MW3: Best Quickscope Loadout & Class Setup

Having tried sniping for many hours, this is the best Quickscope setup for you to go with in Modern Warfare 3.

In the realm of Call of Duty, quickscoping remains a timeless playstyle. It thrives even with all the bulkier Sniper Rifles in Modern Warfare 3. With three new snipers, finding the best MW3 quickscope loadout is key for maximizing speed and precision.

Key Takeaways
  • The Longbow sniper rifle provides an excellent quickscoping experience, maintaining speed and precision in MW3 multiplayer.
  • The Renetti pistol, with appropriate attachments, is a reliable full-auto sidearm complementing the Longbow for various scenarios.
  • The Pro-99 Long Barrel, XTEN Phantom-5 Handstop, and SA-M Quickbolt enhance the Longbow’s damage and ensure undetected movement for a successful quickscoping class setup.

Best Quickscope Loadout In COD: MW3

Best Quickscope Loadout [Image By Me]
The table below summarizes the best quickscope loadout for you to use in MW3 multiplayer.

BarrelPro-99 Long
UnderbarrelXTEN Phantom-5 Handstop
BoltSA-M Quickbolt
Rear GripCitadel LV Tactical Grip
Magazine Size10
VestInfantry Vest
GlovesCommando Gloves
ShoesStalker Boots
GearEOD Padding
LethalFrag Grenades
TacticalFlash Grenades
Field EquipmentTrophy System

Longbow Attachments

Longbow [Image By Me]
Snipers, in general, have been made bulkier in MW3, making running around and sniping opponents harder. But with the inclusion of the new Sniper Rifle, Longbow, quickscoping is still very effective. You can go around the map sniping people from point-blank range with the right attachments, perks, and practice.

The table below contains the best attachments you must use with your Longbow for the best quickscoping experience.

Serial No.AttachmentRecommended
BarrelPro-99 Long
2UnderbarrelXTEN Phantom-5 Handstop
3BoltSA-M Quickbolt
5Rear GripCitadel LV Tactical Grip
6Magazine Size10

You should go for the Pro-99 Long Barrel to optimize damage and bullet velocity, which is vital for consistent one-shot kills. Despite drawbacks to ADS speed and Sprint-To-Fire time, the extended barrel elevates overall performance for this loadout.

With the added weight from the Long Barrel, you should use the XTEN Phantom-5 Handstop to enhance the Longbow’s ADS and sprint-to-fire speeds. Use the SA-M Quickbolt as it reduces the time between bullets, facilitating faster follow-ups.

For quickscoping, you have to go stockless. It will affect your shot accuracy, but you must sacrifice that for speed. Opting for the Citadel LV Tactical Grip boosts both ADS and Sprint-To-Fire speed, complementing the increased mobility provided by the Handstop underbarrels for enhanced overall performance.

Best Class Setup (Perks & Equipment)

EOD Padding [Image By Me]
In this setup, perks are most important, as the key focus is ensuring you can move around undetected. The table below summarises the best class setup for quickscoping with the Longbow.

Serial No.Gear SlotRecommended Equipment
2VestInfantry Vest
3GlovesCommando Gloves
4ShoesStalker Boots
5GearEOD Padding
6LethalFrag Grenades
7TacticalFlash Grenades
8Field EquipmentTrophy System

Renetti claims the top spot as the best Pistol in COD MW3. With the right attachments and upgrades, it has the potential to transform into a formidable full-auto sidearm. So, it is the perfect sidearm for almost every single loadout. Choosing the Infantry Vest, particularly when paired with the Renetti as a secondary, extends Tac Sprint duration while giving slots for Gloves, Boots, and Gear.

Go with the standard Commando gloves for your gloves. Regarding footwear, go with Stalker Boots to decrease the Sniper’s ADS, enhancing your chances of effective quick-scoping. For your equipment slot, you should use the EOD Padding to counteract the inevitable grenade spam once you start quickscoping some enemies.

For your tactical equipment in the best quickscope loadout in Modern Warfare 3, stick with the Frag Grenades, as they’re a safe bet for any loadout. Additionally, having Flash Grenades is the best option for moments when peeking and quickscoping around corners may seem too dangerous. Use the Trophy System in your Field Equipment slot to destroy the enemy’s nearby projectiles and equipment.

My Thoughts

The Longbow is my top pick for quickscoping in COD: MW3. In my opinion, this loadout is the most well-rounded and agile quickscoping option you can go with. However, everyone has different playstyles and small things they struggle with throughout the game. So, I always recommend trying different combinations before settling on one loadout.

That’s about it from my side on the Best Quickscope Loadout in MW3. To learn more about the game, head over to eXputer’s Review of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. If you are interested in the top SMGs in MW3, go to COD: MW3 Best SMGs and find what SMG works best for you. For the Best shotguns in the game, head to the Best Shotguns in COD: MW3.

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