MW3 Zombies: How to Get Sentry Gun? [Glitch]

Learn how to get a Sentry Gun and Unlimited Sentry Guns Glitch in MW3: Zombies.

In Modern Warfare 3: Zombies, surviving the zombie horde requires skill, firepower, and strategic defenses. The Sentry Gun is a formidable support that can prevent zombies from sneaking up on you. Whether you’re playing solo or in a squad, the Sentry Gun is a valuable tool to have at your disposal. Discover the location and exploit the glitch of Sentry Gun in MW3: Zombies with this guide.

Key Takeaways
  • In MW3: Zombies, Sentry Gun can only be bought from Medium or High-Level Threat Buy Stations.
  • the Sentry Gun costs 2,000 Essence.
  • Sentry Gun can also be obtained via random loot or by completing contracts, but it’s challenging.
  • You can exploit a glitch to get an Unlimited number of Sentry Guns.

Don’t forget to check out the Sentry Gun Glitch in MW3 from eXputer’s video guide to see what it’s like in-game:

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How To Get A Sentry Gun

You can get a Sentry Gun in Modern Warfare 3: Zombies by two following methods.

1. Buy Stations 

mw3 z sentry gun
Sentry Gun Location [Image By Me]
To obtain a Sentry Gun in MW3: Zombies, you must visit the medium or high-threat level Buy Stations. These stations are the only places to buy Sentry Guns as they are unavailable in low-threat level Buy Stations.

mw3 z sentry gun
Level 2 Buy Station [Image By Me]
Each Sentry Gun costs 2,000 Essence, which can be easily collected early on in the game by killing zombies. A Punch-a-Pack Weapon and armor plates are also recommended for the challenge ahead. You don’t need to worry much about ammo, as zombies drop much of it.

2. Completing Contracts/Random Loot

You can also find the Sentry Gun as a random loot or a reward for completing some contracts, it may take some time to get it through these methods. Therefore, I recommend that the easiest and most direct way to acquire a Sentry Gun is to stick with the Buy Stations.

Unlimited Sentry Guns Glitch In MW3

mw3 z sentry gun
Unlimited Sentry Guns [Image By Me]
In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Zombies, it’s possible to obtain an infinite supply of Sentry Guns, which can be placed strategically to earn tons of XP with minimal effort.

Important: This glitch allows you to have unlimited Sentry Guns that will kill all the zombies for you, making it an excellent way to earn XP, which can be used to upgrade weapons and unlock attachments.

Furthermore, you can also place a Sentry Gun on a vehicle, which allows you to kill the zombies while on the move. This reduces the risk of getting cornered and is especially helpful during exfil situations. By positioning yourself with your squad behind a wall of Sentry Guns, you can create a formidable defense and earn continuous XP.

How To Exploit Sentry Guns Glitch

mw3 z sentry gun
Sentry Gun Glitch [Shot By Me]
Get loads of XP with the Unlimited Sentry Guns glitch in Modern Warfare 3 by following these steps:

  1. Head to a Buy Station and get a Sentry Gun
  2. Initiate the deployment and hover over the Sentry Gun in your rucksack.
  3. While you are placing, drop the Sentry Gun. You’ll see a Sentry Gun on the ground to be picked up if done correctly.
  4. Pick up the Sentry Gun and repeat the dropping process. This will give you unlimited Sentry Guns you can accumulate.

After following these steps, you will get Unlimited Sentry Guns. Remember, doing this the first time may not work, as you have to be quick between placing and dropping. Using a mouse and keyboard to exploit this glitch may make it difficult, while players using controllers will find it easier.

So far, I have seen no limit on how many Sentry Guns you can get. Although this glitch presents an exciting opportunity to earn significant XP, I recommend making the most of it as soon as possible.

However, this may or may not be fixed by the time you’re reading this. It is reasonable to assume that they will release a patch to fix this glitch soon.

Sentry Gun – My Opinion

Using Sentry Guns as a field upgrade is the best option in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3. Personally, I always deploy Sentry Guns after calling an exfil, and it has proven its worth there. The low cost and great XP in return, make it my favorite thing. While collecting Essence in the game is easy, buying it from Medium or High-Level threat areas may be problematic.

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