Starfield: The Key [Location, Characters, & Quests]

Learn every major detail regarding the space station, The Key in Starfield, which is home to the notorious crew, Crimson Fleet.

The Key Starfield is a Space Station that players will encounter while exploring the Kryx System in Starfield. It is where one of the most notorious crews throughout the Settled Systems, Crimson Fleet, resides. Players will encounter multiple important NPCs and quests that are related to the main storyline while they are on The Key.

Important: Players should dock onto The Key only after they have completed the main mission, Deep Cover.
Key Takeaways
  • The ‘Key Starfield is a Space Station that revolves around the planet Suvorov inside the Kryx System.
  • Kryx System is one of the most dangerous Settled Systems in Starfield.
  • The Key, being a part of the Kryx System, is also a dangerous place that is home to the notorious Crimson Fleet. 
  • In order to dock onto The Key, players have to complete the mission, Deep Cover, first.
  • If players try to dock their ship onto The Key before completing the mission, Deep Cover, then they will be attacked by the Crimson Fleet.

What Is The Key In Starfield?

Inside The Key
Inside The Key [Image Credits: eXputer]
  • The Key is a part of the Kryx System, which is one of the most unlawful and dangerous systems among the Settled Systems.
  • However, being a part of the Kryx System, it is also an unlawful and notorious place.
  • Apart from that, The Key is also the home to the notorious crew, Crimson Fleet.

Location Of The Key

  1. The Key is a part of the Kryx System.
  2. You have to look for the Kryx System in the Settled Systems of Starfield.
    Locating The Kryx System
    Locating The Kryx System [Screenshot Credits: eXputer]
  3. Once you have located the Kryx System, click on the Kryx System.
  4. Inside the Kryx System, you will see the Suvorov planet.
  5. You will find The Key revolving around the Suvorov Planet.
    The Key Revolving around Suvorov
    The Key Revolving around Suvorov [Image Credits: eXputer]
  6. Click on The Key, and you will see the jump button appear.
  7. Press and hold the Jump button to dock onto The Key.
    Jumping Onto The Key
    Jumping Onto The Key [Screenshot Credits: eXputer]

However, jump on to The Key only after you have completed the main mission, Deep Cover. If you try docking on The Key before that, then the Crimson Fleet will start attacking you without any notice. 

Quests Located On The Key

While on The Key, players will encounter four main storyline quests. Which they have to complete to progress through Starfield. In some of these quests, players will be rewarded with huge rewards. In the quest, Eye Of The Storm, players will get their hands on the Legendary Rifle, Revenant. A large number of credits will be given to players after the quest, Legacy’s End.

The following are the quests located on the Space Station, The Key. I recommend tackling them in a strategic order to optimize your progression:

Quests Quest GiverRewardsPrerequisite
Echoes Of The PastDelgadoEXP: 350, Credits: 20000,
Keelhauler (x1), UC Prison Shuttle
Complete Rook Meets King
The ‘Best There Is’ QuestNaevaEXP: 250, Credits: 9600Complete Breaking the Bank
Eye Of The StormNaevaEXP: 350, Credits: 8400, Revenant (x1)Complete Absolute Power
Legacy’s EndCommander Kibwe IkandeEXP: 350, Credits: 250000Complete Eye of the Storm

Echoes Of The Past

Quest: Echoes Of The Past
Quest: Echoes Of The Past [Image Credits: eXputer]
The quest, Echoes of the Past, is given by the leader of the Crimson Fleet, Delgado. However, before starting Echoes of the Past, you have to complete the quest, Rook Meets King, and become a member of the Crimson Fleet. 


  • EXP: 350
  • Credits: 20000
  • Pistol: Keelhauler
  • UC Prison Shuttle

The ‘Best There Is’ Quest

Quest: The Best There Is
Quest: The Best There Is [Screenshot Credits: eXputer]
The Best There Is is a faction quest that will be given by Naeva on The Key.

The prerequisites for the quest ‘The Best There Is’ are:

  1. You have to complete the quest, Breaking the Bank.
  2. Once you have completed the quest, come back to The Key and go to the location where Naeva and Jasmine are located.
  3. This is where Naeva will assign you the new quest, The Best There Is.


  • EXP: 250
  • Credits: 9600

Eye Of The Storm

Eye Of The Storm
Quest: Eye Of The Storm [Screenshot Credits: eXputer]
  1. The Quest Eye of The Storm is given by Naeva.
  2. After talking to Delgado and Commander Kibwe from the UC Vigilance, you have to look for The Legacy.
  3. Inside The Legacy, you have to search for the final recording of Jasper Kryx and listen to it.
  4. Lastly, you’ll have two choices in the quest: either hand over the recordings to Delgado or Commander Kibwe.


  • EXP: 350
  • Credits: 8400
  • Legendary Ballistic Rifle: Revenant

Legacy’s End

Quest: Legacy's End
Quest: Legacy’s End [Screenshot Credits: eXputer]
Right after the completion of the quest, Eye Of The Storm, you will get the quest, Legacy’s End. The quest can either be started at The Key or the UC Vigilance. You had the choice to choose between the two factions, Crimson Fleet and UC Vigilance, in the quest Eye Of The Storm. So, the outcome of the quest, Legacy’s End, is highly dependent on the choice from Eye Of The Storm.


  • EXP: 350
  • Credits: 250000

With all of the information provided above, my guide on The Key Starfield comes to an end. In this guide, I have mentioned details regarding the Crimson Fleet’s Space Station, The Key. I have provided its location and a list of the important NPCs, such as the Crimson Fleet Leader, Delgado, along with the choice of whether players should kill Delgado or not and the Quests that players will encounter while on The Key.

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