MW3: Helo Hat Trick [Achievement Guide]

Unlock the Helo Hat Trick achievement by blowing up all three helicopters with the right armaments.

There are tons of achievements in Modern Warfare 3, and some of them can be a little complicated. There are some, like Helo Hat Trick Achievement in MW3, which is a part of the main mission but can be tricky to complete. You can only complete the achievement during the Reactor Mission.

Key Takeaways
  • Helo Hat Trick Achievement is a main objective in Modern Warfare 3, but it is a little tricky one.
  • To complete the achievement, players will have to destroy three helicopters with three different armaments.
  • Players should only use the ones I have explained in the guide, as bugs in Stealth Bomber have been reported.
  • After destroying each helicopter, players will get the Helo Hat Trick achievement in Modern Warfare 3.
  • It is recommended not to kill the enemies and quickly complete the achievement.

Alongside my guide, don’t forget to check out eXputer’s concise video guide on getting the Helo Hat Trick Trophy:

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How To Get Helo Hat Trick Achievement

Helo Hat Trick achievement can only be completed during the Reactor mission by destroying the three helicopters with different Armaments.

You will be given an objective of destroying three Konni Helicopters that are scattered on the map. All of them are located in different positions, but you would need to destroy the helicopters near the armaments. I have found the three best armaments that can help you complete the objective quickly.

First Armament & Helicopter

  1. Follow these steps to find the first armament and Helicopter:
  2. The first lethal Armament can be found at the top left corner of the map. 
    Motor Strike Location (Image Taken By Obaid)
  3. You can get there while being in the air, so make your way there and land at the spot shown in the image above.
  4. When you are there, quickly get the armament and head to your right side.
  5. Climb from the gap, and you will find the Helicopter just ahead.
  6. Use the armament on the helicopter to destroy it.
  7. I recommend you ignore the enemies and head straight for the second Arnmaent.  

Second Armament & Helicopter

The second armament and Helicopter in Modern Warfare 3 can be found by following these steps: 

  1. When the first Helicopter is destroyed, run to the left side of it.
  2. Take a right turn, and while staying on the left side, take a left turn.
  3. Again, stay on the left side and follow the straight path, and you will eventually reach the second armament.
    Precision Airstrike Location (Screenshot By Me)
  4. If you don’t understand the direction, simply head over to the place you can see in the image above.
  5. Destroying the second helicopter can be tricky if you try to fight the enemies.
  6. So, ignore the enemies again and use the armament to destroy the helicopter. 
  7. Once done, without wasting any time, get ready to head toward the third armament. 

Third Armament & Helicopter

Follow these steps to find the third Armamanet and Helicopter for Helo Hat Trick achievement in MW3:

  1. Run back from the location where you found the second armament and take a left.
  2. After that, take a right, and you will find the Cruise Missile just right ahead.
    Cruise Missile Location (Image Credits: eXputer)
  3. Unlike the other 2 armaments, you can control it yourself.
  4. When you have picked up the item, head straight and take a right.
  5. To destroy the helicopter, use the item and control the missile.
  6. It might seem a little difficult, but it is not, as you will just have to shift it a little bit toward the left from its original position.
  7. By doing so, you can destroy the last helicopter, and Helo Hat Trick Achievement in MW3 will be yours.

Also, some players are having a glitch, as discussed on the Steam Community Page, where they are not being able to get the achievement. It could be a problem with Stealth Bomber as it is bugged, so make sure to use the ones I have discussed in the guide.

With that said, if you want High FPS and better optimization, do check out the guide on the Best PC Settings of MW3. If you are having some problems related to crashes, bugs, & glitches, then read the guide on how to solve it by our error fixes expert Ayyoun Ali.

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