MW3 Zombies: All Easter Eggs [Locations]

Locate all the Easter Eggs in Modern Warfare 3 and enjoy free perks.

In Modern Warfare 3, the Zombies mode rewards players with Free Perks or Rewards for completing Easter Egg challenges. These challenges are scattered throughout the Urzikstan map. The perks are easily accessible in the game’s early stages and are highly beneficial once you progress to more dangerous zones. The locations and the methods of all Easter Eggs in MW3: Zombies are discussed in this guide.

Key Takeaways
  • There are 9 Easter Eggs discovered till now in MW3: Zombies.
  • Eight of them Reward Free Perks after performing them. The other one offers great Rewards and Weapons.
  • Completing Easter Egg challenges rewards you with special Free Perks.
  • These perks are spread throughout the map of Urzikstan and are very simple to complete.
  • You must travel to each location and perform a specified action to spawn the perk.
  • The challenges can be completed early in the game and useful later in the high-threat zones.

All COD Modern Warfare 3 Easter Eggs

The table summarizes the locations of all the Easter Eggs in Modern Warfare 3: Zombies.

Serial No.Easter Eggs Location
1Secret Vault/ ChessboardH-7
2PHD FlopperH-7
5Jugger NogC-3
6Speed ColaD-2
7Death PerceptionE-2
8Deadshot DaquiriI-3
9Quick ReviveH-5

1. Secret Vault/Chess Board Easter Egg

Secret Vault Easter Egg

You must collect four walkie-talkies scattered across the map to access the Secret Vault Easter Egg at coordinates H-7. To get the walkie-talkies, you must go to four different places and kill bosses named The Knight, The Bishop, and The Rook. They can be found at the following locations.

The Knight

mw3 easter egg
The Knight Location [Image By Me]
You can find The Knight circling the map on a specific route. It does not stop at a fixed location. Open the map, and you will see an armored truck circling the map. Intercept its path and kill him to get the walkie-talkie for your transmission to H-7.

The Bishop

mw3 easter egg
The Bishop Location [Image By Me]
You need to go to coordinates D-3, in the railway tunnels, to find The Bishop. There, you will encounter some mercenaries. Among them will be The Bishop. Kill The Bishop, and it will drop the walkie-talkie. Pick up the walkie-talkie and send the transmission. 

After killing The Bishop, you can find a Portal on the North Side of the tunnel walls. After shooting the symbols in a specific order, you can use that Portal to teleport to points of interest. 

The Rook

mw3 easter egg
The Rook Location [Image By Me]
Now travel to the next location, at coordinates C-5, in the hotel. Get inside the hotel and move towards the top floor. Beware of the sentry gun and mines. Find The Rook and kill him to get a transmission walkie-talkie.

You will also find a Portal in the other after killing The Rook that can be used to teleport.

The Last Walkie-Talkie

mw3 easter egg
Final Transmitter [Image By Me]
Travel to coordinates I-3, and you will find a hut. Enter the hut, and in the corner will be a TV with a walkie-talkie on the top. Send a transmission to H-7 using this walkie-talkie. You will not find any boss here.

The King

mw3 easter eggs
Secret Vault [Image By Me]
After all four transmissions, you can go to coordinates H-7 to the specific area, Infested Stronghold. Enter the garage to the left of the building and pass through the pathway to enter the vault. Unlock the vault and get the loot cache. 

There, you will find three loot caches. The loot caches offer great Rewards and Weapons. But beware, as one of the loot caches has a final boss of the Easter Egg inside it, The King.

2. PHD Flopper Easter Egg

mw3 easter egg
PHD Flopper Easter Egg [Shot By me]
To get this free perk Easter Egg in MW3 Zombies, travel to Shahin Manor at coordinates H-7 and climb the manor rooftop. From there, you can find the pool in the backyard. You have to perform a swan dive into the pool. After a correct dive, you will hear evil sounds in the pool. After you leave the pool, a reward of PHD Flopper perk will spawn.

3. Tombstone Easter Egg

mw3 easter egg
Tombstone Easter Egg [Capture By Me]
Head to the western region of Shahin Manor at coordinates G-8 and position yourself on the under-construction building, which is the easternmost structure in the area. Equip a weapon with a zoomed scope for precision. Direct your aim towards the yellow crane in the southwest.

Locate the toy rabbit situated on the crane, just above the top platform on the right side, and place a ping on it. You will get a jumpscare of the toy. Then, the free Tombstone Perk will spawn. Ensure your aim is directly on the toy rabbit to get the perk.

4. Stamin-Up Easter Egg

mw3 easter egg
Stamin-Up Easter Egg [Capture By Me]
Travel to Zaravan City and locate the tall white building near the roundabout at coordinates D-7. You need to sprint from the bottom of the stairs to the top. If you reach the building rooftop without losing the sprint, you will get the Free Stamin-Up perk. 

5. Jugger-Nog Easter Egg

mw3 easter egg
Jugger-Nog Easter Egg [Capture By Me]
Travel to the campfire south of the seaport district at coordinates C-3 to get the Jugger-Nog easter egg. Once you reach there, throw a Molotov onto the burnt-out bonfire to spawn the Reward Rift.

6. Speed Cola Easter Egg

mw3 easter egg
Speed Cola Easter Egg [Shot By Me]
Travel to the Legacy Fortress and locate the statue with a Pack-A-Punch machine nearby at coordinates D-2. Drive a vehicle from the bottom to the top of the ramp and drop down the road. This will spawn the Speed cola perk on the road where you drop your vehicle.

7. Death Perception Easter Egg

mw3 easter egg
Death Perception Easter Egg [Capture By Me]
To find the Death Perception Easter Egg in Modern Warfare 3, go to the northern section of the map, where you’ll see a factory with two large smokestacks on either side located at coordinates E-2. Climb the western stack to the top and head southeast towards the sculpture with three rings on it.

You must jump and open your parachute to fly through all three rings without touching the ground. Find the best angle and execute a leftward turn to glide seamlessly through all three rings. After successfully flying through the rings, the Death Perception Perk will spawn.

8. Deadshot Daquiri

mw3 easter egg
Deadshot Daquiri Easter Egg [Shot By Me]
Head to the coordinates I-3, where you will find an old church. Throw a Frag Grenade or a Semtex through the old church’s top window, and the perk will spawn before you.

9. Quick Revive Easter Egg

mw3 easter egg
Quick Revive Easter Egg [Shot By Me]
The Quick Revive easter egg is located by two signboards on the highway southwest of the Hadiqa Farms at coordinates H-5. On the top of both these signboards are toy rabbits. Stop under the first signboard, and make sure you are facing the right direction. Once you hear an evil laughing sound, you must reach the second signboard within a time limit.

Try getting a faster vehicle before starting this. The Reward Rift will spawn in the middle of the highway after crossing the second signboard.

That’s about it when it comes to Easter Eggs in MW3 Zombies. Before you leave, you should check out Best Shotguns in MW3, as they are great for close combats. Also, learn How To Repair Vehicle Tyres in MW3. If you want to explore more, learn How To Find Mercenary Convoy in MW3 Zombies.


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