Modern Warfare 3: How To Level Up Weapons Fast [3 Ways]

With having more than 20 hours in MW3 the following are my recommended three ways to level up your weapon fast.

Leveling up weapons is arguably one of the most time-consuming tasks in MW3. Players are constantly trying to figure out how to level up weapons fast in Modern Warfare 3. There are three fastest ways to level up weapons in MW3, among which one stands out.

Key Takeaways
  • To level up the weapon in Modern Warfare 3, the best way is to do it in zombie mode.
  • Players can simply choose the weapon they want to level up and head into combat.
  • Make sure to select the 2x XP bonus to get to save half of the time.
  • The Exfil Helicopter appears after a while, and that is the best place to farm XP.  
  • Players can also do daily missions and weapon challenges to earn some XP.
  • Playing in different Multiplayer modes is also an option.

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1- Play The Zombie Mode

How to level up weapons fast in Modern Warfare 3
Fastest Way To Level Up Weapons In MW3 (Image By Me)

Zombie Mode in MW3 is the best and most enjoyable mode, and it is actually the fastest way to level up your weapon. If you are wondering how to max-level your weapon in MW3 within just one or two games, then you should definitely try out the zombie mode.

However, just killing the normal open-world zombies won’t get you anywhere, so you would need to follow some steps.

Follow these steps to upgrade your weapon instantly in MW3:

  1. The first thing you would need to do is pick up a weapon slot.
  2. You will only have one weapon slot if you haven’t completed ACT 1 and 2.
  3. Simply complete those acts to unlock the other slots.
  4. Make sure not to die in the zombie mod, as if you do, the weapon you want to level up won’t be available for the next hour.
  5. Do not forget that Field Upgrade will make a big difference in your gameplay.
  6. In my opinion, you should equip the energy mine as it is actually great to kill the zombies.
  7. It will come in handy with the method, so make sure to equip it.
  8. Now, just pop up the double XP token, and you are good to demolish the zombies.

Starting The Match

  1. As soon as you are in, forget about your teammates and find yourself a vehicle.
  2. After a while, the Exfil Helicopter will appear on the map, so instantly head over there.
    Exfil (Image Taken By Me)
  3. At first, there won’t be many zombies, but in the second or third try, there will be a full hoard.
  4. Set up a position where you kill them all, as if you just run away in a different position; you might get killed.
  5. That is because something could get in your way, and the hoard catches up pretty fast.
  6. Do not use any other weapon than the weapon you want to level.
  7. When there are too many zombies in one place, just use the Energy Mine.
    Using Energy Mine (Screenshot By Me)
  8. The field upgrade is extremely helpful as it will demolish almost every zombie in the range.
  9. The kills from the field upgrade count toward your weapon, so don’t hesitate to use it.
  10. Do the steps until there are only 2-4 minutes left, and then enter the helicopter.
    Exfil Successfully (Capture By Obaid)
  11. Also, you don’t have to worry about the ammo at all, as the zombies will drop plenty of them.
  12. Make sure not to pick up the Nuke, as the kills from it won’t count toward your weapon.
  13. I have done it, and I managed to get more than 10 weapon levels even without a 2X XP boost.
  14. It is arguably the go-to method of how to level up weapons fast in Modern Warfare 3.

2- Do Daily Missions And Weapon Challenges

Daily Challenges (Image Credits: eXputer)

If you are tired of grinding in zombie mod, you should just take a break and complete the daily missions.  The daily missions aren’t hard at all and are fun to complete. They can be done pretty easily but give 2500 XP. On the other hand, there are weapon challenges that give you XP and, of course, a new skin. Do note that they are somewhat challenging as they reward 10K XP, which I think makes it worth the effort.

3- Play Other Multiplayer Modes

War Mode (Image Source: eXputer)

There are many modes in MW3 where the War mode stands out the most. The match can end as quickly as you complete the objective and destroy your enemies. There is no respawn time, too, so go wild and get as many XPs as possible. There are also some alternatives, such as Team Deathmatch, Domination, Ground War, Kill Confirmed, and many more.

You can try out different modes and earn the XP you want for any weapon. I would recommend playing any multiplayer mode, including the zombie mode, with your friends. By doing so, the gameplay experience will become exciting, and you can ask them to let you have the kills so you can upgrade your weapons. Also, make sure to use the 2x XP boost token now and then.

Fastest Way To Level Up Weapons

While there are different methods to level up weapons in MW3, I think playing in Zombie Mode is the fastest way.

I would recommend playing the zombie mode with your friends rather than strangers. If you play with strangers, then there is a chance they will steal your kills, which can affect your strategy. So, simply ask your squad to hop on and let you have the kills. Also, if you die, they can simply kill the zombies and revive you.

That is almost everything you would want to know about the question: How to level up weapons fast in Modern Warfare 3? 

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