Starfield: How To Defeat All Legendary Ships

Here is how you can defeat Legendary Ship to get Credits and XP!

There are only 3 legendary ships in Starfield; encountering them is very rare, and it is equally rare to defeat one. You might get ambushed while exploring the settled system, or certain missions will demand that you fight with them.

Key Takeaways
  • There are 3 Legendary Ships available in the Starfield.
  • They’re usually accompanied by other ships and cannot be boarded or stolen.
  • Legendary ships are found in random locations; the initial source of finding them is visiting the systems in Starfield.
  • When you do find these Legendary Ships and get close enough, it will trigger a quest to destroy them.
  • They can only be destroyed because their Class M reactor makes it impossible for human players to pilot.

All Legendary Ships In Starfield

Here are all of the Starfield’s legendary ships, ranked by difficulty:

ShipsClass M ReactorCrewHullShield
Ecliptic Battleship Camulus58 Power225195024350
Spacer Scavenger Blattodea33 Power8570400
Va’ruun Shroudbearer64 Power8773300

Legendary Ships are found in random locations in Starfield. To increase your chance of finding these ships, you need to change your settings to make it very difficult.

1. Ecliptic Battleship Camulus

The Most Versatile Ship In The Settled Systems
Ecliptic Battleship Camulus
Ecliptic Battleship Camulus [Image by me]
LevelDamage RatingBallisticLaserParticle Beam

With immersive firepower, Ecliptic Battleship Camulus can deal significant damage to enemy ships, besides its immersive firepower this ship can resist enemy strikes because of its strong Shielding and Armor. Camulus is escorted by three level 12 Ecliptic Stilettos, making it difficult for players to defeat it.

  • Adding turrets to your weapon system is one of the finest tactics to take on ships like Camulus.
  • Particle beam turrets are very long-ranged and are perfect for destroying ships escorting the Camulus.
  • Turrets deliver equal damage to the Shield and Hull. 
  • It can be quite effective to use full-powered lasers to damage its shields and ballistic guns to damage its hull.

2. Spacer Scavenger Blattodea

Master Of Destruction
Spacer Scavenger Blattodea
Spacer Scavenger Blattodea [Image by me]
LevelDamage RatingLaserBallisticParticle Beam

 With its advanced weapon systems, Spacer Scavenger Blattodeathat packs a powerful punch to the enemy ships. Blattodea is escorted by three ships that are diverse in style and skill: a level 18 Spacer Vulture, a level 14 Spacer Coyote, and a level 10 Spacer Raven.

  • This Legendary Ship possesses no shields.
  • Ballistic weapons are very useful in this situation because you just have to cut through its massive Hull.
  • It is the only Legendary Ship that has loot in its cargo hold.

3. Va’ruun Shroudbearer

The Most Intimidating Ship In Appearance
Va’ruun Shroudbearer
Va’ruun Shroudbearer [Image by me]
LevelDamage RatingLaserBallisticParticle Beam

Escorted by three level 14 Va’ruun Hymn-class fighters. Va’ruun Shroudbearer is by far the most impressive craft in appearance. However, it is far weaker than the other two legendary ships; it has no Shields, and its lasers are decently powerful.

  • Ballistic weapons are the biggest threat to Shroudbearer because it has no Shields.
  • Destroy three ships that are escorting it, then attack the Legendary Ship.

Can You Steal Legendary Ships?

No, you can’t steal or board Legendary Ships in Starfield because your piloting skill is too low for this ship, and their class M reactor makes it impossible for human players to pilot.

My Thoughts

Even though they are harder to defeat, they offer an intense space battle worth your time. Destroying them grants many XP and Credits, so if you are up for a battle, go after them.

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