Starfield: 8 BEST Ships [Detailed Comparisons]

Explore the best ships in Starfield, featuring the unbeatable Abyss Trekker, versatile Star Eagle, and agile Watchdog III.

In Starfield, a ship defines a player’s journey. From the combat power of the Abyss Trekker, and the versatility of the Star Eagle, to the sheer dominance of the Watchdog III, selecting the perfect ship to cruise space is crucial. Each ship, with its distinct strengths and weaknesses, promises a unique take on how you explore space in the game. So here’s a Starfield best ship list that will help you on your journeys! 

Key Takeaways
  • Starfield features 75 Ship types in the game. 
  • Owning a ship opens up vast, uncharted planets and galaxies for exploration.
  • Best ships ensure superior combat prowess against space pirates in Starfield.
  • Maintaining high-quality vessels demands a large investment in credits and upgrades in Starfield.
  • Ships with larger crew capacities offer diverse dynamics and team strategies in Starfield.
  • Without a reliable ship, players risk frequent space ambushes and loss by Space Pirates.

Best Ships In Starfield

Here is a quick look at the list of Starfield best ships along with Fuel, Hull, Cargo, Reactor, Crew, Jump, Shield, BAL, LAS, PAR, EM, MSL, Mass, and Value stats: 

Serial NumberShip NameFuelHullCargoReactorCrewJumpShieldBALLASPAREMMSLMassValue
7Shield breaker5509402,28027522 LY6102824N/AN/AN/A1,238265,443
6Kepler SN/A6893,20018327 LY570N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A1,474176,240
5Crimson Fleet Wight IIIN/A1,516957N/AUp to 7 crew membersN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AThe Key for 300,000 Credits
4Narwhal5602118176036730 LY99511424N/AN/A861593N/A
3Watchdog III5061980523425 LY550N/AN/AN/AN/A172473140,643
2Star Eagle1409482,73629N/AN/A912N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A57,228
1The Abyss Trekker9501,03134027 (C)628 LY850N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A1,282347,230

8. Conqueror

Conquerer ship
Conquerer ship (picture credits: eXputer)
Ship Stats Value
Fuel 2,800
Hull 999
Cargo 3,905
Shield 805
Reactor Potency 24
Cumulative Value 433,570

The Conqueror in Starfield is a mammoth ship, notable for its impressive size, and can be acquired around the game’s midway point.

If you prioritize size, cargo space, and crew capacity over combat efficiency, the Conqueror is a worthy addition to your Starfield fleet.

How To Get

Important: To acquire the Conqueror in Starfield, players will need to visit the Stroud-Eklund Staryards and be ready to spend approximately 250,000 credits.

7. Shield breaker

Shieldbreaker ship
Shieldbreaker ship (picture credits: eXputer)
Ship stats Value
Fuel 550
Hull 940
Cargo 2,280
Reactor 27
Crew 5
Jump 22 LY
Shield 610
MSL 58
BAL 28
LAS 24
Value 265,443
Mass 1,238

The Shieldbreaker is a premier combat ship, renowned for decimating enemy shields with its powerful laser weaponry and agility.

While its cargo capacity may not be monumental, its sheer combat efficiency coupled with its satisfactory storage makes the Shieldbreaker a worthy investment.

How To Get

Important: Those eager to acquire the Shieldbreaker won’t have to venture far. It is available at New Atlantis Spaceport right from the beginning of Starfield.

6. Kepler S

Kepler S ship
Kepler S ship (picture credits: eXputer)
Ship Stats Value
Value 176,240
Mass 1,474
Fuel 400
Hull 689
Cargo Capacity 3,200
Shielded Capacity 0
Reactor Class B 18
Crew 3
Jump 27 LY
Shield 570

The Kepler S is an important ship obtainable via the Overdesigned quest, following the completion of the “High Price to Pay” mission, initiated at The Lodge in New Atlantis.

This ship isn’t only about aesthetics or prestige; its balanced stats make it a gem for those traversing the vastness of Starfield.

How To Get

Important: To secure the Kepler S, players must select the modest budget option with Jules, leading to a persuasion interaction with Frank.

This conversation is very important in obtaining the Kepler S; if players fail to convince Frank about the budget reduction, the Kepler S remains hard to get. That is why you should increase persuasion skills or items before the conversation. 

5. Crimson Fleet Wight III

Crimson fleet wight lll
Crimson Fleet Wight III (picture credits: eXputer)
Ship Stats Value
Shield Strength 2,104
Hull Strength 1,516
Fuel Capacity Fantastic fuel capacity
Crew Capacity Up to 7 crew members
Cargo Capacity 957
Lasers and Ballistics Decent lasers and ballistics backing up incredibly strong missiles
Purchase Location The Key for 300,000 Credits
Join Requirement Requires joining the Crimson Fleet

The Crimson Fleet Wight III is a premium pirate ship design, having unparalleled defensive capabilities and offering an exciting appeal to those players who want a life of space piracy.

How To Get

To acquire the Crimson Fleet Wight III, players must align with the Crimson Fleet faction in Starfield.

Once allegiances are declared, players can head to “The Key”, where Crimson Fleet Wight III ship is available to be taken by its next commander after paying of course 300,000 credits.

4. Narwhal

Narwhal ship
Narwhal ship (picture credits: eXputer)
Class C Reaction 36
Jump 30 LY
Crew 7
Las 24
Bal 114
Shield 995
MSL 86
Fuel 560
Cargo Capacity 1760
Hull  2118
Mass 1593

The Narwhal is an elite vessel in Starfield, famously known for its potent combination of defense, firepower, and crew capacity, however, it comes with a very high price.

The ship’s crowning feature, however, is its capacity to support seven crew members. When loaded with a skilled crew that enhances the ship’s functionalities, the Narwhal is virtually unparalleled. While certain aspects might be taken as weaknesses, they’re effortlessly reduced after basic ship upgrades.

How To Get

Players must begin their journey in Neon City, located within the Volii star system on Voli Alpha to get the Narwhal ship in Starfield.

3. Watchdog III

watchdog lll ship
watchdog lll ship (picture credits: eXputer)
Ship Stats Value
Fuel 50
Hull 619
Cargo 805
Reactor 23
Crew 4
Jump 25 LY
Shield 550
MSL 172
PAR 23
Value 140,643
Mass 473

The Watchdog III in Starfield is a highly agile fighter, known for its missile firepower and impressive mobility, frequently seen in both Akila City and Neon.

The ship’s compact design doesn’t limit its efficiency; the Watchdog III boasts a large reactor, fueling its power beyond what its size might suggest. This makes the Watchdog III an invaluable asset for those skilled in ship-based combat, offering both agility and the firepower to destroy space pirates in Starfield.

How To Get

To get the Watchdog III for your fleet, a journey to either Akila City or Neon is in order. Once there, players will find the ship available for purchase, with its value marked at 140,643 Credits.

2. Star Eagle

Star eagle ship
Star Eagle ship (picture credits: eXputer)
Ship Stats Value
Fuel 140
Hull 948
Cargo 2,736
Shield 912
Reactor 29
Value 57,228

The Star Eagle is a versatile, well-rounded ship, obtainable relatively early, having powerful weaponry, a robust hull, and a generous cargo hold.

The Star Eagle does have its limitations, notably in its jump capabilities. However, its exceptional performance in many areas means it remains a viable choice for an extended period in Starfield.

How To Get

Important: Acquiring the Star Eagle requires playing the Freestar Rangers questline, a sequence comprising around eight missions, which originates in Akila City.

In Akila, located in the Cheyenne System, players will intersect with the Freestar Rangers, kicking off with the “Job Gone Wrong” mission. Progressing through their tasks will eventually reward the player with the Star Eagle, a ship that excels in its class.

1. The Abyss Trekker

Abyss trekker ship
Abyss trekker ship (picture credits: eXputer)
Ship Stats Value
Value 347,230
Mass 1,282
Fuel 950
Hull 1,031
Cargo Capacity 340
Shielded Capacity 0
Reactor Class C 27
Crew 6
Jump 28 LY
Shield 850

The Abyss Trekker in Starfield is a combat-centric ship best known for its impressive firepower and rapid engagement capabilities, despite some flaws. 

  • One of the standout attributes of the Abyss Trekker is its space combat power.
  • While it might not be the largest or fastest ship in Starfield, it compensates with unmatched combat efficiency.
  • Few ships can rival the Abyss Trekker’s speed in dealing with enemy vessels.

How To Get

Players must head over to Paradiso in Starfield first. Here, the Abyss Trekker ship can be acquired from the Ship Services Technician for a price tag of approximately 365,000 Credits.

However, those prepared to look beyond this limitation will find the Abyss Trekker an invaluable asset, particularly when confronted by enemy factions like the Crimson Fleet or the Va’ruun.

To wrap it up, exploring Starfield’s worlds demands a vessel worthy of the challenge. Whether prioritizing combat, speed, or cargo capacity, the Abyss Trekker, Star Eagle, and Watchdog III stand out as top-tier choices. These ships, each exceptional in its own right, ensure every spacefarer’s journey is as thrilling as the destination.

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