Modern Warfare 3 Error Code Diver [FIXED]

Fix Modern Warfare 3's Error Code Diver by Using a Hotspot, Repairing game and system files, and Allowing the game through Windows Firewall

Call Of Duty is filled with action-packed gameplay, but it also has annoying bugs and error codes. Recently, the MW3 (Modern Warfare 3) Error Code Diver has been the topic of discussion. This error prevents players from logging into the game, so naturally, a large part of the fanbase that’s been affected is in uproar.

Whether downloading Modern Warfare 3 or updating it, the error code Diver isn’t uncommon. So, I’ll cover all the possible fixes you can try to get you back in the game in this guide.

The error states: “Download has failed. Do you wish to retry? Error code: DIVER
Error code diver screen showing the error
Error Code Diver screen in MW3
Before performing the fixes below, I suggest you update your PC GPU and network drivers, verify game files, reboot your internet modem and restart your PC for safe measure.
Key Takeaways

The potential fixes for Modern Warfare 3’s Error Code Diver are:

  1. Checking Server Status
  2. Using a Hotspot
  3. Manually Downloading Update
  4. Performing an SFC Scan
  5. Allowing the game through the Windows Firewall
  6. Contacting Activision Support

Check Activision Server Status

Screen showing the server status of MW3
MW3 Server Status Platform Selection screen

First, you should check the server status for Modern Warfare 3 for the specific platform you are playing on. If the servers are down, you obviously won’t be able to log in to the game, which will cause the error code DIVER in your case.

All you need to do is wait until the servers are back up on your platform.

Use A Hotspot

So, the error code Diver is basically a client-side networking issue. This can be solved by simply switching to a different network or, for convenience, switching to a hotspot to download/update the game.

This allows you to test whether there’s something wrong with your network causing the Diver error by experimenting with another network.

Important: If this doesn’t work, also try using a VPN while downloading/updating Modern Warfare 3 before moving on to the next fix.

Manually Download Update

Sometimes, the game cannot detect whether an update is available for Modern Warfare 3. In this case, you’ll be greeted with the Error Code Diver screen every time you attempt to log in. To avoid this, I recommend you manually check for any available patch or update and then download it.

Here’s how to do so:

  • On PC > Restart your game client if the update doesn’t automatically appear.
  • On PlayStation > Select Modern Warfare 3 > Options > Check for Updates.
  • On Xbox > go to My Games > Apps > Manage > Updates.

Once it’s downloaded, start the game, and you should be ready.

Perform An SFC Scan

Command Prompt SFC scan screen

One of the causes for the Diver error code is that your system files might be corrupted, which prevents the game from logging you in.

This is a big issue as it won’t just affect Modern Warfare 3 but your PC system as a whole. Luckily, the fix for this issue is very straightforward, as performing an SFC scan on your PC will root out any corrupted files and repair them as needed.

To perform an SFC Scanning function, simply open Command Prompt and type in the following command:

sfc /scannow
Important: This may take some time to complete, so try it when the system can be spared for some time (like overnight).

Allow MW3 Through The Windows Firewall

One of the reasons you might be seeing the error code Diver is that Modern Warfare 3 isn’t allowed through your Windows Firewall, as also reported by players online.

I’ve noticed this in quite a few online games, so it’s nothing new and just requires you to go into your Firewall settings and allow the game through. After that, launch the game to see if the Diver error is resolved.

Contact Activision Support

Activision Support Page
Activision Support Page (Image by eXputer)

The last resort to fixing this issue is simply reinstalling the game, as the files might be beyond repair. But even if MW3 isn’t working, then I recommend that you contact Activision support. Their support team will help you get around to solving the issue. 

My Thoughts On Modern Warfare 3’s Error Code Diver

Call of Duty games aren’t strangers to bugs and errors, but it’s disappointing that Activision still hasn’t stepped up their game after all these years.

Error code diver is a legacy error that has appeared in previous entries of Modern Warfare as well. There’s been chatter on some forums, including Reddit and Microsoft, regarding this issue.

However, there haven’t been any new posts regarding the issue, which seems to indicate that the issue has been resolved. Activision has also been active on Twitter, fixing matchmaking errors on priority and announcing them promptly.

With the franchise growing exponentially, I’d assume we’d get a better experience with the Call of Duty games. Still, Modern Warfare 3’s broken launch state has proved to me that there’s not much hope that can be placed in Activision and the team working on these games.

However, with developers’ quick action on such issues, I’m still keeping a small hope for the future of the game. Either way, I hope the fixes helped you solve the Diver error code.

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sfc scannow does not affect game files. Y\'all are stupid. This is a problem with activision itself

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