How To Pay Off Bounty In Starfield [All Methods]

Learning how to pay off bounty in Starfield is vital, that is why I have listed tips on kiosk usage, negotiations & avoiding penalties.

Exploring the seamless and never-ending expanse of Starfield’s universe, players often find themselves at odds with the law, accumulating bounties along their cosmic journey. Understanding how to pay off bounty in Starfield is therefore of utmost importance and players can do it via payment, negotiation, or serving time. 

Key Takeaways
  • The first step in learning how to pay off bounty in Starfield is by visiting the Self-Service Bounty Clearance terminals in hubs or you can build them in your outpost for convenience.
  • Bounty in Starfield amounts vary, ranging from 600 to 100,000 credits based on crime severity.
  • Jail time is an alternative to bounty payment in Starfield, with options to wait, escape, or confront guards.
  • Use the Negotiation skill in Starfield to lower bribe costs and ensure quick release post-arrest.
  • Engage in stealth actions to possibly avoid accruing bounties in Starfield.
  • Be wary of companions; they might report severe crimes, affecting in-game relationships.
  • Remember, no bounties are levied for attacking the Crimson Fleet unless you’re a member.

What Is Bounty In Starfield?

What Is Bounty
What Is Bounty (picture credits: eXputer)

Bounty in Starfield refers to a system where players accrue penalties for committing crimes like theft, hacking, or attacking NPCs.

If caught committing these transgressions, a faction within Starfield will place a bounty on the player, making them a target for that faction’s authorities.

Important: Clearing this bounty is essential for safe travels within the Settled Systems, ensuring players aren’t stopped or attacked for their misdeeds.

Why Should You Pay Bounty In Starfield?

If caught by authorities in Starfield without clearing a bounty, players risk confiscation of stolen items and contraband.

In Starfield, paying off a bounty ensures safe travels within the Settled Systems. By proactively paying and clearing a bounty, players avoid these consequences while retaining their illegal items, allowing for more seamless navigation and interaction within the game’s star systems.

How To Pay & Clear A Bounty In Starfield

pay and clear a bounty
pay and clear a bounty (picture credits: eXputer)

Navigating the Settled Systems in Starfield with a bounty hanging over your head can be a daunting task. To ensure a hassle-free journey across the stars, it’s crucial to clear any outstanding bounties. Here’s how to pay or clear a bounty.

Locate A Terminal

The Self-Service Bounty Clearance terminals are your go-to points. Unlike in the vast expanse of space, on planets, these are conveniently located in high-traffic areas. Look for them adjacent to Mission Board assignment terminals, especially in popular gathering spots such as bars, inns, and taverns. This placement ensures players can quickly address their legal issues while managing other tasks.

Personalize Your Outpost

For those who favor convenience and have the requisite resources, there’s an option to bring the bounty-clearing service right to your doorstep. Players can install a Self-Service Bounty Clearance terminal at their Outposts in Starfield.

This feature not only adds a touch of customization to your space but also provides an instant solution to any sudden bounty issues that might arise during gameplay.

All Bounty Clearance Locations In Starfield

Bounty Clearance Locations
Bounty Clearance Locations (picture credits: eXputer)

While bounty clearance terminals are aplenty across Starfield, some are certainly more accessible than others. The first place you’d want to scout is a planet or space station’s main hub. Think of it as the downtown of a city—most essential services, including these terminals, are strategically located here. Here are a few locations to clear bounty in Starfield as also mentioned by Eurogamer.  

Planet or Space StationStar SystemBounty Clearance Terminal locationFaction Space
MarsSolCydonia – The Broken Spear (main hub area)United Colonies (UC)
Deimos Staryard (orbiting Mars’ Deimos moon)SolDeimos Staryard entrance areaUnited Colonies (UC)
JemisonAlpha CentauriNew Atlantis – The Viewport (spaceport area)United Colonies (UC)
AkilaCheyenneAkila City – The Hitching Post (main hub area)Freestar Collective
Trident Luxury Lines (orbiting Akila)CheyenneTrident Luxury Lines entrance areaFreestar Collective
Volii AlphaVoliiNeon – Astral Lounge (main hub area)Freestar Collective
PolvoValoHopetown – Pit StopFreestar Collective
The Key (orbiting Suvorov)KryxShinya Voss’ chair areaThe Crimson Fleet

Trackers Alliance Self-Service Kiosks

Trackers Alliance Self-Service Kiosks
Trackers Alliance Self-Service Kiosks (picture credits: eXputer)

If you’re looking for a sure shot about how to pay off bounty in Starfield, then consider heading over to a Trackers Alliance Self-Service Bounty Clearance Kiosk. But remember the golden rule: steer clear of systems under the jurisdiction of the faction that slapped that bounty on you in the first place.

Kiosks In Civilian Outposts

A lesser-known but equally effective approach is to check Civilian Outposts. Not only do they house these kiosks, but if you’ve made enough progress, you have the luxury to construct your very own bounty clearance terminal within your personal Starfield outpost.

Restrictions & Specifics of Bounty Clearance Terminals

If you find yourself with a bounty, paying it off is essential, but there are certain nuances you must be aware of when using Bounty Clearance Terminals in Starfield.

Location Restrictions

Specifics of Bounty Clearance Terminals
Specifics of Bounty Clearance Terminals (picture credits: eXputer)

One of the primary aspects of Starfield’s bounty system is that you can’t just clear your slate anywhere. The Bounty Clearance Terminals are faction-specific, meaning you cannot clear a bounty while you’re within the territorial space of the faction you’ve wronged.

To give you a clearer picture:

  • If you’ve found yourself on the wrong side of the United Colonies (UC), you’ll need to venture into either Freestar or Crimson Fleet territories to access their terminals and clear your UC bounty.
  • Similarly, if you’ve upset the Freestar Collective, your redemption lies in the terminals of the UC or the Crimson Fleet.

Crimson Faction-Specific Bounty

If you’ve managed to remain neutral or have avoided skirmishes, you’ll notice that The Crimson Fleet won’t place a bounty on your head in Starfield. This unique aspect of their system is linked to membership; only upon joining them will you be susceptible to accruing a bounty from this faction.

Clearing A Crimson Fleet Bounty

Now, suppose you’ve become a member and, for some reason, find yourself with a bounty from The Crimson Fleet. You might wonder: where to go? Well, much like other factions, you won’t be able to clear this bounty within the same territory.

Note: Instead, you’ll need to set a course for either the Freestar Collective or the United Colonies. Within their territories, you’ll find terminals that can assist in clearing your Crimson Fleet-inflicted reputation.

Options To Settle A Starfield Bounty

While the universe doesn’t offer a one-size-fits-all approach, there are multiple methods to clear your name. Let’s break them down:

1. Direct Payment

Direct Payment
Direct Payment (picture credits: eXputer)
  • The Kiosk System: Starfield boasts the Trackers Alliance Self-Service Bounty Clearance Kiosk – a streamlined way to address your debts. Interact with these machines to understand and pay your dues.
  • Calculation Factors: Your outstanding amount isn’t random; it correlates directly with the severity of your infractions. The gravity of your crime determines if you’re paying the minimum 600 credits or skyrocketing to a hefty 100,000 credits.
  • Location Restrictions: Remember, you can’t clear a bounty just anywhere. Familiarize yourself with friendly zones that permit bounty clearance.

2. The Jail Route

The Jail Route
The Jail Route (picture credits: eXputer)
  • Why Choose Incarceration?: Sometimes, circumstances or principles prevent payment. In such cases, willingly serving time in jail can clear your record.
  • Determining Sentence Length: Similar to the payment scale, the duration of your jail time varies according to the crime you committed.
  • What You Stand to Lose: Incarceration isn’t without its drawbacks. Expect a decrease in XP and to part with any unlawfully acquired items.
  • Life Behind Bars: Time in Starfield’s jail isn’t just about waiting. Depending on your play style, you might find yourself plotting an escape or even taking on the prison guards.

3. The Bribery Route

  • Understanding Costs: Bribing isn’t always the easiest way out; initial bribes can be hefty. However, if you’ve invested in the Negotiation skill, you can drive down these costs substantially.
  • Post-Bribery Consequences: Successful bribes in Starfield have an interesting twist. You’re teleported to jail, but fret not; you’re immediately set free. It’s just protocol.
  • Bribe Limitations: Not all bounties can be whisked away with a bribe. There are strict ceilings on amounts, contingent on your outstanding bounty.

How Bounty System Or Mechanics Work In Starfield?

Bounty System

Starfield’s bounty system adds depth and complexity to the gameplay, challenging players to think, strategize, and make decisions that will shape their cosmic adventure. Let’s delve deeper into how to pay off bounty in Starfield & what triggers it.

1. What Triggers A Bounty?

Engaging in unsanctioned activities like stealing, pickpocketing, and attacking NPCs will certainly put a price on your head. Equally frowned upon are trespassing and hacking, both of which attract due attention.

2. Implications of Carrying a Bounty

  • Restricted Access: With a bounty, the universe contracts a little. Expect to be barred from specific regions or zones.
  • Quest Hurdles: Certain quests become unattainable, either temporarily or permanently, when you’re a wanted individual.

3. The Cost

Variability is Key: Starfield doesn’t offer a flat rate for wrongdoing. Depending on the gravity of the crime, both the bounty price and potential jail sentence will vary, reflecting the severity of your actions.

5. Navigating The System

  • Stealth as an Asset: Not all crimes get noticed. With the right stealth actions, you might dodge the bounty bullet.
  • The Companion Dilemma: Loyalty isn’t guaranteed. Companions might not look kindly upon severe offenses and could report them, stirring tensions within your crew members in Starfield.

6. The Crimson Fleet

  • Unique Dynamics: The Crimson Fleet operates on a different wavelength. You’re free from bounties for any hostile actions against them, unless, of course, you’re one of their own.

To sum it up, learning how to pay off bounty in Starfield can be a challenging hurdle for players. However, with knowledge of the system, from using Trackers Alliance kiosks to strategic negotiations, one can adeptly navigate these cosmic penalties. As you soar through space, remember these tips to ensure a seamless and lawful galactic adventure.

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