MW3 Zombies: Infiltrator Mission Guide

Learn how to complete the Infiltrator Mission and acquire the Cyphered Tablet

Dive into the tough Tier 4 Infiltrator mission in MW3 Zombies as things get tricky in the infected Urzikstan map. You’ll need to pick smart weapons and play cleverly to get through. It’s a bit harder, so prepare for a challenge as you aim to conquer this exciting mission.

Key Takeaways
  • Infiltrator is a tier 4 mission in Modern Warfare 3 Zombies.
  • Get a stronghold keycard from a Mercenary outpost or Mercenary convoys.
  • You can also buy a stronghold keycard from Buy Station for 2000 Essence.
  • Head to a Mercenary Stronghold and clear out all the enemies. 
  • Locate and drill the safe and acquire the Cyphered Tablet dropped from the safe.

Make sure to also visit eXputer’s video tutorial on successfully locating the Stronghold Keycard in MW3’s Infiltrator Mission:

Infiltrator Mission 

Infiltrator Mission (image by Me)

To complete the Infiltrator mission in MW3 Zombies, you must achieve these three objectives:

  • Obtain a Stronghold Keycard
  • Clear a Terminus Outcome Stronghold
  • Retrieve Terminus Outcome Record from the Stronghold Safe.

1. Obtain Stronghold Keycard

Stronghold Keycard in Infiltrator mission MW3 Zombies (image by Me)

The first thing to obtain is a Stronghold Keycard. These keycards can be collected from different mercenary outposts on the map. Or you can get it from mercenary convoys. It would be best to assault a mercenary outpost; some enemies might drop the stronghold keycard.

Besides mercenary outposts or convoys, a stronghold keycard can be collected from a Cache, or you can buy it from buy stations for 2000 Essence.

2. Clear A Terminus Outcome Stronghold

Mercenary Stronghold (image by Me)

Once you have obtained the stronghold keycard, head to one of the Mercenary Stronghold on the map of Urzikstan. These are located in many places, so choose the one you are comfortable with.

Open the door of the mercenary with the keycard and kill all the enemies inside the Mercenary Stronghold. Once you have killed all the enemies in the building, locate the safe that contains the Terminus Outcome record.

3. Retrieve Terminus Outcome Reward

Drilling Safe (image by Me)

After killing all the enemies and finding the safe, you must start drilling the safe. This process will take some time, and during drilling, reinforcements will be called in the mercenary, so you need to defend yourself and kill the enemies until the safe is cracked.

You can stay close to the drilling, or it might pause until you get close enough. Once the drilling is completed and the safe is cracked, collect the quest item Cyphered Tablet. This will mark the completion of the Infiltrator mission in MW3 Zombies.

I recommend you find a spot near the safe while drilling and kill any enemies in the vicinity. This complete guide will help you achieve your Infiltrator Mission in Modern Warfare 3 Zombies. While you are still here and want to get your hands on the best SMG in MW3, you should read our Modern Warfare 3 Best SMG guide.


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