Starfield: All Companions [Locations and Recruitment]

Learn everything there is about the companions in Starfield, alongside their locations and how to recruit them.

Companions in Starfield are characters that can be assigned various roles to help you in your travels. So far, there are more than twenty-five known companions that you can recruit or hire for your crew. Each companion also has their own skill set that helps you decide their role on the team. While characters proficient in laser weapons are perfect for combat, others are more suited to the outpost and resource management.

Key Takeaways
  • There are more than twenty-five confirmed companions in Starfield.
  • Companions are met by progressing the story or completing side quests.
  • Many companions are Hireable and can be picked up from bars in major cities.
  • Although hireable companions charge a huge amount of credit, you can use your persuasion skills to talk them down to half price.

Main Story Companions 

A dialogue with Vasco In Starfield.
Vasco as a companion in Starfield. [Image by Us]
From my experience, story companions join your crew as you progress through Starfield’s main quests. They can be recruited by interacting with the characters during certain missions.

Constellation Members

The group of space explorers called the Constellation plays an integral part in Starfield’s main storyline. The group has diverse members with various backgrounds and skill sets. By far, in my opinion, the members of the Constellation have the best companion skills in Starfield.

Here is a list of all the recruitable companions from the constellation and their crew skills:

Sr. # Name Required Mian Story Mission  Skills
1 Vasco One Small Step – Shield Systems (2/5).

– Aneutronic Fusion (1/5).

– EM Weapons (1/5).

2 Sarah Morgan The Old Neighborhood – Astrodynamics (4/5).

– Lasers (3/5).

– Leadership (2/5).

– Botany (1/5).

3 Sam Coe The Empty Nest – Piloting (4/5).

– Rifle Certification (3/5).

– Payloads (2/5). 

– Geology (1/5).  

4 Barret Back to Vectera – Starship Engineering (4/5).

Particle Beam Weapon Systems (3/5).

– Robotics (2/5). 

– Gastronomy (1/5).

5 Andreja Into The Unknown – Stealth (4/5). 

– Particle Beams (3/5).

– Energy Weapons Systems (2/5). 

– Theft (1/5). 

Non-Constellation Members

Besides the five available constellation members, other interactable characters in Starfield’s main storyline will join your crew while you complete a certain mission. Some of these characters can also be recruited after completing their respective mission, in case you don’t recruit them immediately. I’ve listed them below:

Sr. # Name Mian Sotry Mission Required Location Skills
1 Lin Back to Vectera Broken Spears, Cydonia.

(If not recruited immediately)

– Demolitions (1/5).

– Outpost Management (3/5).

2 Heller Back to Vectera Homestead, Titan.

(If not recruited immediately)

– Geology (1/5).

– Outpost engineering (3/5).

3 Moara Otero The Old Neighborhood Broken Spears, Cydonia. – EM weapon systems (2/5).

– Marksmanship (2/5).

4 Rafael Aguerro Entangled Viewport New Atlantis

(If you get the secret, good ending and save Rafael.)

– Outpost Engineering (1/5). –

– Starship Engineering (2/5).

– Outpost Management (1/5).

Side Story Companions In Starfield

Amelia Earhart in Starfield.
Amelia Earnhart During Operation Starseed in Starfield. [Screenshot Grab: eXputer]
Apart from the main story companions, you can recruit characters by completing faction missions for the US Vanguard, Crimson Fleet, and the Freestar Collective. Six out of all companions in Starfield are side quest companions available as crew members once you complete their relevant side quest.

Faction Mission Companions

Here I’ve provided a complete list of all the Faction Mission companions in Starfield:

Sr. # Name Faction Mission Location Skills
1 Hadrian Sanon – Complete the UC faction questline. 

– Talk to Dr. Percival to convince her to join for free.

TMD Headquarters, Mars. – Energy Weapon Dissipation (1/5).

– Pain Tolerance (2/5).

– Xenosociology (1/5).

2 Autumn MacMillan – Complete the Freestar Rangers Questline. Bar Area in the Red Mile. – Pistol Cretification (2/5).

– Botany (1/5).

– Sharpshooting (1/5).

3 Mathis Castillo – Side with the Crimson Fleet at the end of the Crimson Fleet questline

– Tell the boss that Mathis helped you during the Prison mission.

The Key Spacestation. – Weightlifting (1/5).

– Ballistics (1/5).

– Incapacitation (2/5).

Side Quest Companions

All the available side quest companions are unlocked as a recruitable character once you complete a specific side quest or an interaction. Three characters fall into this category. 

Look at the detailed description of all the side quest companions I’ve provided below:

Sr. # Name Side Quest Location Skills
1 Amelia Earnhart – Complete the side quest Operation Starseed on Crucible, Charybdis III. Crucible, Charybdis III. – Piloting (2/5).

– Rifle Certification (2/5). 

2 Betty Howser – Betty will join you if you give her some ship parts. Orbit of Heinlein I. – Demolitions (2/5).

– Missile Weapon Systems (1/5).

3 Erick Von Price – Pick the quest line “Start-up Stopped” at Cydonia. 

– The quest will be given by a Strore owner, Jane Weller, on the residency section’s left side. 

– Save Erick, and don’t retrieve the ship.

Residency, Cydonia. – Payloads (1/5)

– Astrodynamics (2/5).

Hireable Characters

Mickey Caviar in Starfield.
A dialogue with Mickey Cavier at Astral Longue, Neon. [Image Credits: eXputer]
Apart from story companions that join your crew for free after a certain point in the main story, there are characters that you can hire to be a part of your crew. Most characters in this category can be hired for a fee (ranging from fifteen thousand to eighteen thousand credits).

If you can find them at specific locations (mostly bars), you can talk them down to half price if you succeed in persuasion.

Sr. # Name Fee Location Skills
1 Marika Boros 18,000 Credits. Viewport, New Atlantis. – Shotgun Certification (1/5).

– Ballistics (2/5).

– Particle beam weapon systems (1/5). 

2 Gideon Aker 16,500 credits. Viewport, New Atlantis. – Ballistic weapon systems (2/5).

– Missile weapon systems (2/5).

3 Simeon Bankowski 15,000 credits. Viewport, New Atlantis. – Sharpshooting (1/5).

– Sniper Certification (2/5).

– Marksmanhsip (1/5).

4 Andromeda Kepler 12,000 credits. Broken Spears, Cydonia.  – Outpost engineering (2/5).

– Piloting (1/5).

– Aeronautic fusion (1/5).

5 Rosie Tannehill 15,000 credits. Hitching Post, Akila City. – Medicine (1/5).

– Wellness (2/5).

6 Omari Hassan 15,000 credits. Hitching Post, Akila City. – Shield Systems (3/5).

– Starship engineering  (1/5).

7 Ezekiel Free Aggis, Akila City. – Scavenging  (1/5).

– Energy weapon dissipation (2/5).

– Shield systems  (1/5).

8 Lyle Brewer 15,000 credits. Aggis, Akila City. – Particle beams (1/5).

– Xenosociology (1/5).

– Shotgun Certification (2/5).

9 Mickey Caviar 18,000 credits. Astrol Longue, Neon. – Gastronomy (1/5).

– Wellness (2/5).

– Incapacitation  (1/5).

10 Dani Gracia  13,500 credits. Euphorika, Neon. – Chemistry (1/5).

– Robotics (2/5).

– Energy Weapon Systems (1/5).

11 Sophia Grace 15,000 credits. Madame Sauvage’s, Neon. – Stealth (3/5).

– Lasers (1/5).

12 Jessamine Griffin 18,000 credits. Last Nova, The Key. – Theft (1/5).

– Ballistic weapon systems (2/5).

– Concealment (1/5). 

The Adoring Fan

The Adoring fan in Starfield.
The Adoring Fan in New Atlantis. [Image grab by eXputer]
Besides all the companions mentioned above, you can choose a character trait called “The Hero Worshipped” in the character creation menu to get the Adoring Fan Companion. If you choose this as your character trait, an NPC (non-playable character) will appear before you in New Atlantis. You can recruit him to your crew.

Their skills include:

  • Scavenging (1/5),
  • Concealment (1/5)
  • Weightlifting (2/5).

Apart from the above-listed twenty-eight characters, a character called Robin Swiss remains a mystery. 

My Take

While there are many useful companions, my favorite ones are Sarah, Sam, Andreja, and Vasco. Not only are these companions met through progressing the storyline, but they bring with them enormous benefits, and honestly, these are the best characters to hang out with.

Aside from the Starfield all companions, there is still much more to explore about this game. For instance, you can learn about lockpicking in Starfield, the best ways to get Digipicks, and how to steal ships in Starfield. You can also read about the best controller settings and the persuasion system in Starfield.


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