MW3: BEST Vests & Their Perks [Top 3]

After 50+ Hours in MW3, here is my recommendation on the Vests to use in the Multiplayer mode!

Modern Warfare 3 features a brand new perk system that allows you to get additional assistance during combats. In the perks section, many types of vests are available that come with various capabilities. Some vests are useful in certain situations only, while some are all-rounder and could be relied on in every scenario. So, make sure you know about the MW3 best vests before diving into the battlefield. 

Key Takeaways
  • Modern Warfare 3 features six total vests, with more to be added in upcoming updates. 
  • Each vest features different perks, which are useful in certain situations. 
  • In early levels of MW3, options like Infantry Vest are a reliable choice as they feature pretty impressive perks, and you get it in your inventory by default. 
  • As you progress, you can switch to alternate options such as Demolition or classic Overkill Vest.
  • The pros and cons of each vest come hand-in-hand as some provide you with an extra gear slot while others don’t allow you to carry any equipment but compensate in terms of on-ground perks. 

Modern Warfare 3 Best Vests

Here is an overview of all the vests worth considering in Modern Warfare 3:

Item NameDescription
Demolition Vest- Allows you to carry 2x Lethal and 1x Tactical equipment
- Features single gear slot
- Resupply the Tactical and Lethal equipment after every 25 seconds
Infantry Vest- Features1x Tactical and 1x Lethal equipment slots
- Provides only one gear slot
- Increases Tac Speed duration while reducing refresh time
- If equipped with Running Sneakers, gives the Lightweigt Boots Effect
Gunner Vest- Allows you to wield two Primary weapons.
- Provides 1x Tactical and 1x Lethal Slot
- Features one Gear slot by default and no Boots slot.
- If equipped with Mag Holster, it gives the effects of Mission Control Commlink.

3. Demolition Vest

Best Vest for offensive playstyle in MW3.

Demolition Vest
Demolition Vest [Screenshot taken by me]
Demolition Vest is an armor that favors an offensive playstyle. If you’re the type of player who loves to throw grenades and tactical equipment on enemies to keep them under pressure and get some bonus kills, then Demolition Vest is the one for you.

To unlock the Demolition Vest, you have to reach level 30. I usually use the vest in Team Deathmatches and quick multiplayer modes where the battleground situation is always intense.

The Demolition Vest features the following perks:

  • Allows you to carry 2x Lethal and 1x Tactical equipment by default.
  • Features one gear slot to carry a single gear item.
  • Resupply the Tactical and Lethal equipment after every 25 seconds.

2. Infantry Vest

Best well-balanced Vest in Modern Warfare 3.

Modern warfare 3 infantry vest
Infantry Vest [Screenshot captured by me]
While MW3 features many heavy weaponry and big guns, they often become challenging to carry around as heavy weapons directly affect the character’s mobility. To counter that, you can use different equipment that increases your movement speed. The Infantry Vest increases your Tac Sprint duration and decreases the refresh time.

As I like to maintain momentum in the gameplay, I was quite satisfied with the performance of Infantry Vest when I got it by default while starting out the game. Although you get it unlocked already, it can still be carried on in later stages as it is a reliable choice, especially for heavy LMGs and Sniper loadouts. 

Infantry Vest Features the following perks:

  • Features default equipment slots of 1x Tactical and 1x Lethal equipment.
  • Allows you to carry only one gear item.
  • Increases Tac Sprint Duration and reduces refresh time.
  • If equipped with Running Sneakers, it gives you the effect of Lightweight Boots.

1. Gunner Vest

Best Vest to carry dual Primary Weapons.

Gunner Vest
Gunner Vest [Image captured by me]
The Gunner Vest is another lethal armor that allows you to carry two primary weapons. Other than the dual primary ability, the other impressive feature is that it deploys with max ammo. It means that you not only have two primary weapons but you’re also loaded with maximum ammunition for both weapons. The most impressive thing about the Vest is that it unlocks at only level 20. 

The Gunner Vest features the following perks:

  • Allows you to wield two Primary weapons.
  • Provides default slot of 1x Tactical and 1x Lethal equipment.
  • Features one Gear slot by default and no Boots slot.
  • If equipped with Mag Holster, it provides you with the effects of Mission Control Commlink.

My Opinion On Best Vest In MW3

My Steam Profile
My Steam Profile

Currently, I am at the 40+ level in multiplayer, and I would say that the Gunner Vest is one of the MW3 best vests as it has proved most useful for me. It not only allows me to carry two primary weapons but also gives me maximum ammo for both weapons when deployed. It also improves the reload speed of the weapon. As I have an offensive playstyle, the Gunner Vest helps me a lot on the battlefield in wiping out squads cleanly.

Now that you have selected your favorite loadout for multiplayer, I recommend you to check out Ayyon’s guide on COD Modern Warfare 3 crashing guide to encounter any kind of technical issues while playing MW3. Also, you can check out the best PC settings for Modern Warfare 3 to get high FPS and better optimization


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