MW3: Best Renetti Loadout [Class Setup & Attachments]

I have played MW3 for 30+ hours and the following are the best attachments, equipment and primary weapon to equip to make the best Renetti Loadout!

The Renetti is actually one of the top secondary pistols you could acquire with a semi-automatic fire rate. The weapon is their bullet burst type, but with the right sort of attachments, you can have yourself the best Renetti loadout in MW3. Renetti can be turned into an amazing no-recoil handgun with an amazing range and an epic fire rate. A whole build can be formed around this handgun, with it being the main showstopper.

Key Highlights
  • You can make the best Renetti loadout with the right attachments and equipment in MW3
  • Renetti is a triple bullet burst weapon that can be converted into a 0 recoil high fire rate handgun.
  • ELR Blackfire Compensator XS, MK2 Renetti Long Barrel. 9mm High Grain Rounds, Bruen Express, and 30-Round Magazine are the best attachments for Renetti.
  • Quick-Grip Gloves, Stalker Boots, EOD Padding, and Demolition Vest perks best complement the Renetti loadout.

Best Renetti Loadout 

Renetti Loadout Best Attachments in MW3
Best Renetti Attachments -[Screenshot By Me]
The following are all the attachments and equipment you will need to build the best Renetti Loadout: 

MuzzleELR Blackfire Compensator XSIncreases Recoil Control by three points. Significant improvement in recoil, making Renetti a no-recoil handgun.
BarrelMK2 Renetti Long BarrelIncreases Damage Range, restores default Range statistic, and reduces Aim Idle Sway by two points, enhancing accuracy.
Ammunition9mm High Grain RoundsIncreases Damage Range and Bullet Velocity substantially. Minor drop in Recoil Statistic compensated by the muzzle attachment.
Trigger ActionBruen ExpressConverts burst Renetti into a semi-automatic handgun. Significantly increases fire rate for quick and controlled handling.
Magazine30-Round MagazineProvides a good balance of magazine capacity without sacrificing mobility. Suitable for sustained engagements.
Primary WeaponHolger 556Versatile assault rifle for mid to long-ranged fights. Attachments and scope to cover Renetti's weaknesses in longer engagements.
Tactical EquipmentScatter MineEffective tactical equipment for holding areas and blocking enemy paths. Deployable mines for creating traps.
Lethal EquipmentSemtexSticky explosive that sticks to targets. Easy to use and can damage both the target and nearby enemies.
Field UpgradeMunitions BoxReplenishes ammunition for Renetti and Holger. Essential for continuous engagements without relying on respawns.
GlovesQuick-Grip GlovesIncreases weapon-swapping speed. Crucial for quick transitions between Renetti and Holger during intense combat.
BootsStalker BootsIncreases Strafe Speed and ADS movement speed. Enhanced mobility for dodging bullets and maintaining accuracy in close quarters.
GearEOD PaddingProtects against non-killstreak explosives like grenades. Essential for survivability in small maps with frequent grenade use.
VestDemolition VestRegains tactical and lethal equipment every 25 seconds. Allows continuous use of equipment without relying on respawns.

Best Renetti Attachments 

Here are the best attachments you can equip for the Renetti pistol: 

  • Muzzle: ELR Blackfire Compensator XS
  • Barrel: MK2 Renetti Long Barrel
  • Ammunition: 9mm High Grain Rounds
  • Trigger Action: Bruen Express
  • Magazine: 30-round magazine

The Renetti requires a muzzle out of the 9 attachments first because it desperately needs some recoil control. ELR Blackfire Compensator XS increases the recoil control by three whole points. After the muzzle, the range statistic and accuracy will be greatly hindered. You don’t have to compensate the rate for some recoil because you can equip the MK2 Renetti Long Barrel, which will increase your damage range and take it back to the default range statistic.  

After adding the barrel, your Range will get back to normal, but you need to increase it further. For this very purpose, you will need to attach the 9mm High Grain Rounds. Adding these rounds will be a game changer since your Damage Range and Bullet Velocity will be increased substantially.

Best Renetti Class Setup 

Best Renetti Loadout And Class Setup Attachments In MW3
Best Renetti Class Setup – [Image By Me]
Following are the best equipment and perks you have to equip to make the best Renetti loadout:

  • Primary Weapon: Holger 556
  • Tactical Equipment: Scatter Mine
  • Lethal Equipment: Semtex.
  • Field Upgrade: Munitions Box
  • Gloves: Quick-Grip Gloves
  • Boots: Stalker Boots
  • Gear: EOD Padding
  • Vest: Demolition Vest

For your primary weapon, you should choose a weapon that takes care of the mid to long-ranged fights for you. The Holger 556 is the best assault rifle in MW3 to pair up with the Renetti since it dominates long-ranged fights with its incredible firepower.

Sometimes, you can’t find the right equipment in the deathmatch multiplayer, where you need to hold areas, or in multiplayer, where you need to block paths from enemies. Well, the Scatter Mine is the perfect tactical equipment to handle the job.  

My Take

I have played Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 for 70+ hours, and most of it was spent playing Multiplayer, and I used the same Renetti Loadout to dominate the playing field multiple times. I tried many different Trigger Action and other attachments and eventually landed on the attachments mentioned in the article. The recoil and fire rate are amazing, to say the least, and are easy to control so that you can run around the map rushing players without a second thought.

Some players have raised their concerns about the EOD Padding not working on X, which I also think the developers should look into, so right now, for the class setup, you may switch to dead silence for the time being. If you want to know about the best KATT-AMR loadout, check out our guide writer, Huzaifa Malik’s guide. 


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