MW3: Best DG58 Build & Class Setup

After over 100 hours in MW3 here is my take on the best DG58 build and class setup!

DG-58, one of the newest guns in MW3, is a burst Assault Rifle. Such guns are not preferable due to the burst, but once you master them, they can dominate the close-range combat. However, you would need the best DG58 to build and class setup in MW3 to overcome some of the weapon’s shortcomings.

Key Takeaways
  • DG-58 is one of the best three-shot burst Assault Rifles in MW3.
  • While Dg-58 is an excellent weapon, it has its shortcomings.
  • The shortcomings are with recoil control and range. 
  • The attachments and class setup for the weapon will ensure it doesn’t have range and recoil problems.
  • In my opinion, the best secondary weapon for the DG-58 build is Renneti in MW3.
  • While the build rotates around fixing the recoil and range issues, it also increases the accuracy and handling of the weapon.
Important: After the recent update, the name of DG-58 has been changed to DG-56, so there could be some possible nerfs.

Best DG-58 Loadout In Modern Warfare 3

CDG T-25 Light BarrelPhase-3 GripCorio Enforcer OpticExtended TP-9 ButtplateCronen OP44Infantry Vest, Stalker Boots, Quick-Grip Gloves, Mag Holster, and Munitions Box.Stun Grenade and Frag Grenade.Renneti.
DG-58 In Modern Warfare 3

If you like three-shot burst weapons, then you will love DG-58. It is a great weapon, but there is always a catch. The weapon doesn’t have the best range and recoil control, so I have figured out a loadout to fix the problems. The main aim for the loadout is to fix the recoil issues and max out the accuracy so you can dominate close-range combats.

Following is the best build, in my opinion, for DG58 in MW3:

  • Barrel: CDG T-25 Light Barrel
  • Underbarrel: Phase-3 Grip
  • Optic: Corio Enforcer Optic
  • Stock: Extended TP-9 Buttplate
  • Muzzle: Cronen OP44

I chose CDG T-25 Light Barrel for DG-58 because it significantly boosts the range and bullet velocity. As said before, the weapon doesn’t have a good range, so I think the CDG T-25 Light Barrel is the best option. To fix the recoil issues, I went with Phase-3 Grip as an Underbarrel. The Phase-3 Grip not only improves the recoil but also improves the accuracy and handling. With it, you will land your shots with the three-shot burst.

  • For Optic, I went with Corio Enforcer Optic.
  • I recommend it, but you can choose any based on your preference.
  • I prefer the Corio Enforcer Optic, but if you have a difference, feel free to choose that.
  • I chose the Extended TP-9 Buttplate as the stock for more recoil control.
  • It helps to keep the weapon stable whenever you fire the three-shot burst.

Lastly, for the Muzzle, I went with the Cronen OP44. It will give a tremendous boost to the vertical recoil, but the horizontal recoil will take a little hit, which, in my opinion, is worth it.

Best Class Setup For DG-58

Renetti (Screenshot By Me)

Now that I have discussed the best build for DG58 in MW3, it is time for the best-class setup. The class setup will aim to make sure you are fast on your feet and overpower the enemies. 

The following are the best perks, equipment, and secondary weapons for DG-58:

  • Perks: Infantry Vest, Stalker Boots, Quick-Grip Gloves, Mag Holster, and Munitions Box.
  • Equipment: Stun Grenade and Frag Grenade.
  • Secondary Weapon: Renneti.

I have chosen the infantry Vest as it is one of the best vests in MW3, and it gives a buff to sprint. Stalker Boots will increase your ADS movement speed along with the strafe. The boots will ensure you are quick on your feet and can quickly return fire at your opponent. The Quick-Grip Gloves will make sure you can switch weapons as fast as possible. 

So, as you are going with Renneti, which you might need sometimes in close range, you can switch it faster. I have chosen Renneti because of its firing speed, so if you are feeling overwhelmed at close range, you can always bring it out. Munition Box will ensure that you and your teammates never run out of Ammo, so you can maintain your kill streaks. 

Mag Holster will help you with the reloads. Lastly, for equipment, I have chosen the Stun and Frag Grenade as they are the go-to equipment for any loadout. You can choose whatever type of equipment you want, but the ideal one will always be the Frag and Stun Grenade pair.

My Take On DG-58

I think DG-58 is a beast in close range, and it can also be used in long-range with the single-fire option.

DG-58 is an excellent weapon, but its shortcomings can be improved. While there is no weapon tuning available, you can change the whole weapon with the loadout I have explained. The weapon in short-range is a beast, but I think a Shotgun and an SMG can overpower it.

That is almost everything you want to know about the best DG58 build and class setup in MW3. If you have any questions regarding the loadout or class setup, please ask me in the comments section below. If you want to see eXputer’s thoughts about MW3, then check out the detailed review by Huzaifa Durrani.

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