COD MW3: Best Field Upgrades [Top 7]

I have played MW3 for 50+ Hours, and here is a list of the best field upgrades that helped me gain the best tactical advantages.

There are a total of 18 field upgrades that are found in the multiplayer of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3. Field Upgrades help you gain a tactical advantage at any stage of the game. The best field upgrades in MW3 can be decided by weighing the ability of each of the field upgrades in your multiplayer mode.

Key Takeaways
  • There are a total of 18 field upgrades in Modern Warfare 3, each of which carries its own benefit that you can use to your advantage if you know how to go about these abilities in your gameplay.
  • However, one noticeable drawback is that most field upgrades only work with specific weapon types and playstyles.
  • Only 7 have been picked as the best according to their respective uses in the multiplayer or campaign modes.
  • Each one of these field upgrades can fit into different plays for tactical advantages, but it is up to you to choose the right Field Upgrade according to your game plan in MW3.

Best Field Upgrades List 

The following is a comparison list of the best field upgrades you can equip in MW3: 

Field UpgradeDescriptionHow to Unlock
Tactical InsertionRespawn back at key areas of your choice.Lv. 45
Tactical CameraMarks enemies and reveals real-time locations.Daily Challenges
Deployable CoverPortable cover that can be placed anywhere.Lv. 22
Portable RadarActs as a recon device for the entire team.Lv. 77
Munitions BoxConvenient ammo resupply for you and your teammates.Default, no unlock level specified
Heartbeat SensorProvides pinpoint location of nearby enemies.Unspecified
Dead SilenceSignificantly reduces footstep noise.Default, no unlock level specified

7. Tactical Insertion

  • Best survival Field Upgrade
One Of The Best Field Upgrades Tactical Insertion
Tactical Insertion – [Image By Me]
Why I Chose It: You can respawn back at your decided location, making you the master of survival.

You can deploy Tactical Insertions before making a dangerous play so that if you die, you can respawn back to the location you placed the field upgrade. The field upgrade is best for taking back territories since you now control your spawn location. You can strategically place your tactical insertions at points of interest or areas that you need to hold in order to win. There are many different plays you can make by setting up tactical insertions.


  • Respawn back at key areas you choose.
  • Strategic Placements can help you control the battlefield.
  • Can place near objectives like in  Demolition.
  • Help make surviving strategies in game modes like infected.


  • Extremely vulnerable since it can be destroyed by an enemy.
  • Lethal Equipment slot has to be sacrificed.
  • Useless in Game modes with one life.
  • It can be heard and seen by the enemy when deploying.
  • Requires experience with different key locations of each game mode map.

6. Tactical Camera

  • Best for area holding


Why I Chose It: You can keep an eye on key areas and look out for flanks.

Tactical Camera helps you mark opponents and keep an eye on the key areas in real-time in MW3. The surveillance system of the tactical camera can be really advantageous in certain types of deathmatches where you need to hold locations. The marking and alarm sound can help you plan out multiple strategies. You dont have to spread out your entire team to each area now and can focus on eliminating the target rather than worrying about flanks.


  • Marks enemies and reveals their real-time locations.
  • Monitors enemy movements remotely.
  • Alarm sound when the enemy comes in the field of view.
  • Provides a tactical advantage in forming a strategy.
  • It has good versatility.


  • Requires daily challenges and a good level to get unlocked.
  • A long recharge time.
  • Vulnerable if it gets spotted by the enemy.
  • Requires a lot of skill and experience.
  • Limited Functionality.

5. Deployable Cover 

  • Best in terms of reliability and defense
Deployable Cover In game
Deployable Cover – [Image By Me]
Why I Chose It: It is extremely fast when deploying and can cover you in deadly situations.

The Deployable Cover is an extremely underused field upgrade that deserves a spot on the MW3 best field upgrades list because of its reliability factor. At any stage of the game where you are stuck in the middle of the battlefield, you can deploy a portable cover that has enough bullet resistance to turn the tide of the battle for you. It is the best easy-to-use weapon since it becomes clear when you need to use it during combat.


  • Extremely Versatile and can be used in many different situations.
  • It is a Portable Cover that can be placed anywhere.
  • Weapon Mounting for more weapon control.
  • Fast Deploying Speed.
  • It can be used defensively and offensively.


  • Vulnerable to explosives, making it less reliable in some situations.
  • No full body protection since it is only waist-high.
  • Temporary Protection to firearms.
  • It can obstruct the view of the player and their movement.

4. Portable Radar 

  • Best Recon Field Upgrade
Portable Radar In COD
Portable Radar – [Image By Me]
Why I Chose It: I was able to spot enemies while keeping tabs on my allies by looking at the mini-map.

You can think of the Portable Radar as a mini-UAV that can help you mark the locations of your opponents using periodic radar pings. These pings spread in a specified area, and the enemies in those areas can be seen on the mini-map. You now won’t have to buy a UAV since it is the best at utilizing the minimap with enemy markings. If you know the right battle spots, you can easily have the upper hand over the enemy team in multiplayer.


  • Acts as a recon device for your entire team. 
  • Helps with team coordination.
  • Enhances mini-map awareness for both allies and enemies.
  • A relatively faster recharge than most field upgrades. 


  • Requires you to level up to level 77 to be unlocked.
  • Limits early access to the device.
  • Less effective in hardcore modes.
  • A limit to offensive capabilities since it relies on detection.
  • It can distract you by making you look at the mini-map too much.

3. Munitions Box 

  • Best for Team Support
Munitions Box In COD
Munitions Box – [Scrreenshot By Me]
Why I Chose It: All of your teammates can use it to maximize their ammo and also get maximum equipment. 

You can get your entire magazine and ammo maxed out after using the Munitions Box in MW3. Some extra ammo can never hurt you, especially when you are using fast-paced weapons like assault rifles or SMGs. At any stage of the game where you want to regain ammo, you can deploy the munitions box and get back into action. Some players have even discussed some benefits of the munitions box on X, of how Grenade Launchers get additional ammo. 


  • A convenient way to get ammo for you and your teammates.
  • Tactical and Lethal Equipment get replenished as well.
  • Benefits the entire team.
  • Every time a teammate uses the box, you gain points. 
  • It is unlocked by default, so it can be used early on.
  • Has a fast reload time.


  • Enemies can fire at it to blow it up.
  • Teammates in the blast radius can die.
  • The deployment noise can attract unwanted attention.
  • No addition in the armor plates.  
  • Can kill yourself if you accidentally fire at it.
  • No such offensive or defensive help.

2. Heartbeat Sensor 

  • Best for tactical awareness
Heartbeat Sensor In Game
Heartbeat Sensor – [Scrreenshot By Me]
Why I Chose It: Heartbeat Sensor is the best way to locate your enemies and check out their positions.

The heartbeat sensor is a classic Call of Duty equipment to track down nearby enemies in Modern Warfare 3. It pinpoints the location of nearby enemies at a particular angle. It shows the exact meter the enemy stands at. The Heartbeat Sensor is really easy to use and can help catch your enemies by surprise. It is the best field upgrade you can use for recon in your loadout.


  • Provides pinpoint location.
  • Stealthier due to no firepower indication.
  • Help strategically plan your movements.
  • It will help go through low-visibility areas in campaign mode.
  • Can help scout locations before your actions.
  • Allies are shown in blue so that you can give a callout for a nearby enemy.


  • Limited range of radar.
  • Counter perks like Coldblooded can bypass it.
  • You are more vulnerable to attacks since you’re focusing on the screen.
  • EMP can disrupt the working of the field upgrade for a while.
  • Over-reliance can cause negligence.

1. Dead Silence 

  • Best for stealth and close-range maps
Dead Silence In Game
Dead Silence – [Scrreenshot By Me]
Why I Chose It: You can flank enemies and rush buildings without notifying any of the enemies. 

Arguably, one of if not the best field upgrades in the MW3 best field upgrades list is the Dead Silence. Your footsteps will be silenced for a specific amount of time so that you are able to catch enemies by surprise. You can either quietly rush opponents or make a quick escape from a deadly situation without alerting the enemies. It is the best Field Upgrade ability you can have since nobody will have an idea of your presence due to it. 


  • Significantly Reduces the noise of footsteps.
  • It can help make flank enemies.
  • Quick and silent escapes are made possible.
  • A tactical advantage over opponents who rely on hearing.
  • Sound-based perks are rendered useless against it. 
  • Extremely Fast refresh rate or recharge.


  • Has a very short time duration.
  • Jumping or reloading sounds can still be hard.
  • Counter perks like Tracker can render the field upgrade useless.
  • Strategic Timing is required for flanks. 

My Take 

Game Hours Of eXputer
Game Hours – [Scrreenshot By Me]
I have played MW3 for 50+ hours, and the list of field upgrades is the best one, in my opinion, since most of them can help you in every situation. Each unique ability of the field upgrades can be utilized in your game strategy, whether it is to rush using Dead Silence, Skill opponents with Stealth using the Heartbeat Sensor, or just use Tactical Insertions to respawn back to key spots on the map. It is up to you to choose the kind of field upgrade that best suits your strategic approach to the game. 

So these were the best field upgrades you can find in Modern Warfare 3. Do check out our recently published guide on the best SVA 556 loadout in MW3 written by our guide writer, Sameer Tahir. 


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