MW3: How Is Graves Alive [Full Theory]

Learn everything about the appearance of Graves and how is he alive still!

The campaign of Modern Warfare 3 is arguably the worst one in the mainline series, but one twist made the experience better. That twist was the appearance of Graves in MW3, which led many to wonder how he is even alive. 

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Key Takeaways
  • Apparently, Graves is alive and kicking off in Modern Warfare 3.
  • It was shown in a cinematic from Season 5 of MW2 that Graves is alive.
  • For players like me who haven’t played the S5 of MW2, it was surely a great twist.
  • Greaves Team up with Price’s team, Farah, and her companions to take out Makarov.
  • In Modern Warfare 3, till the end, Graves remains alive.

How is Graves Alive In MW3

Graves First Appearance (Image By Me)

Those who have played season 5 of Modern Warfare 2 wouldn’t be surprised by Graves’s appearance in the latest game.

However, those who haven’t would be shocked by the appearance of one of the best characters. Graves first appeared when Makarov cornered Price’s team, Farah, and her companions.

That is when the squad receives a call from the General who is accompanying Graves. Soap, Ghost, and Price were the most shocked by his appearance as he was supposedly dead. But the question is, how didn’t he die when he was already killed in MW2?

He wasn’t, as Graves wasn’t in the tank players destroyed during the Ghost Team Mission. During a MW2 cinematic, Graves meets Farah and Alex, who also believe he is dead. Then Graves confirms that he wasn’t in the tank and proceeds to tease Alex. Farah steps in to avoid any type of conflict and changes the conversation. 

Did Graves Die In Modern Warfare 3

Graves In MW3 (Image Taken By Obaid)

No, Graves is still alive in Modern Warfare 3, and he actually plays an important role in the story.

While Soap, Ghost, and Price are devastated by his appearance, they later team up with him for better or worse. Graves team with Price’s team to take out the main antagonist, Makarov, and surprisingly, he doesn’t pull any strange moves.

As said before, he was with the General, so after the mission’s completion, you will see a cutscene where Graves and Shepered are being asked questions in the Congress. Unsurprisingly, Graves betrays General Shephard, and the story continues.

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