powerful enough for the PvP Summoner Build. If you are also looking for some good ships to help in your adventures, consider reading: The top 8 Best Ships In Lost Ark guide.


Shurdi allows you to summon a Light Element that moves with you and damages any nearby enemies. Great for a defensive and offensive skill.

You can get Ignore Collision to increase your movement speed by +10%, and all enemy collisions get ignored.

Sticky Moss Swamp

Allows you to summon a sticky, mossy swamp at the target location. It decreases enemy speed and inflicts damage if they get caught in it.

You can get Ready Attack to increase the attack power by +30%. But the MP cost will also increase by +50%.

Winged Spirit

Winged Spirit will be one of the powerful skills that you can use to inflict some serious damage. It summons a Wind Element in a Hawk form at the target location.

You can strengthen the skill by getting Swift Cast. It will decrease the casting time. Thunder Split will let you increase the crit rate by +30% by adding the Lightning element. Whirlpool will let you increase output damage by +30% and crit damage by +100%.

Earth Collapse

Earth Collapse allows you to cause a powerful earthquake at the target location. The skill is so strong that it launches enemies into the air, causing earth damage.

You can strengthen the skill by using Flame Collapse. It will make the element Fire and increase output damage by +15%. Shake will let you hit enemies 4 times with the same move, inflicting 30% of the base damage per hit. Great Earthquake will increase the AoE Radius by 50%. Your damage to lower foes will also increase by +50%. Some of the cards in Lost Ark can further help you with the elemental damage. If you are looking for the best card sets in the game, consider reading: The top 8 Best Card Sets In Lost Ark guide.

Ancient Spear

Ancient Spear allows you to concentrate energy for 2.5s and then call down a great spear at the target location. This is yet another one of your strong damage-dealing skills. Those that get caught right at the center of impact will get the most damage done to them. At the same time, those around will get paralyzed.

You can make the skill stronger by adding Swift Cast. That will increase the casting speed by +30%. Adding Explosive Spear will add fire element and burn enemies on hit for 5 seconds (causing damage each second).

PvP Summon Build

Summoner Weapon Lost Ark
Summoner using her weapon

The thing about PvP is that you don’t have to worry about skill points while choosing a skill. You can invest in any skill and go all out. But with the Summoner Build, you won’t need more than 7-8 skills. Let’s take a look at the skills that can help you win your battles.

SkillTripod 1Tripod 2Tripod 3
Steed ChargeStormlike GallopWeak Point DetectionDestruction Charger
PauruTwilight ConsumptionBurning FlameFiery Pauru
ElcidMagic AmplificationIce SeedElite Summoning
Winged SpiritSwift CastWide-Angle AttackWhirlpool
Earth CollapseGlacier CollapseTenacityGreat Earthquake
Electric StormSwift CastVirtual Point AttackGuilding Storm
Reine’s ProtectionEnergy ConcentrationShield EnhancementResonance

Steed Charge

This is a must-have for any Summoner Build in the game. It lets you launch enemies into the air with a magical horse that rushes at enemies.

The tripods that are worth investing in are Stormlike Gallop, Weak Point Detection, and Destruction Charger. It will add a lightning element to increase crit damage and also add 5 additional horses to the attack.


Pauru is great for ranged attacks. It lets the Summoner throw fire at the target location and summon a Fire Elemental Pauru to inflict damage on nearby enemies.

You can add Twilight Consumption to increase attack power for more MP consumption. Burning Flame will let you inflict burn damage on enemies for 5 seconds. If the burn damage stacks up to 5, the enemies explode, causing additional damage to even nearby enemies. Fiery Pauru will cause the Pauru to self-destruct and cause 667% Throw Damage to nearby enemies.


Elcid is a skill that works with most Summoner Builds. Whether PvP or PvE, it’s a skill you need in your arsenal. It summons 2 Elcids that attack nearby enemies.

You can increase the attack power by getting Magic Amplification. Ice Seed will let you turn the element to water and cause Elcids to shoot out Ice Seeds. These will freeze the enemies such that their movement speed gets -40% for 3 seconds. Finally, you can get Elite Summoning to decrease the number of Elcids summoned but increase the output damage by 300% and the attack range by 40%.

Winged Spirit

Winged Spirit allows you to summon an elemental wind hawk to inflict damage at any desired location.

Swift Cast will let you decrease casting time, Wide-Angle Attack will increase AoE radius by +25%, and Whirlpool will increase output and crit damage by 30% and 100%.

Earth Collapse

Earth Collapse creates a powerful earthquake at any desired location. The Earthquake launches enemies into the air and inflicts significant damage. Great for crowd control.

Glacier Collapse will change the element to Water. It will cause a freezing effect on hit targets for 3 seconds. Great for getting out of a cornered situation. Tenacity will grant Push Immunity. Great Earthquake will increase the AoE radius by +50% and increase damage to Challenge or Lower Foes by +50%. If you want to add potions into the mix, then consider reading our Foraging guide for help: Lost Ark Best Places To Level Up Foraging guide.

Electric Storm

Electric Storm, as suggested by the name, creates an electric storm at the target location, inflicting some serious damage.

You can get Swift Cast to increase casting speed by +20%. Virtual Point Attack will increase MP cost by +25% but also increase Crit Rate by +50%. Lastly, you can get Guilding Storm to increase Ancient Energy gained by +100%. All of these tripods combined to create a deadly version of the Electric Storm skill.

Reine’s Protection

This will be a great skill for defense. It lets you cast a barrier that absorbs damage worth 30% of your Max HP for 5 seconds.

If you get Energy Concentration, you will get 1 Elemental Orb per each use of the skill. Shield Enhancement will increase the shield gauge by 100%. And using the last tripod, you can turn this defensive skill to inflict damage as well. Resonance causes your shield to explode after the shield is broken. The explosion stuns enemies for 4 seconds. This makes it great for rushing into battle with your shield on.  

Awakening Skill

As players can easily surround you in PvP, it’s good to have an awakening skill that can target multiple enemies. Bagron’s Wrath is a perfect fit for that. It summons quicksand and reduces the movement speed of enemies that are caught in the attack by -80%.

It then has a Bagron jump out of the sand to cause damage to nearby enemies. The enemies at the center of the sand get launched into the air, where the Bagron goes into the air to bite them and then slam them to the ground. This is a great move to ensure no players gang up on you.

Summoner Class Build Engravings And Stats

Lost Ark Summoner Build
Summoner – Summon Gameplay

Most classes tend to have engravings that are vastly different from each other. An example of such is the Glaivier, where both her engravings lead to different playstyles. But with the Summoner, the class engravings can go hand-in-hand to and won’t affect playstyle too much. This approach is quite similar to the Deadeye.

Master Summoner

Summoner can cause a lot of elemental damage through her skills, especially if chosen the elemental tripods. If your Summoner Build has adapted to dishing out a lot of elemental damage, then this engraving is for you. Master Summoner uses one of the Elemental Orb and instead increases all elemental damage by +15%. This is good if you don’t plan on using the class identity skills to summon many of the summons through the orbs. Otherwise, you should consider the next engraving.

Communication Overflow

This engraving allows you to increase the summon duration for Marinin, Pauru, Elcid, Shurdi, and Kelsion by +30%. It will also increase the damage by 20%. As the build is focused heavily on the summons, this engraving is preferred by many users.


For your stats, you can go for something like this:


The 0 represents the less important stats, and you can invest in them freely.

With that, you know quite a lot about the Summoner Build. She can be quite a strong class if built right. But if you are still looking for a better class, consider reading our Lost Ark classes Tier List to get a better idea of which class works best for PvP and PvE segments in the game.

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