Starfield: Neon City [Location & Activities]

Learn everything you need to know about Starfield Neon Location, where you can do stuff like joining factions and acquiring illegal drugs.

Neon City is a major hub located in the Volii system that players can explore early on in Starfield. Situated on the planet Volii Alpha, Neon City is a large, vibrant metropolis with a distinctive Cyberpunk aesthetic. The Starfield Neon location is approximately 22 lightyears from the starting system of Alpha Centauri.

Key Takeaways
  • Neon City in Starfield is a Cyberpunk-like area located on Volii Alpha planet in the Volii system, accessible early by exploration.
  • Starfield Neon is approximately 22 lightyears from Alpha Centauri.
  • In Neon City, players can join factions like Ryujin Industries and take questionable quests.
  • Shops, traders, and companions like Mickey Caviar are available at Astral Lounge.
  • Aurora drug from Xenofresh fish, only sold in Neon, draws crowds and is not illegal in Neon.
  • Neon sits in the Volii system with a low level 5 recommendation in Starfield.
  • Use Olympus as a mid-point when jumping from Alpha Centauri.
  • Early travelers can reach Neon quickly after departing Alpha Centauri in Starfield.

Neon’s Location In Starfield

Starfield Neon City Location
Neon is situated in the Volii system

From my experience, Neon can be found relatively early before the main story takes you there, as it is situated in the Volii system, several jumps away from your starting location in Alpha Centauri.

  1. Check your star map and scan to the east, looking for the Olympus system.
  2. Continuing past Olympus, you’ll soon come across Volii.
  3. Select the sole city location on the watery planet Volii Alpha to discover Neon’s glittering Cyberpunk landscape.

While not explicitly stated in Starfield, through exploration, players can uncover Neon’s coordinates soon after departing Alpha Centauri, offering an exciting detour from the main questline.

How To Reach Neon In Starfield

Starfield Neon City Location
Volii Alpha

Neon City is situated in the Volii system, which has a low recommended level of 5, meaning players can travel there not long after departing Alpha Centauri. However, Volii is 22 lightyears away, too far for a ship like the starter Frontier to jump directly. From the above map, you can see the Volii Alpha.

Instead, plot a multi-jump course, stopping first at the nearer Olympus system. From Olympus, all ships can traverse the short distance to Volii. Location of Neon City on the planet Volii Alpha within the system in Starfield. 

All Neon City Districts

Starfield Neon City is comprised of four distinct zones for players to explore:

  • Neon Core
  • Ebbside
  • Spaceport
  • Underbelly

Neon Core

City core starfield neon location
Neon Core

It lies at the heart of the city, running along the central vibrant strip illuminated by colorful neon signs. Its district houses the majority of mainstream shops, restaurants, hotels, and corporate buildings that cater to tourists and wealthy visitors. Notable establishments include the opulent Volii Hotel, the Trade Authority shop that purchases goods without question, and the towering stronghold of Ryujin Industries.

  • Visitors can also find bars, casinos, clothing vendors, and other services intended for those with credits to spare.
  • The Core offers a luxurious commercial experience in contrast to Ebbside’s backstreets and the seedy Underbelly below.


Ebbside starfield neon location

In contrast to the upscale Neon Core, Ebbside looks unpleasant running along the rear alleys and neglected streets of Neon City. Compared to the main strip’s corporate polish, Ebbside caters to a rougher crowd seeking vice and thrills away from heightened security. Backstreet dives, underground fight clubs, and red-light establishments can be found here.

The influential Ebbside Strikers gang rules these parts, enabling activities prohibited elsewhere in the city. Visitors will also find dealers peddling illicit combat stims and black market wares.


Spaceport starfield neon location

The Neon City Spaceport serves as the gateway for new arrivals, with ships docking along its landing pad. Upon leaving ships, visitors must pass through security checkpoints manned by armed Neon Security guards. The Spaceport contains basic amenities like a ship maintenance shop and small food stalls catering to hungry travelers.

  • Beyond the security zone lies the main terminal leading up to the elevator that grants access to Neon City proper.
  • While not as exciting as the main districts, the Spaceport provides an introduction to Neon’s heavy security presence and Cyberpunk atmosphere.


Underbelly is a district of rundown warehouses and grimy fish markets on the fringes of respectable society. Compared to Neon Core’s glitz, the Underbelly houses the city’s most poor population.

What To Do In Neon City of Starfield?

Boone Morgan Starfield
Boone Morgan.

Neon City offers players plenty of activities to pursue aside from the main story. You can join up with the prominent faction Ryujin Industries, which has a major presence in the city.

There are also quests available from the legally dubious organization Xenofresh. Like many hubs in Starfield, Neon contains numerous shops and traders to visit, including a trade authority that will purchase anything.

Neon City contains a pivotal story mission that players can take on with the wealthy NPC Walter Stroud. In addition, the city offers many familiar services and vendors much like other hubs, but with a more vibrant, neon-lit sci-fi aesthetic not found elsewhere in the settled systems.

What Is Aurora?

starfield neon location
The Aurora from the Vendor

The corporation Xenofresh established a massive fishing operation on an unremarkable ocean planet. Their initial goal was to catch fish for sale and consumption. However, Xenofresh soon discovered a particular fish species with psychotropic effects.

Recognizing the profit potential, they shifted gears and began processing the fish into a new recreational drug called Aurora. As Aurora is illegal across most of the settled systems, Neon is one of the only places it can be bought and sold. Its exclusive availability draws thrill-seekers from across space to visit Neon and experience Aurora firsthand.

This is it from my side! I hope now you know everything you need to know about Starfield Neon Location. Check out this take on Starfield: Adoring Fan Companion and How To Romance Sarah Morgan.


Image Credits: ZaFrostPet, Starfield Signal, and Z1 Gaming

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