MW3: BEST COR-45 Loadout [Class Setup & Attachments]

I have played MW3 for 80+ hours, and the following are the best attachments and primary weapon to equip to make the best COR-45 Loadout!

The COR-45 is the default pistol you get when first playing the MW3 multiplayer. You can make an amazing loadout out of the COR-45  by keeping the right sort of attachments and equipment in MW3. At first, you might find trouble getting the attachments for the pistol since you have to complete the Armory Unlock for the COR-45 and level up by completing different daily missions. Some attachments are also unlocked by leveling up other weapons.

Key Takeaways
  • COR-45 is the default pistol found in MW3 and its loadout becomes deadly with the right attachments. 
  • ELR Blackfire Compensator XS, XRK Swiftshot Light Barrel,  45 Auto Frangible, XRK V21 Heavy Match, and Stripple Grip Cover are the best attachments for COR-45.
  • Quick-Grip Gloves, Tactical Pads, Bone Conduction Headset, and Demolition Vest are the best perks.
  • The loadout is a fast-rushing-based loadout for aggressive players in MW3. 

Best COR-45 Loadout 

Best COR 45 Attachments In COD
COR-45 Attachments – [Image by me]
The following are all the attachments and equipment you will need to build the best COR-45 Loadout:

MuzzleELR Blackfire Compensator XS+3 Recoil Control
BarrelXRK Swiftshot Light BarrelIncreased mobility, handling, and slight recoil control
Ammunition.45 Auto FrangibleShatters armor, increases damage, inflicts wounding effect
Trigger ActionXRK V21 Heavy MatchImproved fire rate
Rear GripStripple Grip CoverImproved accuracy, reduces flinching
Primary WeaponTAQ EradicatorLMG with low recoil
Tactical EquipmentStun GrenadeImmobilizes enemies, aids in securing kills
Lethal EquipmentThermobaric GrenadeStuns and creates an area of fire
Field UpgradeMunitions BoxRestores ammunition in the field
GlovesQuick-Grip GlovesFaster weapon switching
BootsTactical PadsImproved ADS while sliding, increased slide distance
GearBone Conduction HeadsetEnhances enemy footstep sounds
VestDemolition Vest25-second restoration for Stun and Lethal Grenades
  • Muzzle: ELR Blackfire Compensator XS
  • Barrel: XRK Swiftshot Light Barrel
  • Ammunition: .45 Auto Frangible 
  • Trigger Action: XRK V21 Heavy Match 
  • Rear Grip: Stripple Grip Cover

Starting with the ELR Blackfire Compensator, you will have a three-point increase in recoil control, which is a much-needed edition for the COR-45 loadout. The best barrel you can possibly use for the COR-45 loadout is the XRK Swiftshot Light Barrel because, after recoil control, your mobility will be increased, so you need to not only get it back to default but also increase it a bit. Handling statistics is also greatly affected by the barrel. 

  • COR-45 is a decent damaging pistol, but I was able to change that with the edition of .45 Auto Frangible Ammunition.
  • On impact, the bullets will shatter through the armor, causing a great healing delay to the respective opponent.
  • Your damage is also greatly increased with the Inflict Wounding Effect.
  • Next, I thought that the COR-45 needed a better fire rate, so I equipped the XRK V21 Heavy Match as the 4th attachment. 

The fifth and final attachment that I added was the Stripple Grip Cover. Your accuracy will now have been greatly affected due to the previous attachments, so you need to compensate for that by adding a rear grip. Now, when the opponent shoots back at you, your weapon flinching won’t be a problem. 

Best COR-45 Class Setup 

COR 45 Class Setup In Game
Best COR 45 Class Setup – [Screenshot by me ]
Following are the best equipment and perks you have to equip to make the best COR-45 loadout:

  • Primary Weapon: TAQ Eradicator
  • Tactical Equipment: Stun Grenade
  • Lethal Equipment: Thermobaric Grenade 
  • Field UpgradeMunitions Box
  • Gloves: Quick-Grip Gloves
  • Boots: Tactical Pads
  • Gear: Bone Conduction Headset
  • VestDemolition Vest

You can start your class setup by adding the much-needed TAQ Eradicator. It is an LMG that can literally be turned into a 0-recoil weapon. The Tactical for your COR-45 should be the Stun Grenade so you can stun an area that happens to have enemies. It will immobilize them, letting you get the kill. Thermobaric Grenade is a newly added lethal that can stun opponents and create an area of fire where your teammates can use explosives, and the explosives will have a greater effect.

  • Munitions Box is an amazing tool to have so that you can regain bullets when you are about to run out so that you can jump back into action.
  • Quick Grip gloves will let you switch between your weapons at a faster speed.
  • Tactical Pads will let you use the ADS of COR-45 while sliding.
  • The slide distance is also increased with other bonuses like increased Stance Transition Speed and Crouched Movement Speed, letting you gain the movement advantage.
  • Gear is the main perk that you can equip, which is why it’s the most important. Bone Conduction Headset will let you hear the enemy’s footsteps more prominently.

COD players have written on X that the headset can counter sneaker shoes and dead silence. For the vest, I equipped the Demolition Vest because then I can constantly rain grenades on my enemies due to the 25-second restoration of the Stun and Lethal Grenades. 

My Take On The COR-45 Loadout

In Game Hours eXputer
My Game Hours – [Screenshot by me]
I have played Modern Warfare 3 for 90+ hours, and the COR-45 loadout that I formed actually helped me get many quick kills in multiplayer mode. I was able to build a really prominent build with the help of many different attachment options for the COR-45.

The mentioned attachments are arguably the best I found that fit the COR-45 loadout. The Class Setup can vary because of your playstyle, but if you have a fast, aggressive rush playstyle, then the mentioned Class Setup will be the best option. 

So these were all the attachments and equipment that you could equip to make the best COR-45 loadout in MW3. Check out Huzaifa Durrani’s review of Modern Warfare III for some insight into why he personally thinks this COD entry was extremely subpar. Check out our recently published guide on the best loadout for Renetti, written by Abdul Haddi. If you want to know about the best loadout and class setup for Sidewinder, check the guide over it. 


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