MW3 Zombies: Hellhound Spawn Locations

Learn the Spawn Locations of Hellhounds to complete your challenges in Modern Warfare 3.

In Modern Warfare 3: Zombies, Hellhounds are dog-like creatures that are on fire. They can run pretty fast and catch up to you if you’re trying to avoid zombies. If you’re having trouble finding Hellhounds to complete your challenges, then you must read this guide about the spawn locations of Hellhounds in MW3 Zombies.

Key Takeaways
  • In MW3: Zombies, hellhounds are fiery dog-like creatures.
  • There is a lesser number of Hellhounds, and are scattered throughout the map, making it difficult to find them.
  • During Escort or Outlast Contract Missions, Hellhounds have a chance to spawn.
  • You can complete your challenge of killing Hellhounds by taking on the contract missions, as a large amount of Hellhounds spawn during these missions.
Important: Hellhounds will spawn while doing the following two Contract Missions:

  1. Outlast Contract Mission
  2. Escort Contract Mission

1. Outlast Contract Mission

mw3 hellhound spawn
Outlast Mission [Image By Me]
The Outlast Contract Mission can be identified by a blue recon symbol on the map. After starting the mission, exit the building, and you’ll encounter waves of zombies and Hellhounds that spawn in your vicinity.

mw3 hellhound
Outlast Mission Hellhounds [Image By Me]
You can easily take them down as they approach, maximizing your Hellhound kills. In just 5 to 6 minutes, you can accumulate around 30 Hellhound kills.

Remember to avoid completing the mission immediately and allow the Hellhounds and Zombies to continue to spawn. Once you have achieved your Hellhound kills goal, you can go back inside to complete the Contract Mission.

2. Escort Contract Mission

mw3 zombies hellhound spawn
Escort Mission [Image By Me]
The Escort Contract Mission is denoted by a small blue tank APC icon on the map. The mission requires you to escort a vehicle to three different Aether Points. While escorting the vehicle, you will notice orange indicators in the air that represent the spawning locations of Hellhounds.

mw3 hellhound location
Escort Mission Hellhounds [Image By Me]
You should be prepared to face a swarm of 6 to 12 Hellhounds during each escort. This can be challenging, as you’ll need to move around and protect the ACV while trying to kill a specific number of Hellhounds. Completing multiple Escort Missions will help you increase your Hellhound kill count quickly.

My Take On Spawn Locations

modern warfare 3 hellhound spawn
In-Game Capture [Image By Me]
I recommend the Outlast Mission, as it allows you to kill Hellhounds at your own pace. However, in the Escort Mission, you’ll need to move around with the ACV, which can distract and hinder your progress toward your goal.

Attempting these missions in a Low-Level Threat Zone is recommended, as there is a higher chance of being overwhelmed by the zombies in Medium or High Threat Zones. Playing with a squad greatly helped me, and I recommend you do the same. Knowing the MW3 Zombies Hellhound Spawn locations you can easily rack up your kills in no time!

That’s all about the Hellhound Spawn Locations in MW3: Zombies. You must read about the guide on Sentry Gun Glitch in MW3 Zombies to use them in exfills and make your way through them. Learn How To Kill Stormcaller in MW3 Zombies to progress through the game. You must also read about The Best Assault Rifles in MW3 to dominate your enemies.


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