Starfield: 5 BEST Backgrounds [Expert’s Opinion]

There are 21 backgrounds in Starfield, so it's best to learn the best Background in Starfield along with a top 5 list.

There are 21 backgrounds in Starfield you can choose from, but one might wonder which is the Best Background Starfield currently has. As of now, File Not Found is considered the best one that players can choose. However, it’s worth discussing the top 5 best ones so players can choose based on their preferences. 

Key Takeaways
  • There are a total of 21 backgrounds in Starfield, and all of them feature different sets of skills.
  • Every background provides you with three skills, so players can choose the best skills based on their preference. 
  • As of now, the best choice as background in Starfield is File Not Found, as it is balanced overall.
  • Players will get the three best skills: Wellness, Piloting, and Ballistics with File Not Found.
  • The second best option is Bounty Hunter, as it has a great set of skills.
  • Other than that, there are 8 more backgrounds in Starfield, which are pretty good as each features a different set, so players can choose any based on their preferences.

Here’s a detailed video covering the best traits and backgrounds to start your Starfield journey with:

YouTube video

The Top 5 Best Backgrounds In Starfield

Following are the ten backgrounds players can choose, along with their skills:

File Not FoundWellness, Piloting, Ballistics
Bounty HunterPiloting, Boost Pack Training, Targeting Control Systems
XenobiologistLasers, Fitness, Surveying
Cyber RunnerTheft, Security, Stealth
SoldierFitness, Ballistics, Boost Pack Training
DiplomatCommerce, Wellness, Persuasion
Space ScoundrelPiloting, Pistol Certification. Persuasion
SculptorMedicine, Geology, Persuasion
ProfessorAstrodynamics, Geology, Research Methods
Beast HunterFitness, Ballistics, Gastronomy

1. File Not Found

File Not Found

File Not Found is arguably the best background Starfield has to offer. It will help you greatly in the early games. This background comes with three of the most useful skills in Starfield, and among those two, Wellness and Piloting are two skills that you will eventually want. You are getting the benefit of getting these skills early on, which would be a great help. On top of that, you will also be getting Ballistics, which would let you do more damage. 

  • This is a background that many players can select regardless of their preference, as it is that good.
  • With the skills it provides you with early on, you will be able to utilize a variety of tactics.
  • So, this is the Best Background, as it is nearly impossible to go wrong with this background option.
  • Also, it is a mysterious background as there is no information about it. 

The following are the three skills File Not Found comes with:

  • Wellness: Increases your maximum health by 10%.
  • Piloting: You will be able to utilize ship thrusters.
  • Ballistics: Ballistic weapons will do an additional 10% damage.

2. Bounty Hunter

Bounty Hunter

Bounty Hunter is the choice for the players who want to use the first spaceship in the early game. You will get skills that will be quite useful for this purpose. With Piloting, you will be able to access the ship Thursters early, and another skill allows you to target and disable some areas of your enemy’s ship. You will also be able to use the jetpack from day one, which is kind of a cool thing.

So, it is arguably a contender for the best choice, but I would still think that File Not Found is the best one. However, you can feel free to pick any based on your preference.

The following are the three skills Bounty Hunter comes with:

  • Piloting: You will be able to utilize ship thrusters.
  • Boost Pack Training: You can now utilize boost packs.
  • Targeting Control Systems: Unlocks ship targeting functionality, which lets you target and disable some areas of the enemy’s ship.

3. Xenobiologist


If you love laser weapons, then Xenobiologist is the ideal background for you. This will help you in combat, and it has one skill that will increase your maximum oxygen, which is pretty important in Starfield. Every character would benefit from this ability, and this is why Xenobiologist is ranked so highly on my list. This background also comes with a useful skill known as surveying.

It will help you with exploring various places in Starfield as your hand scanner will get extra range. So, it is a great background you can choose.

The following are the three skills Xenobiologist comes with:

  • Lasers: Laser weapons do 10% more damage.
  • Fitness: You have 10% more oxygen available.
  • Surveying: Adds an optional zoom to the hand scanner. +20 meter scan distance will be added to your scanner.

4. Cyber Runner

Cyber Runner

If you want a background that includes Stealth and Pickpocketing in Starfield, then I highly recommend you choose Cyber Runner. This background will let you sneak on to others with stealth, and you will be able to steal from them. There is another background that comes with Stealth, but it is not as good as Cyber Runner, so it becomes the ideal choice for such type of gameplay.

With two core skills, you will also be getting Security, which is also quite helpful in Starfield. So, overall, the background is quite good, which will let you have fun. 

The following are the three skills Cyber Runner in Starfield comes with:

  • Theft: It will unlock the ability to pickpocket targets.
  • Security: You can attempt to hack Advanced locks, and 2 auto attempts can be banked.
  • Stealth: This skill will add a Stealth Meter. You are 25% more difficult to detect when sneaking. Suppressed weapons do an additional 5% sneak attack damage.

5. Soldier


If you want a little more benefit in combat, then Soldiers is one of the best choices in Starfield. It comes with great skills that help you perform well in combat, and one of them even increases your overall oxygen. So, Soldiers will help you in so many situations, and you will be able to perform more stamina-consuming actions.

  • You will come across some Ballistic weapons early in Starfield, so make sure to obtain them and use them with this background for some extra damage.
  • The skills it has makes Soldier one of the best picks for early fights in Starfield.
  • So, if you think you need a little edge in combat early, then go with this background. 

The following are the three skills Soldier in Starfield comes with:

  • Fitness: You have 10% more oxygen available.
  • Ballistics: Ballistic weapons do 10% more damage.
  • Boost Pack Training: You can now utilize boost packs.

The best background in Starfield, in my opinion, is File Not Found. Every background provides the player with unique skills from the start. They can take advantage of a background with the best skills and dominate the early game. After that, players can take the character in whatever direction they want. With that said, if you are looking to access, increase, or even upgrade your Ship Storage in Starfield, then make sure to read the guide on it to learn about it in detail.

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