Modern Warfare 3: Gora Dam [All Bombs & Items Locations]

Locate all the Bombs and all the 21 collectible items and weapons in mission Gora Dam in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

The Gora Dam mission is the twelfth mission in Modern Warfare 3. The primary objective of this mission is to defuse four bombs located at different points on the map. Along with the bombs, there are a total of 21 collectible weapons and items in supply crates that can be collected, but it’s not mandatory.

Key Takeaways
  • Gora Dam is the 12th mission from the campaign in Modern Warfare 3.
  • Gora Dam is an open combat mission. You take on the role of Ghost, beginning at the edge of the Gora Dam.
  • To complete this mission, you must defuse four bombs and reach the exfill point.
  • There are a total of 21 weapons and items that can be collected during the mission.
  • You can also complete Hitchhiker Achievement/Trophy during this mission.

All Bombs And Items

The locations of the bombs and all 21 items and weapons are as follows:

Serial No.Item/ WeaponCoordinates
11st BombC-4
22nd BombD-6
33rd BombF-5
44th BombG-2
5KVD EnforcerG-2
6RGL-80, Armor BoxH-4
7Silenced M4H-5
8Hybrid MTZ-556, Recon DroneH-6
9Munitions BoxH-6
11Anti-Armor RoundsD-4
12Silenced Rival-9D-4
13Fennec 45B-5
14Heartbeat SensorD-5
15Silenced EBR-14E-5
16Silenced 556 IcarusC-6
17Silenced Expedite 12, Pila, Signal 50D-5
18Snapshot PulseD-5
20Incendiary RAAL LMGC-7
21Silenced StrikerB-8

1st Bomb Location

mw3 gora dam
1st Bomb [Image By Me]
To start defusing the bombs, head to coordinates C-4, where the first bomb is located. You can find it near the Ghost Base. Search for it in the bunkers, but be aware of the claymore mines installed there. Also, Konni soldiers are present in the area, so it is recommended to use silenced weapons. First, clear the bunker with stealth, and then defuse the bomb.

2nd Bomb Location

mw3 gora dam
2nd Bomb [Image By Me]
To locate the second bomb, go to coordinates D-6. You will find the bomb on the catwalk below the dam. As you approach the catwalk, make sure to come in from the western side. Then, move down the stairs in C-6 to reach the area. Be careful, as a sentry turret guards the catwalk.

To disable the turret, approach it from behind and use the interact button to hack it. Once the turret is disabled, proceed to the second alcove on the left side of the catwalk. Here, you will find the bomb. Defuse it to proceed further.

3rd Bomb Location

mw3 gora dam
3rd Bomb [Image By Me]
To find the third bomb, head to coordinates F-5. Unfortunately, this bomb is underwater and located beneath the main bridge, making locating it a bit challenging. Dive into the water and swim to the lowest level to make it easier. This should improve your visibility. Once there, swim through the pipes under the bridge until you find the bomb.

4th Bomb Location

mw3 gora dam
4th Bomb [Image By Me]
At the start of the mission, the final bomb will be located on a moving truck. You have two options to defuse it.

  • The first option is to intercept the truck on its way and attempt to defuse the bomb. However, be cautious, as the enemies may spot you and attack.
  • The second option is to wait until the truck comes to a permanent stop at coordinates G-2. Once the truck stops, you can quietly sneak onto it and defuse the bomb.

Hitchhiker Achievement/Trophy

mw3 gora dam
Hitchhiker Achievement [Image By Me]
If you’re trying to complete the Hitchhiker achievement or trophy in the game, you should aim for the truck bomb first. From the Base jump, head towards the right side and look for a winding road beside the compound with the bunker at coordinates C-4. If you want to land directly on the truck, make sure to have a smooth landing.

You can try to land on the moving truck or just behind it before it reaches the compound. However, if you cut the chute, it will make enough noise to alert the soldiers on the truck. This will cause them to stop the truck, and you will not be able to complete the achievement or trophy.

KVD Enforcer Location

mw3 gora dam
KVD Enforcer [Image By Me]
KVD Enforcer can be found in the northeast corner of the map at coordinates G-2. The supply crate will be hidden behind barrels and boxes. You will also find a Plate Carrier Upgrade there.

RGL-80 and Armor Box Location

mw3 gora dam
RGL-80 and Armor Box [Shot By Me]
After getting KVD Enforcer, move towards the south at coordinates H-4. You will come across a truck parked at the designated location containing two supply crates inside it. Open the crates to collect the RGL-80 and Armor Box. You will also find a Plate Carrier Upgrade and a Kavastov 762 inside the truck. 

Silenced M4 Location

mw3 gora dam
Silenced M4 [Shot By Me]
Take the ascender rope next to the truck to reach the roof of the building at coordinates H-5. Near the cargo drop, you will find a crate containing Silenced M4.

Hybrid MTZ-556 and Recon Drone Location

mw3 gora dam
Hybrid MTZ-556 and Recon Drone [Shot By Me]
Hybrid MTZ-556 and Recon Drone are located at coordinates H-6, southeast of the map. Follow the eastern wall and pass through the security checkpoint. The supply crates containing the Hybrid MTZ-556 and Recon Drone are in the checkpoint office on the eastern side of the map.

Munitions Box Location

mw3 gora dam
Munitions Box [Shot By Me]
The Munitions Box supply crate can also be found at H-6, west of the MTZ and Recon Drone, in an office across the checkpost. You will also find an Ascender here.

Holger-26 Location

mw3 gora dam
Holger-26 [Shot By Me]
Head towards the main bridge at coordinates F-5. You’ll find the supply crate for Holger-26 near the LAV. Watch out for the sentry turret near the supply crate.

Anti-Armor Rounds Location

mw3 gora dam
Anti-Armor Rounds [Capture By Me]
You can find the Anti-Armor Rounds supply crate at the bridge’s western end at coordinates D-4.

Silenced Rival-9 Location

mw3 gora dam
Silenced Rival-9 [Capture By Me]
Head towards the bunker from the bridge, but be cautious of claymore mines. The supply crate containing a Silenced Rival-9 is hidden behind boxes in the eastern section at coordinates D-4.

Fennec 45 Location

mw3 gora dam
Fennec 45 [Capture By Me]
Get out of the bunker from the other side. Take the Ascender Rope from the ground near a truck to go on top of the building. On the western side of the dam at coordinates B-5, you will find the supply crate containing Fennec 45.

Heartbeat Sensor Location

mw3 gora dam
Heartbeat Sensor [Capture By Me]
Take the zipline to reach the roof of the turbine B building. The supply crate for the Heartbeat Sensor is located on the eastern side of the roof at coordinates D-5, in a corner.

Silenced EBR-14 Location

mw3 gora dam
Silenced EBR-14 [Capture By Me]
Take the zipline near the Heartbeat Sensor to reach the roof of a small building at coordinates E-5. You will find a supply crate containing Silenced EBR-14.

Silenced 556 Icarus Location 

mw3 gora dam
Silenced 556 Icarus [Image By Me]
Get back on the roof of the turbine B building. On the southwest side of the rooftop across the helipad at coordinates C-6, the supply crate for Silenced 556 Icarus is present.

Silenced Expedite 12, Pila, and Signal 50 Location

mw3 gora dam
Silenced Expedite 12, Pila, and Signal 50 [Image By Me]
Head inside the turbine station at coordinates D-5. On the ground floor of the building, you will find three supply crates. Open them to get Silenced Expedite 12, PIla, and Signal 50.

Snapshot Pulse Location

mw3 gora dam
Snapshot Pulse [Capture By Me]
Move on to the second floor of the building. At the eastern end of the building, you will find the Snapshot Pulse supply crate in a room on the left side.

MCPR-300 Location

mw3 gora dam
MCPR-300 [Capture By Me]
Move to the coordinates C-7 to find a tall power line tower outside the turbine building. Use the Rope Ascender to reach the top of the tower, where you’ll find a supply crate containing MCPR-300.

Incendiary RAAL LMG Location

mw3 gora dam
Incendiary Raal LMG [Shot By Me]
Head towards the southwest of the map to coordinates C-7. You’ll find a small building. Open the double doors to find the RAAL LMG supply crate.

Silenced Striker Location

mw3 gora dam
Silenced Striker [Shot By Me]
Move further southwest to coordinates B-8. You will find the Silenced Striker supply crate on the top of a small building.  

My Takeaways

I have completed Mission Gora Dam with varying tactics, including going loud and staying stealthy. I particularly enjoyed Ghost’s playstyle, which emphasized stealth. You must attempt this mission at least once using a stealthy approach and a silenced sidearm. It feels satisfying to collect all the items and weapons and to defuse bombs without getting caught.

This is the complete walkthrough of mission Gora Dam in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. All the bomb locations and all the 21 items and weapons locations are discussed in this guide. You can defuse the bombs and collect all the items and weapons in any order you like. 

While you are at it, you should also read Obaid’s MW3: Deep Cover Mission Walkthrough. If you want to locate all weapons and items in mission Reactor Modern Warfare 3: Reactor All Weapons and Items is a must-read.


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