MW3: Quick Revive Recipe [Unlock Guide]

After 100+ hours in MW3 here is my take on how to unlock the quick revive recipe.

To get the quick revive recipe in MW3 Zombies, players would need to get the blueprints first. It is an unlockable perk that would reduce the delay in your health regeneration, and you will be able to revive your teammates 50% faster. But to get the perk, you will need the Quick Revive Recipe Blueprints.

Key Takeaways
  • Quick Revive Recipe in MW3 can be obtained by doing The Chaperone contract.
  • Players can find the contract near the Hadiqa Farm area, as it will be the one with a tank icon.
  • In the contract, players will have to escort an ACV Tank.
  • Players would need to keep the tank’s health above 50% and kill 75 zombies to complete the contract.
  • When done, players will be able to get the blueprints for the perk.
  • Now that players have the blueprints, they will need to exfil successfully to keep the recipe.
  • When done, players can craft the perk before starting the match.

How To Unlock The Quick Revive Recipe

In order to unlock the quick revive recipe, you will need to do a contract, “The Chaperone,” in Zombie Mod.

Follow these steps to unlock the recipe quickly: 

  1. The contract is not really an easy one, but if you have a full squad with you, it won’t be hard.
  2. After finishing the contract, you will get the blueprints to craft the perk.
    Quick Revive Can (Screenshot By Obaid)
  3. You can find the contract near the Hadiqa farm area. 
  4. Near the Hadiqa farm area, look for a small tank icon and head over there to accept the contract.  
  5. Now, to complete the contract, you will have to keep a tank safe and defeat enemies.
  6. You will need to keep the health of the tank above 50%; otherwise, you won’t get the recipe. 
  7. Also, while you are escorting the tank, you will have to defeat 75 enemies. 
  8. Do make sure to get the 75 kills in a single escort, as the count will be reset.
  9. So, in a single escort, you will need to make sure not to let the tank go below 50% health and kill 75 zombies.
  10. When you successfully manage to escort the ACV Tank and meet the conditions, you will receive the Quick Revive Recipe Blueprints.
  11. Make sure to stay alive and Exfil successfully after getting the blueprints.  
  12. After successfully getting the blueprints, you will be able to craft the perk before a match, and of course, there will be a cooldown.

My Take On The Contract

Finding the contract wasn’t hard, and even the mission wasn’t hard, too, as you just need a good squad, and it will be over quickly. 

The contract, in my opinion, is easy. You just need to look out for the zombies, as there will be so many. Also, make sure to ask your teammates to help in defeating the zombies, as you would need to kill 75 in one run. I also don’t think the health of the tank is an issue here, as zombies won’t get too near if you are careful. 

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