SOLVED: Modern Warfare 3 Crashing, Errors & Bugs

I Resolved Modern Warfare 3 Crashing And Other Issues by Clearing Shader Cache, Updating Graphics Driver, and XMP Disable for Smoother Gameplay.

While playing Modern Warfare 3, I noticed I was experiencing a lot of game crashes. These crashes can be frustrating, and they happen for various reasons, like having incompatible hardware, outdated video drivers, or even broken game files. Thankfully, there are a few things I did to help fix these problems as I encountered them during my time playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

Key Takeaways

Here are the current MW3 Errors:

  • Error Code: 0x887a0005
  • Disc Required error
  • Error code0x00001338

Here are the proven Fixes for Crashing in MW3:

  • Clearing Shader Cache
  • Disabling XMP
  • Downloading Older versions of Drivers
Precaution: This article first talked about the game crashing issues during the early access period. Now, it’s been updated to address problems that players might still experience in the fully released game.

First Verify Your System Requirements

If your computer doesn’t meet the minimum system requirements to run Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, it’s unlikely to run smoothly and may frequently crash. Therefore, the first step is to ensure that your computer meets the necessary specifications to run COD Modern Warfare 3 effectively. If it falls short, you may consider upgrading your hardware or adjusting in-game settings to improve performance.

mw3 system requirements comparison
System Requirements For Modern Warfare 3 – [Image captured by eXputer]

Modern Warfare 3 Errors and Their Solutions

Modern Warfare 3 has moved beyond its beta phase and is now fully released. However, some of the issues encountered during the beta, including crashes, have persisted in the fully released version. The developers continue to rely on our feedback to improve the game even after its official release.

Disc Required Error

While shooting up the enemy team in MW3, I faced when I was playing Modern Warfare 3 was “Disc Required” problem I stumbled upon a handy solution. Rather than heading straight to the campaign from the main menu, I went to the tab that included settings and notifications. At the bottom of this tab, I spotted a prominent button for MW3 early access. I simply clicked “play” on it, and if it displayed “locked,” clicking it once unlocked it for me. This fix worked for me.

I thoroughly tested this method, and it’s working for me and other players as well.

Error Code: 0x00001338

I’ve already found a solution to the issue. What worked for me was removing Warzone from Steam’s customer service, and then I could access the game without any problems. This method was shared by a player on this online forum; it’s a workable solution. So, it’s worth trying if you’re encountering the Error code 0x00001338 in Modern Warfare 3.

Error Code: 0x887a0005

To resolve the Modern Warfare 3 error code 0x887a0005, disable XMP or DOCP in your BIOS settings or consider manual overclocking a potential fix. These actions can help stabilize your system’s memory and resolve the error, often related to GPU and DirectX issues. Additionally, ensure your graphics drivers are up to date to minimize the chances of encountering this error. 

I saw this suggestion from a Reddit post, and I put this method to the test. Surprisingly, I was not facing this error after trying out this method.

Networking failed to start (HUENEME – NEGEV) Error

I’ve been using a VPN to play Modern Warfare 3 because it appeared to be the only way to resolve the “Networking failed to start (HUENEME – NEGEV) Error” issue in Modern Warfare 3.

This used to happen in Modern Warfare 2, and now it’s happening again in Modern Warfare 3 due to connectivity problems or server issues.

Using a VPN, I could establish a more stable and alternative connection to the game servers, which helped me bypass the error and play the game without further issues.

A few players confirmed that this method also resolved their problem.

How To Fix Modern Warfare 3 Crashing on PC

Modern Warfare 3 is also experiencing a lot of crashes. Dealing with these crashes can be annoying, but the good news is that we’ve identified effective solutions to tackle this problem, as outlined below.

Clearing Shader Cache

mw3 shader cache clearing
Clearing Shader Cache for MW3 – [Image captured by eXputer]
Modern Warfare 3 would often crash when I attempted to launch it from the Call of Duty menu. It was a bit strange because it seemed like the game was trying to load something else, then it would just go to a black screen, and eventually, it prompted me to scan and repair.

To deal with this, I discovered that clearing the shader cache was quite effective. I did have a few crashes because of this problem, but clearing the shader cache helped me get back on track.

Downloading Respective Drivers

mw3 older graphic drivers
Modern Warfare 3 Graphics Driver -[Image captured by eXputer]
Another solution that I figured out was with my graphics drivers. They were too new for Modern Warfare 3, so I rolled them back to an older version. There was a website from Activision that recommended which drivers worked best for Modern Warfare 3.

  • For NVIDIA, The recommended driver version for the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III is 537.58.
  • But for AMD, it recommended using driver version 22.9.1.

If you’re facing crashing issues on your PC with MW3, checking and adjusting your graphics card drivers can be a helpful fix.

Pro Tip: You can further optimize your new drivers by checking out our respective guides on Best Nvidia Control Panel Settings and Best AMD Radeon Settings.

You can refer to our Update Your Drivers guide if you want assistance in this regard.

Disabling XMP

Modern warfare 3 crashing and all errors
Disable Xmp for MW3 – [Image captured by eXputer]
Surprisingly, disabling XMP made a significant difference for me. Once I turned it off, the crashing problem in Modern Warfare 3 vanished completely.

It’s a simple step, but it can work wonders if you struggle with frequent game crashes. This method also solved another issue with Modern Warfare 3, as mentioned above, so it might resolve both of your problems.

Ending Words

Many games can have their fair share of problems and Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 is no different. However, I managed to discover some effective solutions. So, if you were encountering issues, these fixes could certainly enhance your gaming experience and make it a whole lot smoother.

If you’ve fixed the crashing issue, you should check out how to maximize Modern Warfare 3 performance on your PC with our MW3 Best Settings Guide.

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