Lost Ark: The BEST Gunslinger Class Engravings

In our guide of engraving for Lost Ark’s class of Gunslinger, you will find out about magnificent abilities on how to destroy the enemy, shoot at them with three diverse choices of weapons and make your mark in the world.

Lost Ark is a multiplayer 2.5D game that falls in the genre of action and adventure. It was developed by Tripod and Smile gate’s studio and released in 2019 on December 4th. There are a lot of activities that you can take on, like raiding Ryndon in Lost Ark to get tokens, rewards, and much more. Lost Ark also gives you a lot of class options as well. These classes include Aeromancer, Deathblade, Gunslinger, and many others, that have unique skills and engravings in Lost Ark.

It was composed by Brian Tylor and is free of cost. Even though it is a fantasy game, you can still play it single-handedly or with friends. You can customize your character using Umar Collections Skins and Legendary skins in Lost Ark.

Gunslinger’s Role In Lost Ark

The only class of female gunners in Lost Ark is called Gunslinger and has the best engravings that you can equip. She can choose between three different types of weapons called; dual pistols, shotguns, and rifles and can strike the enemy from a distance. We have also curated a guide for the Nightmare Ship location in Lost Ark.

Best early game Engravings For Gunslinger Lost Ark
Gunslinger and its engravings

Gunslinger’s engravings in Lost Ark are different, and the game style is also changed. Raids are to be the key component of Lost Ark, and Gunslinger has amazing skills for raids. She is best at surviving, has good positions, and takes good destructive methods, all of which make it easier for DPS.

Engravings Of Gunslinger In Lost Ark

In the Lost Ark, all the classes have separate engravings that can help in playing the game.
Similarly, Gunslinger has its own engraving that helps it in playing the game in a specific direction.

Best advanced Engravings For Gunslinger IN Lost Ark
Main Engravings Of Gunslinger.

In the class of Gunslinger, you will have two choices of engravings that are Time To Hunt and Peacemaker.


This engraving in the Lost Ark grants you polish for a very little while when you are switching between your weapon. As you switch to a handgun, it attacks at a very fast speed; using a shotgun gets you the ability to hit critically, while a rifle is used when the target gets lower than 50% HP so that it can obtain bonus damage.

To get full advantage of the ability, you need to keep juggling between your guns so that you do not run out of time. We also curated a definitive guide on the best Bard Build in Lost Ark, and the best Berserker build in Lost Ark that you should definitely check out.

By level three of your game in lost ark gunslinger, you will get an increase in the speed of your attacking by 16% while using a handgun, the crit rate would increase by 25% in your shotgun, whereas 10% increase of your damage given by a 30% extra boost for your rivals who have an HP that is 50% or lower than it as you use a rifle.

However, it is a little difficult to utilize this engraving in lost art, but it would get you top rewards for damage once you know how to switch between guns for your benefit swiftly.

Gunslinger Engraving; Peacemaker.

Build Of Peacemaker

The most famous build in Lost Ark’s engraving of Gunslinger is called Peacemaker.

  • Sharpshooter 3-3-1: It is an ability used for shotgun; it has a very high lifeline, and when do most destruction when it strikes the final shot, but you need to be in a safe place while using this skill.
  • Target Down 1-1-1: It is an ability used while having rifles, and after the Weakness Exposure Skill, and just like Sharpshooter, it has a long life expectancy after striking the last shot. To get an extra destructive rate, hit while the attack rate is below 50%.
  • Shotgun Rapid-fire 2-1-2: This skill is used in shotgun and used after the WE.
  • Focused Shot 2-3-1: The ability is used in the rifle; after equipping a fast speed of attacks, change the end of the tripod to launch a blow that would be your final.


  • The number 1 of peacemaker has the top worth but only for level number one of the engravings.
  • Due to the In a Tight Spot Tripod, Hit Master 3 interacts with your abilities while using a shotgun and rifle.
  • It is easier to manage your adrenaline 100% of the time as the level of your cooling down and handgun skills.
  • After you have gotten a good grip of the game, you can use Grudge and Cursed Doll level 3. Both of these can result in great abilities, and you can easily slide them in the game.
Level three Cursed Doll and Grudge.


  • There is a bonus for everything
  • DPS skills can easily control destruction and cooling down.

Time To Hunt

While using the engraving in Lost Ark, you lose your skill in making use of shotguns. Instead, it hands you the rifle and a handgun with a more critical charge.

What makes Time To Hunt engraving easier to use and play with is that you don’t get to use your mind in a lot of different abilities. It gives you a higher mobility rate as a handgun does not keep you stuck in one place.

As the classification on Lost Ark has a lot of critiques, Gunslinger can prioritize on how to get cooler as you can no longer equip shotgun.

You would need to level up the rate of your crit as you reach Level 3 for two main weapons, handgun and rifle, as their ability increases by 30%. While using this, you would not be able to make use
of the stance of your shotgun.

Time To Hunt Build

In the Lost Ark, when you use the engraving in the class on Gunslinger, Time To Hunt Build is considered the Hipster Build.

  • Meteor Stream 3-3-2: A skill used during cooling down is a Handgun DPS ability.
  • Spiral Tracker 2-0-0: This skill gives Weakness Exposure to deteriorate the enemy for ten plus crit. You shall make use of it when you are starting your attack.
  • Focused Shot 2-3-3: It is the main skill used in the rifle, usable at the end of the weakness Exposure ability.
  • Peacekeeper 2-0-0: The skill is your counter and makes it easier to attack the Tripod that gives it a shot.

Engravings of Time To Hunt

  • This skill in level three gives you the most worth critic rate.
  • The cooling down of handguns is comparatively low such as Dexterous Shot and Spiral Tracker. Thus adrenaline gets boosted higher to a 100%.
  • In level three of Lost Ark, the head of attack gets in with you on your sudden attacks and life-absorbing Tripod.
    Being a leader player gets you in level three of Grudge and Cursed Doll, so you can use them.
  • You need to get cooler on your DPS ability and focus on destruction.
  • All the other things become an extra reward/bonus.

Some Other Engravings For Gunslinger

Here are some other engravings that you can use for Gunslinger in the Lost Ark.

  • Grudge
    When you reach the third level of your game, the engraving called grudge will add 20% of the
    damage to the level of your boss or even a little above, called the monsters. I wouldn’t do
    that. It would also listen to the damaged I would come from these fellow enemies. It is said to be
    a good engraving for lost ark gunslinger.
  • Cursed Doll
    By the time you reach level three of the Lost Ark, you will realize that this engraving called curse toll would
    provide you 16% of the power to your attacks and would also decrease the healing power by 25%. It is
    top tier one, but it gradually decreases as you reach tier 3.
  • Adrenaline
    The engraving in Gunslinger helps you by increasing the power of your tax with time, and it also makes
    the crit rate is better by 15%.
  • Keen Blunt Weapon
    The kind of thing graving would help you as you reach your third level of the game by dealing with your
    attacks through 50% damage of your crit. However, it also leaves a chance of dealing with 20% reduced


This concludes our guide on the best engravings in Lost Ark for the Gunslinger class.

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