MW3: Deep Cover Mission [Walkthrough]

Deep Cover mission features a stealth and run strategy so follow the steps I have mentioned below to get it done quickly.

Deep Cover Mission In MW3 is pretty important as some main characters are involved. Kate Laswell, who has been seen as having major roles in the previous Modern Warfare games, is the main character for the mission. The Deep Cover Mission mostly consists of stealth and run strategy, so be ready.

Key Takeaways
  • Deep Cover is an important mission in Modern Warfare 3.
  • The Deep Cover Mission features a stealth section that follows a ‘run and survive’ strategy.
  • Players can also get Back in the Field achievement during the Deep Cover Mission.
  • To get that, players will need to kill the major in 90 seconds without being detected.
  • When players enter the department and talk to Yuri, they must survive the poisonous gas.
  • Players must go up as soon as possible to complete the remaining mission.

Deep Cover Mission Walkthrough

Deep Cover Mission (Screenshot Grab By Obaid)

From the previous mission, we failed to stop the missiles, which are now heading toward Laswell. That can’t be prevented, but Laswell has to survive as she got a warning ahead of the disaster. The mission will kick off with you playing as Laswell, wearing the same clothes as the enemies. So, it is the part where stealth will work, as you have to blend in as much as possible.

Follow these steps to complete the part one:

  1. I suggest you stay stealthy and not let anyone spot you.
  2. There are tons of enemies, so killing them all might be impossible, as Laswell will only have a  pistol.
  3. Simply make your way and do not sprint anywhere, as it will draw unnecessary attention.
  4. There will be some shortcuts, so make sure to take them.
    Shortcut (Image Credits: eXputer)
  5. While completing the mission, you will figure out that you need a key to enter the place where Yuri is.
  6. To meet Yuri, you must kill a major and key his key card.
    Kill The Major (Image Captured By Obaid)
  7. Fortunately, a major is heading toward its cabin as you approach the location. 
  8. Head to the cabin after the major and kill him as soon as he enters the room.
  9. There will also be a girl, so make sure to kill her, too, before you blow up your cover.
  10. After getting the key again, start the stealth and head over to the door where the Major came from.
  11. Simply use the key, and you will enter the department.
    Open The Door (Image Taken By Me)

Meeting Yuri

  1. After using the key, head straight, and you will see Yuri’s office on the left.
  2. Upon entering the room, a cutscene will start, and Yuri will tell you some confidential information.
  3. After a while, Laswell will receive a call from Captain Price, who will inform her of the missiles. 
  4. Shortly, the missiles will hit the building, and chaos will be everywhere.
  5. Now you have to escape, which is not difficult at all. 
  6. Then, you will part ways with Yuri, so as soon as you get out, head to the right side, and at the end, you will find the stairs.
  7. Quickly go up the stairs and take a right, then a left, and then another left in a room with a yellow light.
    Climb The Stairs (Image By Me)
  8. Climb the ladders and get out of the room.
  9. Now, run straight ahead, and you will find more stairs.
  10. Go up the stairs, open the door, and jump on the helicopter to complete the mission.
    Make The Jump (Image Source: eXputer)
  11. Make sure to do it all quickly, as the poisonous gas spreads extremely fast.

My Thoughts On The Deep Cover Mission

If you ask me, the Deep Cover Mission wasn’t that hard since you just had to do the stealth part smoothly. The rest can be done pretty easily. The stealth part isn’t that hard either, but doing it in a certain way will get you an achievement. That is why it took more than a few tries to complete the mission.

It was arguably one of the most fun missions in the campaign. If you feel the stealth part is easy to pull off, I recommend choosing the maximum difficulty. That will surely make things a little bit hard for you. 

While you are at it, check out my other guide on completing the Floater Trophy achievement in MW3, as it is a little complicated. Also, if your game is crashing or you are having any bugs or errors, check out Ayyoun’s complete guide on fixing them. For high FPS and optimization, make sure to read the guide on Best PC Settings in MW3.

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