MW3: Best KVD Enforcer Loadout & Class Setup

After spending over 120 hours in MW3, here's the loadout I vouch for KVD Enforcer.

Marksman Rifles are often neglected in MW3, but they are pretty good. KVD Enforcer is one of the best ones in the category, which dominates mid-range combat. However, to get the most out of KVD Enforcer in MW3, you would need the best Loadout and class setup for it.

Key Takeaways
  • KVD Enforcer is one of the best mid-range Marksman Rifle in Modern Warfare 3.
  • It has great steadiness and recoil control, which can be further improved. 
  • A good class setup plays an important role, so players should make sure they are fully equipped before battle.
  • It should be noted that KVD Enforcer is pretty underwhelming in the close combats.
  • So, to prevent losing in close-range fights, it is recommended to use Renetti as a secondary weapon. 

Author’s Note: Having delved into Warzone 2 for over 120 hours, you can confidently rely on my expertise.

Best Loadout For KVD Enforcer In MW3

The following is an overview of the best KVD Enforcer loadout and class setup in Modern Warfare 3:

Monolithic Suppressor LKAS-Dworf Heavy Long BarrelCronen Mini ProEXO-TAC20 Round MagBroadside Factory GripInfantry Vest, Quick-Grip Gloves, Lightweight Boots, and Mission Control Comlink.Flash/Frag Grenade, Throwing Knife, and Munitions Box.Renetti.
KVD Enforcer (Image By Me)

While the KVD Enforcer is a great weapon that excels in mid-range combat, it has some problems. However, with the right attachments, you can make the KVD Enforcer a viable weapon to try out in the Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer lobbies!

The following is the best loadout for KVD Enforcer: 

  • Stock: EXO-TAC
  • Barrel: KAS-Dworf Heavy Long Barrel
  • Rear Grip: Broadside Factory Grip
  • Muzzle/Optic: Monolithic Suppressor L/Cronen Mini Pro
  • Magazine: 20 Round Mag
  • Better Recoil Control
  • Increased Ammo Capacity
  • Lightweight with decent Mobility
  • Improved ADS SPrays
  • Aiming Stability over follow up shots
  • Aim Walking Speed

EXO-TAC as a stock will greatly boost the accuracy of KVD Enforcer. As you constantly fire shots from the rifle, you will need more stability and accuracy. As you will lose some of the ADS speed from the KAS-Dworf Heavy Long barrel, the stock will help to bring some of that back. These attachments will help maintain the steadiness of the weapon.

Regarding the rear grip, go with Broadside Factory Grip. Using the grip will provide some more movement speed while aiming and walking. It will ensure you have a stable aim at all times. On the other hand, the weapon comes with a 10-round mag, which is why I have used a 20-round mag for more bullets.

Lastly, for the muzzle, I prefer the Monolithic Suppressor L. It will ensure you do not get detected on the radar. I recommend choosing Optic instead of the Muzzle as the iron sight of KVD Enforcer isn’t that great.

KVD Enforcer Class Setup

Renetti (Screenshot By Me)

The following are the best perks, equipment, and secondary weapons for KVD Enforcer:

  • Perks: Infantry Vest, Quick-Grip Gloves, Lightweight Boots, and Mission Control Comlink.
  • Equipment: Flash/Frag Grenade, Throwing Knife, and Munitions Box.
  • Secondary Weapons: Renetti.

Infantry Vest will increase your Sprint duration, while with the Quick Grip Gloves, you can swap the weapons much faster. Similarly, the Lightweight Boots are also focused on mobility as they will help in increasing your movement speed. Missions Control Comlink will reduce the killstreak cost by one kill and the scorestreak cost by 125.

The munition box is a great choice for field upgrades as if you are getting more kills, you would need more ammo. For a secondary weapon, I would recommend using Renetti. It is one of the best pistols for close-range combat, so it pairs perfectly with the KVD Enforcer. 

My Thoughts On KVD Enforcer 

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The iron sight of KVD Enforcer can cause some trouble, but once you unlock the optic, it gets fun. 

KVD Enforcer is the best mid-range Marksman Rifle in COD MW3. You just need to reach level 4 in order to get it. You will become unstoppable in mid-range combat with a perfect loadout and class setup. However, keep in mind that KVD Enforcer is pretty underwhelming in the close range. So, as soon as you are in close-range combat, switch to Renetti.

That is almost everything you would want to know about MW3 KVD Enforcer Best Loadout and Class Build. If you have any questions regarding the build, feel free to comment them below. While you are at it, you should read my other guide on the best Striker Loadout and class setup if you want to dominate the close-range combat.

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