MW3: Best KATT-AMR Loadout & Class Setup

I have played MW3 for 50+ hours and here is recommended loadout setup you can have for your KATT-AMR.

When it comes to long-range engagements, Activision has taken special care of the players who love using snipers. In the latest Modern Warfare 3, many new weapons have been added, and previous ones have been revamped for better performance. The KATT-AMR is a deadly sniper rifle that you can unlock at early levels of the game. Before you pick up the sniper, make sure to set up MW3’s best KATT-AMR loadout to annihilate your enemies.

Key Takeaways
  • The MW3 KATT-AMR is one of the deadly Sniper Rifles in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 that you can unlock pretty early in the game.
  • To make the KATT a long-range beast, you can use attachments such as Perdition 24″ Short Barrel, FSS OLE-V Laser, Tactical Stock Pad, Phantom Grip, Ephemeral Quickbolt and Perdition 24″ Short Barrel.
  • The benefits of using these attachments are that you will get increased ADS speed, improved weapon stability, and better mobility.
  • The drawback of using the KATT as a primary weapon is that you will have a disadvantage at close range, where you will be against deadly Assault Rifles and SMGs.
  • The MW3 KATT-AMR holds great significance in long-range and distant battles where you have to play with caution and precision.

Best KATT-AMR Loadout

Here is an overview of the best loadout of KATT-AMR sniper rifles.

AttachmentsEquipmentPerksSecondary Weapon
Barrel: Perdition 24" Short Barrel
Laser: FSS OLE-V Laser
Stock: Tactical Stock Pad
Rear Grip: Phantom Grip
Bolt: Ephemeral Quickbolt
Vest: Demolition Vest
Gloves: Marksman Gloves
Boots:  Stalker Sneakers
Package: Mag Holster
Tactical: Field Upgrade
Lethal: Claymore
ESP Stinger

Best Attachments for KATT-AMR 

mw3 best KATT-AMR loadout
KAT-AMR [Image by me]
KATT is a sniper rifle that is built for hunting your opponent in vast maps such as Quarry. KATT has the ability to take down enemies in a single headshot if you use the right attachments and keep your aim accurate.

Here are the best attachments you can use with KATT to make it an absolute beast.

  • Barrel: Perdition 24″ Short Barrel
  • Laser: FSS OLE-V Laser
  • Stock: Tactical Stock Pad
  • Rear Grip: Phantom Grip
  • Bolt: Ephemeral Quickbolt

Perdition 24″ Short Barrel

To improve the ADS speed and sprint to fire, I recommend using the Perdition 24″ Short Barrel. Using the attachment will make your reaction timing and reflex speed much better, allowing you to hit the bull’s eye. The Short Barrel also works on mobility and assists you in carrying the weapon more efficiently. 

FSS OLE-V laser

fss ole v laser
FSS Laser attachment [Image by me]
To get additional aiming stability, you can use the FSS OLE-V laser, as it gives you a clear laser sight view in hip fire as well as in ADS. With the help of the FSS laser, your ADS speed will also increase, helping you to quickscope flawlessly and dominate your opponents.

The only con of using the laser is that the beam will project in ADS as well, but if you get used to it, it is not a concerning issue. The laser won’t be visible to opponents.

Tactical Stock Pad

To increase the reaction timing and ADS speed of the weapon, you can use the Tactical Stock Pad. This Stock helps you improve the aiming stability while shooting while increasing the ADS reaction time. Using the attachment might increase the recoil to some extent, but you can overcome it with other assisting equipment.

Phantom Grip

As KATT is a heavy weapon to carry, you have to improve the mobility and handling of the weapon. For that reason, I use the Phantom Grip as the rear attachment as it improves the Sprint-To-Fire speed while further increasing the ADS speed. 

Ephemeral Quickbolt

mw3 best KATT-AMR loadout
Ephermal Quickbolt [Image by me]
Finally, to complement the loadout, you can use the classic Ephemeral Quickbolt to overcome the slow firing rate of the rifle. Using the Quickbolt increases the rechambering speed of the weapon, which helps you to take follow-up shots in less time. 

The main focus for making this loadout is to improve the handling, stability, and ADS speed of the rifle. You need to keep the weapon as steady as possible without compromising on the range and damage.  

Best KATT-AMR Class Setup 

KAT AMR Class Setup
KAT AMR Class Setup [Image by me]
Once you equip your sniper rifle with the right attachments, it is time to turn toward class setup, as it holds quite significant to make a perfect customized build according to your requirements.

For MW3 Best KATT-AMR loadout, I recommend the following class setup:

  • Secondary Weapon: ESP Stinger
  • Vest: Demolition Vest
  • Gloves: Marksman Gloves
  • Boots:  Stalker Sneakers
  • Package: Mag Holster
  • Tactical: Field Upgrade
  • Lethal: Claymore

Secondary Weapon

WSP Stinger
WSP Stinger [Image by me]
As KATT is a sniper rifle, you can not depend on the weapon the whole time, especially when you encounter enemies in close range. For that reason, you can pair up the KATT-AMR with ESP Stinger. The Stinger is a great SMG that will help you in close-range fights, while the KATT will cover the long-range sniping, giving you an overall complete loadout.

Best Perks And Equipment

To make a perfect loadout, you need to select the right assisting gear that will help you in intense situations on the battlefield. For the KATT loadout, I would recommend the following perks and attachments. 

Demolition Vest

To guard your chest, you can go for the Demolition Vest. The armor is a pretty reliable option as it resupply Tactical and Lethal gear every 25 seconds. It means that you can use your grenades more often and get some bonus kills.

Marksman Gloves

mw3 best KATT-AMR loadout
Marksman Gloves [Image by me]
For hand gear, I would recommend using the Marksman Gloves as it reduces the sway and flinch effect while ADS. Wearing these gloves will improve your aim and accuracy, therefore helping you to track down enemies more efficiently.

Stalker Sneakers

Stalker Boots
Stalker Boots [Image by me]
For footwear, you can go for the Stalker Boots, as they work on the ADS movement speed of the weapon and help you keep the firearm stable while moving. Although Stalker boots provide impressive perks, you have to reach level 54 to unlock them. 

If you’re in the early-mid game stages, I will suggest you use other reliable options such as Lightweight Boots and Running Sneakers.

Mag Holster

mw3 best KATT-AMR loadout
Mag Holster [Image by me]
As you’re using a heavy weapon, it is crucial to overcome its slow movements in order to take back-to-back lethal shots. With the help of the Mag Holster, you will be able to reload your weapon much faster. 

This way, you can continue your action of hunting down enemies for far distances without worrying about long reload animation.

Field Upgrade

For Field Upgrade, I would suggest picking up the Portable Radar. The item emits a periodic radar ping to detect enemies within your area. 

This equipment is quite useful for snipers. If you are busy in a long-range engagement, the item will alert you if any enemy enters your premises so you can be more alert and prepared. This way, you can calmly snipe down enemies without fear of getting caught off-guard. 

Smoke Grenade

mw3 best KATT-AMR loadout
Smoke Grenade [Image by me]
For Tactical, equipping the Smoke Grenade is an optimal choice. If you get spotted in a mid-long-range fight, you can use the smoke grenade to create dense fumes and change your location or get to a safer spot.

The grenade also comes in handy while reviving your teammates or helping them stay off the enemies’ radar.


For Lethal, I would recommend using Claymores. Since you need to camp here and then while sniping, it is necessary to be camping at the safe grounds. To avoid getting caught off-guard by enemies, you can plant some claymores near your premises and get some free kills.


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After using this KATT-AMR loadout on the battlefields of MW3, I would say that the gun is a pretty good option as a starting Sniping Rifle. If you choose to progress with the sniper, it will not be a waste of time as the weapon gives you effective and apparent results if you use it right. 

Besides that, make sure to try out some variations in the attachments and class setup to see what works out best for you. Now that you have made your favorite sniper loadout, make sure to check out Ayyon’s take on COD Modern Warfare 3 crashing guide to encounter technical issues while playing the game. Also, check the best PC settings for Modern Warfare 3 to get high FPS and better optimization. 


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