Modern Warfare 3: Reactor [All Weapons And Items]

Learn about all the weapons and items in the Reactor mission of MW3.

In Modern Warfare 3, Reactor is the third mission where you can find special items and weapons in many tasks during the game. But these things stay only in that mission and won’t go with you to the next ones. Once you grab them, you can change what you’re using during the mission or whenever you play it again. Below, we have listed all the weapons and items in the MW3 Reactor mission.

Key Takeaways
  • Reactor is the third mission in Modern Warfare 3.
  • You will find the most important weapons and items inside orange supply boxes.
  • These weapons and items help to progress faster in the mission.
  • Other items apart from these are Refill Ammo, C4, Claymore, Sam Turret, Stealth bombers, RPG-7, and bomber drones.
  • These can be found in different places all over the map.

Overview Of All Weapons And Items 

The table provides the list of all weapons and items with their locations in Modern Warfare 3 Reactor:

Weapons and ItemsLocation
Silenced Holger 556A2
Incendiary MCWB2
Silenced COR-45D4
Silenced Expedite 12E4
Heartbeat SensorE4
Hybrid STB 556H3
Anti-Armor RoundsG4
Explosive CrossbowG5
Signal 50G6
Incendiary Sakin MG38C5
KV InhibitorC6
Snapshot PulseD6
Armor BoxF6
Silenced Vel 46F6
Munitions BoxF5
Incendiary Bryson 800G6
Silenced Lachmann SubH6
Fennec 45G6
Cronen Squall and Holger 26F7
Incendiary MTZ InterceptorG4
Incendiary Haymaker and HCR 56E5
Incendiary FJX ImperiumE4

1. Silenced Holger 556

Silenced Holger 556 (image by eXputer)

Over on the far side of the map, near where you start, there’s a big metal building with two bad guys walking around it. The door on the side is stuck, but you can get inside in a few different ways. You can drop right onto the roof or go around to the front and open the door by shooting a chair in the way.

Another way is to climb up the containers and jump onto the roof. Once inside, you’ll find the Silenced Holger 556. You can also find other items such as Armor Plates, Proximity Mines, and C4.

2. Incendiary MCW

Incendiary MCW (image by eXputer)

Travel to the east of the building where you found Silenced Holger 556, and you will come across a large building. On the side of the building, you will find a rope to ascend. You can use this rope and reach the rooftop, where you can move to the northwestern corner. In this corner, you will find a supply crate that contains Incendiary MCW.

3. Sidewinder

Sidewinder (image by eXputer)

Head towards E3, and you will come across a warehouse. Ascend the rope to move to the rooftop. Head straight to the other side of the rooftop, and you can see an orange platform. The platform has a supply crate that contains the weapon Sidewinder.

4. Silenced COR-45

Silenced Cor 45 (image by eXputer)

Once you’ve got the Sidewinder from the roof, slide down the zip line towards the south and move towards the right. You will come across a big round building, enter the building, and climb up the boards. At the top, you will find an orange supply box that contains Silenced COR-45.

5. Silenced Expedite 12

Silenced Expedite (image by eXputer)

From where you found the Silenced COR-45, turn backward and head in a northeastern direction towards the zipline. Use the zipline, and you will end up with a supply box that contains Silenced Expedite 12.

6. Heartbeat Sensor

Heartbeat Sensor (image by eXputer)

To find this item in the  Modern Warfare 3 Reactor mission, turn right to the supply box of Silenced Expedite 12, and then across a small bridge to the left, you will find a small orange supply box alongside Sam Turret. This supply box contains a Heart Beat Sensor.  

7. Basilisk

Basilisk (image by eXputer)

Pass through the gate west of Konni Helicopter, and you can spot a small building to the north. Go around the smoking vehicle and climb the roof using an AC unit. Shoot the lock through the skylight and drop into the office. Locate the sofa inside the office containing a supply box just to the right of a self-revive kit containing Basilisk.

8. Hybrid STB 556

Hybrid STB 556 (image by eXputer)

This is located in H3, and if you move towards the west side of Konni Helicopter, you can identify some crates along with a supply box at the back of the truck that contains Hybrid STB 556.

9. Anti-Armor Rounds

Anti-Armor Rounds (image by eXputer)

Enter the Garage in the dome building in G4, and the garage has a shutter with a sign cross on it. The supply box will be in the garage’s right corner, directly below the Explosive Crossbow.

10. Explosive Crossbow

Explosive Crossbow (image by eXputer)

To the right side of the dome building located in H4, you climb using the crates, and you will see a ladder in the straight direction. Move up the ladder to a rooftop; you can find items like stealth bombers and bomber drones. To the west of the rooftop, you will see a rope; ascend this rope, and at the right corner of the rooftop, you will find a supply box that contains an Explosive Crossbow. 

11. Signal 50

Signal 50 (image by eXputer)

You can move to the left side of the supply box containing the Explosive Crossbow. Head straight for a few steps and then jump to the right rooftop. Move straight over a small elevation and find a supply box at the rooftop’s edge containing Signal 50.

12. Incendiary Sakin MG38

Incendiary Sakin MG38 (image by eXputer)

It is located to the west of the first helicopter. Move inside the concrete building and head towards the second floor. Enter the door to the right of the ladder and then enter the left door; in the right corner, you will find a supply box to the right of the shelf that contains Incendiary Sakin MG38.

13. RGL-80

RGL-80 (image by eXputer)

From the supply box of Incendiary Sakin MG38, jump out of the left window and head in the north direction. Just at the tail of the Konni helicopter, you will find a supply box that contains this custom launcher.

14. KV Inhibitor

KV Inhibitor (image by eXputer)

If you move to the radio tower located in D6, you will find a rope at the tower’s base. Ascend this rope to the top of the building and open the supply box to get KV Inhibitors.

15. Snapshot Pulse

Snapshot Pulse (image by eXputer)

After obtaining the KV inhibitor, descend the rope and enter the building to the right through the window. Once inside, exit through the right door and to the left of a yellow-white vehicle; you can find a supply box containing Snapshot Pulse.

16. Minigun

Minigun (image by eXputer)

Enter the building again after obtaining Snapshot Pulse. Move up to the rooftop by using the stairs. Climb up to the left of the solar panels, and you will see a wall with a cross; enter through the window and look down through a broken air vent. Shoot the explosive barrel at the bottom of the floor to unlock the door.

You can return down the stairs and enter the unlocked room to get Minigun in the supply box.

17. Armor Box

Armor Box (image by eXputer)

It is located in F6 inside a small building with a cross mark on its wall. To unlock the door, shoot at the lock through the window. You can enter the building and find a supply box containing Armor Box.

18. Silenced Vel 46

Silenced Vel 46 (image by eXputer)

Where you find Armor Box, you need to climb the ladder on the western side of the building. On the rooftop, you will find a supply box that contains Silenced Vel 46.

19. Munitions Box

Munitions Box (image by eXputer)

After collecting Silenced Vel 46, jump off and enter the building to the left. Move up the stairs, and on the first floor, on the right side, you will find a Munition Box inside a supply box.

20. Incendiary Bryson 800

Incendiary Bryson 800 (image by eXputer)

You can find this weapon in the southeastern region. Enter the large warehouse located in G6, and you will go through a maze. Across the open door, you will find a supply box at the right of some drums and crates. Open the box to get Incendiary Bryson 800.

21. Silenced Lachmann Sub

Silenced Lachmann Sub (image by eXputer)

Just where you found the Incendiary Bryson 800 supply box, you will see an open door in front of you. Enter through the door, and you will find a supply box with the wall that contains Silenced Lachmann Sub.

22. Fennec 45

Fennec 45 (image by eXputer)

You can travel to a garage in G6; you will find different items here, such as Claymore, Refill Ammo, C4, and Sam Turret. Please look for the orange supply box in the corner to get your hands on Fennec 45.

23. Holger 26 And Cronen Squall

Cronen Squall and Holger 26 (image by eXputer)

Explore your way to the Konni Helicopter in F7, the southeastern corner of the map. You will find two supply crates, the right containing Holger 26 and the left containing Cronen Squall.

24. Incendiary MTZ Interceptor

Incendiary MTZ Interceptor (image by eXputer)

The supply box of this weapon can be found on a blue truck out in the open in G4. Jump up on the car and open the chest for the Incendiary MTZ Interceptor.

25.  Incendiary Haymaker And HCR 56

Incendiary Haymaker and HCR 56 (image by eXputer)

Travel north of the Incendiary MTZ Interceptor supply box, and you will come across a tunnel marked B1. You will see a supply box to your right with a wall. Kill the guards guarding it and get your hands on the Incendiary Haymaker in the box. To the left of the Incendiary Haymaker is a supply crate containing HCR 56.

26. Incendiary FJX Imperium

Incendiary FJX Imperium (image by eXputer)

Travel back to where you found Heartbeat Sensor, find the rope, and ascend to the top of the big crane. Travel along the crane until you reach the very end; you will find the crate to your left, which contains the Incendiary FJX Imperium sniper rifle.

27. Pila

Pila (image by eXputer)

To get to Pila, travel towards the third Konni helicopter located in H3. The crate of this weapon is situated just to the east of the helicopter in the open beside the orange smoke cloud.

These are almost all the weapons and items in the Modern Warfare 3 Reactor mission, and there are other items as well, such as Refill Ammo, C4, Claymore, Sam Turret, Stealth bombers, bomber drones, and other items, and many more. For a better performance in Modern Warfare 3, head over to our expert guide, best PC Settings for Better FPS and Optimization, by Ayyoun Ali. 


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