MW3 Zombies: How To Get Cyphered Tablet

Here is how you can obtain the Cyphered Tablet in the zombies mode!

The cyphered tablet is basically an item that is dropped while doing certain Act 1 mission challenges. Most of the Act 1 challenges require the cyphered tablet so that you can gain rewards in MW3 zombies. There is no other special significance that the cyphered tablet brings to your game, as you just need to complete the four Act 1 missions. 

Key Highlights
  • Cyphered Tablet is a mysterious item that drops while completing some Act 1 Tier 5 missions in MW3 Zombies.
  • You must collect the item once you kill the last enemy of the second challenge of the Tier 5 mission.
  • There is no such advantage to the Cyphered Tablet other than completing the missions. 
  • If the tablet is not spawned, you must redo the mission and try completing the challenges in Strongholds.

Cyphered Tablet Overview 

Cyphered Tablet In COD
Cyphered Tablet – [Screenshot by me ]
A Cyphered Tablet is a tablet-shaped item that is dropped at the end of some mission challenges.

You need to acquire the Cyphered Tablet in order to complete the Act 1 Tier 5 Challenges. You must complete the other challenges in a Tier 5 mission so that the Cyphered Tablet is dropped. There is no such special ability or item that is given to you by the cyphered tablet in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III. 

How To Find The Cyphered Tablet In MW3 Zombies

Bring Em On Mission In MW3
Bring Em On Mission -[Screenshot By Me]
First and foremost, you need to activate one of the four Act 1 Tier 5 missions: 

  1. Hands Off – You need to Kill 50 zombies with Sentry Guns and Kill 10 Mercs with Sentry Guns.
  2. Blasted:  You must destroy the armor on 25 zombies with Shatter Blast Ammo Mod.
  3. Bring ‘Em On:  Just kill 50 zombies with Frenzied Guard Field Upgrade activated and then kill a special or elite enemy with Frenzied Guard Field Upgrade activated.
  4. Nest Wrecker:  Obtain a Gas Mask and then destroy an Aether Nest.

The last challenge required for all of these Tier 5 Act 1 missions is to acquire the Cyphered Tablet in MW3 Zombies. Once the second part of the mission challenge is about to end, the Cyphered Tablet will automatically drop near the last enemy you killed. You just need to look at the HUD indicator, as it will show that the Cyphered Tablet has been dropped. After that, you just need to look for it on the ground, and you will eventually find it lying around. 

Important: You need to complete the other required challenges of the mission before you can acquire the Cyphered Tablet.

So this is how you obtain the Cyphered Tablet in-game. It is really not that hard, but players just tend to miss it a lot due to the various items dropped on the ground. If you actually miss getting the Cyphered Tablet and aren’t able to know its location, you need to repeat the mission by activating it again.

Many players on X have complained about not getting the Cyphered Tablet, so they should know that you need just to be aware of the surroundings well. Do check out our recently published guide over the best Sidewinder Loadout written by our guide writer, Sameer Tahir.


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