MW3: Best SVA 545 Loadout & Class Setup

I have played MW3 for 30+ hours and the following is the best loadout setup you can keep for SVA 545.

The SVA 545 is considered the next meta assault rifle with its amazing bullet damage and penetration. Once you rank up to level 4, you will have unlocked the SVA 545. Since there are a total of 9 slots of attachments to choose from, you will have difficulty building the best loadout for SVA 545 in MW3. You can only choose 5 attachments, and with the following build, you will be able to dominate the multiplayer with ease. 

Key Highlights
  • The SVA 545 is a deadly assault rifle that has slowly become the meta gun in MW3.
  • You can only pick 5 attachments for a gun, so you have to pick the absolute best and not waste a slot.
  • Casus Brake, Kimura Ryn-03 Vertical Grip, 45-round Magazine, Chorus Gen4 Grip, and Mane V6 Stock are the best attachments you can equip for SVA 545 in MW3.
  • Quick Grip Gloves, Climbing Boots, Bone Conduction Headset, and the Engineer Vest are advised for the class setup. 
  • The above SVA 545 loadout build is an aggressive build that primarily targets pushing areas for kills. 

Best SVA 545 Loadout 

SVA 545 Loadout In MW3
SVA 545 Loadout – [Image By Me]
The following are all the attachments and equipment you will need to build the best SVA 545 Loadout: 

MuzzleCasus Brake2-point increase in reducing Horizontal Recoil.
UnderbarrelKimura Ryn-03 Vertical GripIncreases Gun-Kick and Vertical Recoil stability.
Magazine45-round MagazineAdds 15 extra bullets for sustained engagements.
Rear GripChorus Gen4 GripProvides Flinch Resistance and reduces idle aim sway.
StockMane V6 StockExcellent for controlling vertical recoil and gun kickback.
Secondary WeaponCOR-45 PistolEasy to use, low recoil, and good fire rate for finishing off opponents.
Tactical EquipmentBattle RageIncreased tactical sprint and health regeneration for aggressive playstyle.
Lethal EquipmentThrowing KnifeOne-shot lethal equipment for surprise kills.
Field UpgradeMunitions BoxReplenishes bullets for prolonged engagements.
GlovesQuick Grip GlovesIncreases weapon-swapping speed for faster reactions.
BootsClimbing BootsReduces fall damage and enhances climbing speed.
GearBone Conduction HeadsetEnhances hearing of footsteps for better situational awareness.
VestEngineer VestReveals enemy equipment, including traps and field upgrades, at a quicker speed.


Casus Brake In SVA 545 Loadout MW3
Casus Brake -[Screenshot By Me]
Starting with the muzzle, choose the Casus Brake. Although it is a bit heavy, you will get a two-point increase in reducing Horizontal Recoil. SVA 545 may be best at bullet velocity and damage in its loadout in MW3, but its recoil is really hard to control which is why you need that extra stability increase as well. The bullet pattern for the Sva 545 moves in circles, which is why a drastic increase in handling Horizontal Recoil is needed. 


Kimura Ryn-03 Vertical Grip In SVA 545 Loadout MW3
Kimura Ryn-03 Vertical Grip -[Screenshot By Me]
Again, for more stability of the assault rifle, you will have to equip an Underbarrel. The perfect Underbarrel to choose from here is the Kimura Ryn-03 Vertical Grip. The increase in Gun-Kick and Vertical Recoil stability will help reduce the jump the SVA 545 gets when you fire the initial 5 bullets. The Underbarrel will help reduce the gun kick significantly while also keeping the assault rifle from the upward recoil that you get. 


45-round Magazine In SVA 545 Loadout MW3
45-round Magazine – [Image By Me]
The 30-round magazine may be okay for veterans of Call of Duty, but if you are a moderate player, you will need an additional 45-round Magazine so that you can finish up multiple players back to back. The additional 15 bullets will help you in the long term of the battle, where you barely scrape off from a 1v1 and want to go ahead for a second kill. 

Rear Grip 

Chorus Gen4 Grip In SVA 545 Loadout MW3
Chorus Gen4 Grip -[Screenshot By Me]
Right now, with the above attachments, your SVA 545 is pretty much good to go, but when you are in a battle with your opponent, they tend to fire back, making you flinch and disrupting your aim. The Chorus Gen4 Grip will help with the Flinch Resistance but 2 points so that your accuracy doesn’t completely get thrown off under fire. Your idle aim sway also gets reduced by 2 points, making sure that your ADS doesn’t move around that much. 


Mane V6 Stock Attachment Modern Warfare 3
Mane V6 Stock – [Image By Me]
The main purpose of the build has been to reduce recoil and give you better control over the SVA 545, Which is why the last attachment you should have is the Mane V6 Stock. This attachment will make your SVA 545 loadout the best at controlling vertical recoil and gun kickback in MW3. Your weapon will be perfected after equipping it because now you will have the ultimate 0 recoil weapon to laser enemies on their tracks. 

Best SVA 545 Class Setup 

Class Setup Of SVA 554
SVA 545 Class Setup -[Screenshot By Me]
Class setup refers to the rest of the equipment, perks, tactical equipment, and secondary weapons you use to complete your loadout. They are as important as the primary weapon itself because you will be using all of them in the battle as well. The following class setup compliments the SVA 545 well enough to build an aggressive build to push your enemies and be the center forward for your team. 

Secondary Weapon 

For the secondary weapon, you have to go for a pistol that is easy to use and can finish off your opponent when you run out of bullets. COR-45 is the best pistol for your SVA 545 loadout in MW3. There isn’t much recoil and is easy to handle with an amazing fire rate, which helps drain that last bit of health when you are in a 1v1 battle. Since it unlocks at level 4, you can grind to upgrade and add the right attachments to it as well. 

Tactical Equipment 

Your tactical equipment should support you enough to get the upper hand when you are trying to rush, and you know the location of your enemies. Battle Rage will help you rush your opponents with its increased tactical sprint and health regeneration speed. This Tactical is only equipped when you want to rush the enemy and finish them off with a quick succession. 

Lethal Equipment 

Call of Duty is known for its epic disrespectful kills, and the Throwing Knife adds a really fun aspect to your game when you want to get a kill. Throwing Knife is a one-shot lethal equipment that can catch your enemy with a surprise. It is really easy to aim with and has a quick velocity to get stuck in your enemies. After you kill your enemy with it, you can retrieve it from their dead body and continue with your throwing knife kills. 

Field Upgrade

The Field Upgrades in your inventory are the most underrated equipment you can have. While you focus on your skills, you forget to gain the tactical advantage a field upgrade gives. The whole purpose of the SVA 545 build is to push and kill enemies, so at one point, you will run out of bullets. The Munitions Box will replenish your bullets so that you can get back into action. You can even come back and use it after you die. 


The perk system has been changed for MW3. You can now equip gloves, boots, vests, and gear to add that super soldier element to your character. Quick grip gloves will increase the weapon-swapping speed. This comes in handy when you want to switch up weapons to get the kill after your primary weapon runs out of bullets. The additional speed will help you gain a slight advantage when your opponent runs out of bullets. 


The boots are the second perk you can pick for yourself in MW3. The best boots to pick for your SVA 545 loadout build are the Climbing Boots. The Climbing Boots protect you from fall damage significantly. It also tends to increase the speed at which you climb buildings and mantle obstacles on the way. You may think it is a niche ability, but when in battle, these little things matter a lot when you want a superior movement. 


The main perk ability that you have seen in the previous multiplayer COD games comes from the gear. They give that traditional super soldier the ability to give you the advantage over certain aspects of the game. Equip the Bone Conduction headset as it will increase the hearing of footsteps, making you hear every bit of incoming footsteps. Players have spoken up about this ability on X and how they can hear the footsteps very clearly


The final key to the ultimate best-class setup for your SVA loadout in MW3 is the Engineer Vest. With the help of Engineer Vest, you can see and spot the enemy equipment laid out to trap you. This includes the Field Upgrades, Kill Streaks, and certain Lethal Equipment traps like C4. When you aim at these traps, you also help your teammates because it highlights it for them. The Field Upgrade also recharges at a quicker speed.

My Thoughts 

I have played Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 for about 30+ hours, and in my opinion, the loadout above is the best loadout you can keep for SVA 545. It has all the attachments and additional equipment to help you push enemies if you are an aggressive player. You can build the loadout pretty early in the game as well, so you won’t have to grind as much as you need to with other weapons. 

These were the best attachments you can equip with your SVA 545 to make a proper loadout. You can tweak it a  hit if you are a laid-back defensive player, as it suits both styles. If you want to know about the Best Snipers in MW3, check out our guide with the top picks written by our guide writer, Obaid ur Rehman. 


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