MW3 Zombies: How To Get Cryo Freeze Ammo

Here are all of the ways you can find or craft the Cryo Freeze ammo for the Act 1 Tier 3 challenges in Call of Duty MW3.

Cryo Freeze Ammo is a rare type of ammunition, and finding it can be pretty easy since there are plenty of ways to do it. What it essentially does is that once you have it equipped, it slows down the enemies by freezing them so they are easy to kill. It’s a really rare find while looting in the zombies, which is why players are looking for more permanent solutions to find and keep it.

Key Takeaways
  • The Cryo Freeze ammo mod forms ice around zombies and slows them down in MW3.
  • There are 5 ways through which you can unlock the Cryo Freeze ammo mods.
  • You can loot the Aether Caches in Infested Strongholds to get the Cryo Freeze ammo mods.
  • Complete contracts to get Reward Rifts, which can randomly spawn the ammo mods.
  • Complete Act 1 Tier 1 Challenge, “Take Up Arms,” to get Cryo Freeze ammo mods.
  • Ammo can be purchased from the Elemental Pop Stations that spawn around the map for 2000 points.
  • You can find Cryo Freeze ammo mod schematics from Aether Staches or Reward Rifts and craft the ammo.
  • The Cryo Freeze ammo is needed to complete the Act 1 Tier 3 challenge, “Freezer Burn.”

Make sure also to view eXputer’s video tutorial on the fastest way to get the Cryo Freeze bullets:

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How Can You Get Cryo Freeze Ammo Mods?

Cryo Freeze Ammo Mod In MW3
Cryo Freeze Ammo Mod – [Image By Me]
There are essentially 5 ways through which you can find the Cryo Freeze ammo mod or craft it in MW3.

Ways to Obtain Cryo Freeze Ammo ModsDetails
Looting Aether CachesRandomized rewards in Infested Strongholds or Aether nests. Need a gas mask.
Getting Them In Reward RiftsRandomized loot from completing contracts and story missions.
Completing the "Take Up Arms" ChallengeComplete Act 1 Tier 1 challenge by finding a Mystery Box and using a random weapon to kill 50 zombies.
Purchasing from Elemental Pop StationsBuy from randomized Elemental Pop Stations across the map for 2000 points.
Crafting Cryo Freeze Ammo ModsFind schematics in Reward Rifts and Aether Caches, then craft them in the loadout.

Looting Aether Caches 

Aether Stache In COD
Aether Cache – [Image By Me]
Aether Caches are these zombie loot boxes with randomized rewards inside them. Aether Caches can be found inside the Infested Strongholds or Aether nests. There are 14 or 15 unfixed spawn locations of Aether Caches.

Reward Rifts 

Reward Rift In Game
Reward Rift -[Screenshot By Me]
After completing contracts and story missions, a Reward Rift will appear and offer you randomized loot. The contracts are highlighted with blue tones and images on your tac map. 

  • There are a total of 8 contracts to complete in the zombie mode map.
  • The best you can choose is the Eliminate The Bounty and Raid Weapon Stash contracts.
  • Once you complete these contracts, a purple-colored rift will appear, giving you some loot to kill zombies. 

Take Up Arms Challenge 

Take Up Arms In COD
Take Up Arms – [Image By Me]
The “Take Up Arms” Challenge is an Act 1 Tier 1 challenge that requires you to find a Mystery Box and then use a random weapon to kill 50 zombies. You will need to search for a blue light shining in the sky. The blue light marks the location of the mystery box you will be searching for.

 Important: Don’t waste the Cryo freeze Ammo you get from the Take Up Arms challenge because you can only use them once, so you should save it to complete the Freezer Burn challenge.  

Elemental Pop Stations 

Elemental Pop Stations In Call OF Duty
Elemental Pop Station -[Screenshot By Me]
You will find multiple kinds of Elemental pop stations across the map of Urzikstan. These pop stations provide you with randomized abilities, loots, or perks that you can use to kill more zombies and complete objectives. 

  • It will cost you around 2000 points to buy one of these Cryo-Feeze ammo mods.
  • Look up these Elemental Pop Stations on the map and try out each one of them to try your luck.

Crafting Cryo Freeze Ammo Mods

Cryo Freeze Ammo Mod Schematic Blueprint
Cryo Freeze Ammo Mod Schematic – [Image By Me]
The final and the most permanent way to keep getting Cryo Freeze Mods is to craft them using their schematics. These schematics are sort of blueprints that will essentially help you craft the Cryo Freeze ammo mods yourself. You can find the schematics randomly in Reward Rifts and Aether Caches at the Infested Strongholds.

Why Do You Need Cryo Freeze Ammo Mods? 

Freeze Burn In Game
Freeze Burn Challenge – [Image By Me]
You need Cryo Freeze ammo to complete the Act 1 Tier 3 “Freezer Burn” challenge. 

In the Freezer Burn challenge, you have to pre-equip the Cryo Freeze ammo and use it to slow down 50 zombies and kill 10 hellhounds. You must restrain yourself and slow 50 zombies by freezing them and then killing them.

 Important: Don’t use assault rifles. Use Semi-automatic weapons without attachments against the hellhound because they will provide much-needed precision and cause less damage.  

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