MW3: Best MCW Loadout & Class Setup

I have played MW3 for 90+ hours and have perfected the MCW loadout with the best attachments i found!

When it comes to versatility, the MCW is way ahead of all the other assault rifles in its category. You can literally make any type of loadout build from the MCW according to your own playstyle. It took me a while to gather the right attachments to form the best MCW loadout setup in MW3. The attachments you decide to equip should make the recoil control and handling of the weapon increase significantly. 

Key Highlights
  • The MCW assault rifle can have the best loadout setup in MW3 if you equip the right attachments.
  • It will unlock quite early in MW3, so you will have time to level it up quickly. 
  • T4LR Saber Compensator, Second Line Mammoth Heavy Barrel, FSS Spectre Microtherm Shelf and Grip 60-Round Magazine are the best attachments for the MCW assault rifle.
  • The best perks for the MCW are Ordnance Gloves, Climbing Boots, Blacklight Flashlight and Overkill Vest.
  • MCW loadout setup is a balanced one, so a player with any playstyle can easily run the build.

Best MCW Loadout 

Best MCW Attachments Loadout Setup In MW3
Best MCW Attachments -[Screenshot By Me]
The following are all the attachments and equipment you will need to build the best MCW Loadout: 

MuzzleT4LR Saber CompensatorIncreases Recoil Control by three points. Slight increase in gun kickback control.
BarrelSecond Line Mammoth Heavy BarrelIncreases Bullet Velocity and Range by two points. Improves Aim Walking Stability by two points.
OpticFSS Spectre MicrothermThermal Optic providing clear vision and enhanced thermal targeting. Suitable for long-range engagements.
Rear GripRB Shelf GripImproves Flinch Resistance by two points. Reduces Idle Sway by two points, enhancing accuracy under fire.
Magazine60-Round MagazineIncreases magazine capacity for extended engagements. Particularly useful for the MCW's rapid-fire capability.
Secondary WeaponRenetti PistolBalanced pistol with burst fire mode. Handy for situations requiring quick and easy weapon handling.
Tactical EquipmentStun GrenadeSlows down enemies and distorts their vision. Effective for pushing opponents and gaining an advantage.
Lethal EquipmentThermiteDeals damage over time to the enemy hit. Affects nearby enemies, making it effective in clustered situations.
Field UpgradeDead SilenceSilences footsteps and provides additional speed. Useful for flanking without alerting the opposing team.
GlovesOrdnance GlovesResets grenade timer and increases throwable equipment range. Helpful in countering enemy grenades effectively.
BootsClimbing BootsReduces fall damage, increases climbing speed, and quickens obstacle mantling. Useful for improved mobility.
GearBlacklight FlashlightReveals recent footsteps of nearby enemies. Enhances situational awareness, especially in small multiplayer maps.
VestOverkill VestAllows carrying two primary weapons. Increases weapon swap speed and allows reloading while sprinting.

Best MCW Attachments

The following are the best attachments you can equip for the MCW assault rifle:

  • Muzzle: Tactical Suppressor
  • Barrel: FSS Recon
  • Optic: VLK 3.0x Optic
  • Rear Grip: RB Shelf Grip
  • Magazine: 60-Round Drum

The right muzzle for the MCW will most definitely be the T4LR Saber Compensator because of the three-point increase in Recoil Control, which matters a lot since the MCW tends to sway horizontally while shooting. The next attachment that you will be choosing is a barrel. In your case, you should opt for the Second Line Mammoth Heavy Barrel. The barrel will provide you with a two-point increase in Bullet Velocity And Range. The increase will heavily affect your range statistics. 

The default ADS for your MCW will block the view quite a lot, which is why choosing an optic firsthand is important. The FSS Spectre Microtherm is a Thermal Optic that gives you a clear picture of the surroundings without focusing too much on the target. RB Shelf Grip helped improve a much-needed Flinch Resistance by two points. This was a last-minute addition to the MCW loadout, but it is definitely worth it as it increases your Flinch Resistance by two points, making sure your aim isn’t thrown off while getting hit. 

The MCW has incredible range and firing speed, which is why it tends to run out of bullets pretty quickly. I personally tried the 40-round magazine as well, but it didn’t work. The 60-round magazine was the best option for MCW loadout setup in MW3. You can utilize the drum to now take your time with multiple enemies and clear them off from sites while playing multiplayer. 

Best MCW Class Setup

MCW Class In Game
Best MCW Class Setup -[Screenshot By Me]
The following are the best equipment and perks you can equip for the MCW assault rifle: 

  • Secondary Weapon: Renetti Pistol
  • Tactical Equipment: Stun Grenade
  • Lethal Equipment: Thermite
  • Field Upgrade: Dead Silence
  • Gloves: Ordnance Gloves
  • Boots: Climbing Boots
  • Gear: Blacklight Flashlight
  • Vest: Overkill Vest

Although a secondary weapon isn’t really required with MCW loadout, you must have the Renetti Pistol in your loadout. Swap to Renetti when you want to rush buildings and bases. The Stun Grenade will slow them down and blur their vision so that they are pretty much blocked out of their senses to shoot. The Thermite is one of the best lethal you can use on your enemies since it can damage the enemy you stick the Thermite with. 

Dead Silence will completely silence your footsteps and give you a bit of additional speed. You can use Dead Silence to get into an area without letting the other team know you are flanking them. The Ordnance Gloves can come in the clutch in situations where the whole battlefield is filled with grenades thrown back and forth.

My Thoughts 

I have played Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 for 90+ hours, and I have played with the MCW for 5 hours at least. I can say that this is the best possible loadout for your MCW if you get confused with all the attachments. With the Blacklight Flashlight, you can trace the enemy’s footsteps back to them and slaughter them at sight. It pairs well with Dead Silence because the enemy won’t hear you coming. 

Players have deemed it the best gun they have played with on X. The equipment and perks complement the gun well enough to get you multiple kills and make you comfortable with the loadout. 

So these were all the attachments and equipment you could equip to make the loadout setup for MCW in MW3. All these attachments are easy to unlock, and you don’t need to upgrade the weapon to get them fully. Shotguns have been a fan favorite as of now, so check out the top 5 picks for shotguns by our guide writer, Sulaymaan Ahmad.


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