How To Find A Mercenary Convoy In MW3 Zombies

Learn everything about finding a mercenary convoy in the zombie mode along with my tips on destroying it.

Finding a Convoy in MW3 Zombie mode is one of the most time-consuming tasks. While it is fun to hunt them, many players are wondering how to find a Mercenary Convoy In MW3 Zombies. Depending on the RNG, it can take a while, but if you find a vehicle quickly, it won’t take long. 

Key Takeaways
  • Finding a Mercenary convoy can take some time, so it is ideal to find a vehicle first.
  • The Mercenary convoy is mainly found on the main roads, especially the two big roads
  • It mainly depends on the RNG, but most of the time, players will find them.
  • Players should eliminate each convoy and get all the loot when they find the convoy.
  • Players should make sure to get the Mercenary Stronghold Keycard, as it has further usage. 
  • After everything is done, simply destroy the Mercenary Convoy with explosives or a gun.

Additionally, eXputer’s video walkthrough on how to get the Mercenary Convoy in Zombies Mode, specifically the Interceptor Mission, is worth checking out:

YouTube video

Finding The Mercenary Convoy

Follow these steps to find the mercenary convoy ASAP:

  1. First, find yourself a vehicle, as the task involves a lot of traveling. 
  2. Once you have found a vehicle, hop in and drive on the main roads. 
  3. While you can find the mercenaries on the roads, driving on the two big roads is better.
  4. Those roads are pretty visible on the map, so make sure to go there.
  5. You might find the convoy on your way there, but that depends on the RNG.
  6. Spotting the convoy is pretty easy, as red cars on your map will appear.
    Red Cars On Map (Image By Me)
  7. You will also be able to see them on your screen as there will be three cars.
  8.  They will start firing at you as soon as you approach them, so be prepared.
  9. They do not hit that hard, but random fire from different places can take you down pretty easily.
  10. So, make sure you kill all the mercenaries and loot everything. 
    Mercenary Convoy In MW3 (Screenshot By Obaid)
  11. On the back of each truck, there will be a create that might contain a Mercenary Stronghold Keycard.
  12. If it’s not there, then check out near the bodies, as someone might have dropped it.

Destroying The Vehicles

Use Frag Grenade or any other explosives to destroy the vehicles in COD MW3. Your primary weapon will also do the trick if you don’t have any type of explosives on you.

Important: Regarding the Mercenary Stronghold Keycard, it allows you to raid the stronghold of mercenaries. Doing so lets you get the Legacy Stronghold Keycard, which is used to unlock a special boss fight.

The base can be found on the north side of the map. So make sure to pay the boss a visit for a special reward. 

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