Call of Duty MW3: How To Find And Use A Dog House

Learn where to find Dog houses in Call of Duty MW3: Zombies and collect Chunks of Flesh to spawn Hellhounds.

An interesting feature in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3’s Zombies mode is the opportunity to have a dog companion, called a Hellhound, helping you through combat. You can find a Hellhound in MW3 Zombies by spotting a dog house or using chunks of flesh to lure them out in-game.

Key Takeaways
  • Dog houses in MW3: Zombies give out Hellhounds for your assistance.
  • To interact with these Dog houses, you must collect Chunks of Flesh obtained by exploding Zombies.
  • These dog houses can spawn anywhere on your map, so keep an eye out for these.
  • The Level of your Hellhound spawn in MW3 varies from 1-3 and depends on the Threat Zone you are in.

Be sure to take a look at eXputer’s video tutorial on locating the Dog House in MW3 as well:

YouTube video

Where To Find A Dog House In MW3 Zombies Mode

dog house in mw3: zombies
Ignited Dog House [Image By Me]
Dog houses can randomly appear in various locations on the map, bringing you a loyal companion, The Hellhound, when interacted with.

The Zombies Mode in COD MW3 has no fixed dog house locations, but they seem to spawn often at one of these marked locations.

Best Possible Dog House Locations [Image By Me]
The Nothern part of the map resides two common Dog House Spawn points. Another one lies on the map’s southern edge, while one is a little east of it across the bridge. You must remember that these points will not always have dog houses, and you can find them at random places.

Getting Chunks of Flesh

Chunk of Flesh [Screenshot By Me]
To engage with these dog houses, you must have Chunks of Flesh. You can collect chunks of flesh as they are dropped by zombies killed with explosives. Any explosive works, but the Scatter Blast Ammo Mod ensures you gather plenty of zombie meat. You can use this to unlock your personal canine companion to help decimate zombies. 

How To Spawn A Hellhound

dog house in mw3: zombies
Interacting with a Dog House [Image By Me]
After collecting chunks of flesh, head over to the nearest dog house you can find.

Here’s what you need to spawn a Hellhound from a dog house in MW3:

  1. After locating a doghouse, deposit the collected chunks of flesh there.
  2. Then, wait for the doghouse to ignite, signaling the spawn of the Hellhound dog.

It’s worth noting that each drop zone’s dog house needs a different quantity of Chunks of Flesh for interaction.

Hellhound Levels

Hellhound [Image By Me]
Hellhounds can be of levels 1-3, depending on which threat zone the dog house lies in. Higher-level hellhounds require more chunks of flesh as well. You can learn more about these differences by visiting this YouTube video.

Hellhound LevelThreat ZoneChunks of Flesh

That’s about it from my side regarding Dog House in MW3: Zombies. Once you have successfully spawned a hellhound, it’ll help you in combat throughout the zombie mode.

To learn more about the title, head over to eXputer’s review of COD: MW3. If you want to unlock some interesting skins for your inventory, go to How to unlock Interstellar Camo Skin. If you want to know how to obtain powerful and reliable killstreaks, give How to Get the Sentry Gun a read.


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