Call of Duty MW3: Best Longbow Loadout & Class Setup

Having used the Longbow Sniper Rifle for many hours, this is the best Longbow Loadout for you to go with in Modern Warfare 3.

In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, few weapons match the reliability of a trusty Sniper Rifle. In MW3, the Longbow stands out as a top-tier Sniper Rifle, excelling in precision and lethality, especially on larger maps. Having the Best Longbow Loadout in MW3 greatly helps you when struggling to get close to your enemies.

Key Takeaways
  • In COD: Modern Warfare 3, the Longbow Sniper Rifle excels in long-range combat.
  • The main aim of this loadout is to prioritize stealth while having maximum mobility and dealing maximum damage.
  • Equipment like the Ghost C/V Camo and Battle Rage help you stay under the radar.
  • Attachments like the XRK Edge BW-4 Handstop and Citadel LV Tactical Grip boost players’ speed and agility while using the Longbow.

Longbow Loadout Goal

mw3 best quickscope loadout
The Longbow [Image By Me]
The main goal of a good sniper loadout is to prioritize stealth while having maximum mobility and power.

The Best Longbow loadout consists of the best possible secondary weapon, equipment, and perks to complement the Sniper Rifle and the best weapon attachments for your Longbow.

Best Longbow Class Build

mw3 best quickscope loadout
Best Longbow Class [Captured By Me]
The following table summarises the best class to build having the Longbow as your primary weapon.

Serial No.CategoryEquipment
1Secondary WeaponRenetti
WPS Stinger
2VestInfantry Vest
3GlovesCommando Gloves
4ShoesStalker Boots
5GearGhost T/V Camo
6Field EquipmentDead Silence
8TacticalBattle Rage

For your Sidearm, pair the Longbow with the Renetti pistol for a formidable combo. Though the base Renetti is not that impressive, a few upgrades and attachments transform it into a rapid-fire powerhouse working like an SMG. Using the Infantry Vest with the Renetti as a secondary increases Tac Sprint duration and provides slots for Gloves, Boots, and Gear.

For gloves, go with box-standard Commando gloves. Regarding footwear, you should opt for Stalker Boots as they reduce the Sniper’s ADS, giving you a good chance of quick-scoping.

Ghost T/V Camo is a crucial choice to stay off the enemy’s radar. This gear significantly reduces the risk of revealing your position to adversaries, enhancing your ability to remain undetected. As for your tactical equipment, in your Tactical slot, you should opt for Battle Rage for a rapid boost in strength, aiding quick health and stamina regeneration during combat.

Equip Semtex in your Lethal slot to clear out camping enemies with its powerful blast, and consider Dead Silence in your Field Equipment slot to silence your footsteps and sneak up on opponents.

Best Longbow Attachments

Pro-99 Long Barrel [Image By Me]
The table below contains the best weapon attachments for the Longbow.

Serial No.AttachmentName
1MuzzleHMRES Mod Suppressor
2BarrelPro-99 Long Barrel
3UnderbarrelXRK Edge BW-4 Handstop
4BoltSA-M Quickbolt
5StockKV Factory Stock

Stockless (For extra mobility)
6Rear GripCitadel LV Tactical Grip
7Magazine Size10

To build the best Longbow loadout in MW3, start with the HMRES Mode Suppressor, which conceals shots and boosts bullet velocity for enhanced performance. 

Important: Opt for the Pro-99 Long Barrel on the Longbow to maximize range and bullet velocity, which is crucial for achieving consistent one-shot kills.

Despite drawbacks to ADS speed and Sprint-To-Fire time, the extended barrel enhances overall performance for this loadout.

The XRK Edge BW-4 Handstop increases mobility by improving movement speed, which is crucial for agility in sniper scenarios. Using SA-M Quickbolt as your bolt alongside it reduces the time between bullets, facilitating faster follow-ups. 

With the Longbow, you could go stockless, but having KV Factory Stock provides softer recoil to enhance shot accuracy. You should go for the Citadel LV Tactical Grip as it boosts ADS and Sprint-To-Fire speed, complementing the increased mobility from the Handstop underbarrels for enhanced overall performance.

To ensure the Longbow remains competitive against faster long-range weapons, you should go with the 10-round mags, sacrificing ammo capacity to gain additional speed

My Thoughts

The Longbow has easily been my favorite sniper rifle in MW3. In my experience of using it often, this is the most well-rounded, reliable Longbow loadout that balances performance and handling, offering a fantastic overall setup. However, I always advise trying everything before settling on one because you never know what clicks for you and your play style. 

That’s about it from my side on the Best Longbow Loadout. You should head to eXputer’s Review of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 to learn more about the game. If you want to know what perks to use with your weapons, go to COD: MW3 best perks and find what gear suits you best. Head over to the best MW3 PC Settings for Better FPS and Optimization by Ayyoun Ali for better PC performance. 

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