Starfield: The Colander Abandoned Ship [Location & Rewards]

The Colander in Starfield is an Abandoned Ship that has a creepy atmosphere, and it offers some good rewards.

Starfield The Colander is one of the Easter Eggs available in-game. There are over 1,000 planets available, so you are bound to find many, and The Colander is among the creepiest ones. The abandoned ship is themed around Alien, a horror Sci-Fi movie. So, one might wonder about the location and rewards for the amazing Easter Egg.

Key Takeaways
  • The Colander is an abandoned ship in Starfield which has tons of dead bodies inside it.
  • The Colander ship can be found on the planet of Schrodinger III.
  • Players can find contraband in the Colander ship containing 3 Harvested Organs and 6 Xenowarfare Tech.
  • The contraband is worth 18000 credits, so players can sell it.
  • In Starfield, the Colander’s inaccessible door will be locked, so players will have to open it.
  • The door can be opened remotely at the Mainframe Terminal.
  • The creature who killed all the crew of the ships can be found in the Laboratory.
  • If players don’t feel like killing the creature, they can skip it, as there are almost no rewards for defeating it.

What Is The Colander In Starfield?

Dead Body (Image Captured By eXputer)

The Colander, an abandoned ship inspired by the movie Alien on the planet Schrodinger III, warrants caution. I recommend approaching it carefully based on my experience with unexpected challenges:

The spaceship has tons of dead bodies inside it, and the creature who killed it can be found in the ship. So, it gives it the perfect creepy atmosphere. 

The Colander Ship Location

The Colander In Starfield (Image Credits: eXputer)

Starfield, The Colander Ship, can be found Orbiting the planet of Schrodinger III. So, you will have to reach the Schrodinger system for that, and for that, you will need a ship that can jump 20 LY. The star system can be found near the Kryx, so finding it won’t be difficult. When you have found the planet, you dock and board the ship to start the exploration.

Exploring The Colander In Starfield

Inaccessible Door (Image Taken By Us)

Upon entering the Colander, you won’t see a good sight as there are many dead bodies. The top floor leads to the Medical Bay, where you can find a locked door that leads to a workshop. The key to that door can be found right next to the bed on the right side of the door. In Starfield, the Colander inaccessible door is locked, and it leads to the bottom floor.

To open the doors, I suggest you to follow these steps:

  • The doors can only be opened remotely at the Mainframe Terminal.
  1. Go to the middle floor of The Colander Starfield and head through the maintenance passage to reach the Mainframe Terminal.
  2. To reach the terminal, hop down a hatch on the middle floor and follow the corridor.
  3. Now, turn left, and you will find the maintenance passage, so walk down, turn right, and you will find a hatch.
  4. Now, all you have to do is to open the hatch and get into the Mainframe Terminal.
  5. The only thing left to do is to open the Colander inaccessible door.

Now, you can either go to defeat the creature roaming in the ship, or you can get the huge stash of contraband. I would recommend you get the contraband.

To get there, I recommend you follow these steps:

  1. You can get to the stash just by hopping up on the boxes you saw in the maintenance passage.
  2. Now go right in the vent.
  3. The contraband contains 3 Harvested Organs and 6 Xenowarfare Tech.
  4. You can sell it for 18000 credits.

How To Find And Defeat The Creature In Starfield

The Creature (Image Source: eXputer)

The XL-069 Interloper, a formidable level 85 creature, lurks within the locked Laboratory of The Colander. Gain entry by unlocking the main door with a Digpick. Once inside, confront this menacing creature, but exercise caution – maintaining distance is crucial to avoid its powerful attacks. If defeating the XL-069 Interloper isn’t a priority, it’s advisable, as the rewards, limited to a Nutrient and 135XP, may not justify the challenge. The true prize within Starfield’s Colander ship lies in the contraband.”

Discovering The Colander, an Abandoned Ship, is a worthwhile venture, despite limited rewards. Access the previously locked door within Starfield by employing mechanical skills. Uncover 18000 credits in rewards, but be prepared to face the unsettling XL-069 Interloper during your exploration

With that said, check out the guide on All Landmarks in Starfield, as there are 12 of them, and you can learn everything about them. After that, make sure to read the guide on Paradiso in Starfield to learn about its location and the rewards you will get from completing the mission. When you are done with that, do not forget to visit the page Starfield: The Key guide to learn about the location and quest.

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