MW3: Best BAS-B Loadout & Class Setup

I have played MW3 for 80+ hours and the following are the best attachments and class setup to build the best BAS-B Loadout.

BAS B is honestly the only battle rifle that is actually pretty overpowered. After setting the right attachments for BAS B, you can dominate multiplayer and get multiple kills. Choosing the best attachments for a BAS B loadout can be hard in MW3. You have to choose the attachments that are easy to unlock and are able to provide a significant boost to the recoil control and accuracy.  

Key Highlights
  • BAS B can become the best battle rifle you encounter in MW3 with the right attachments in the loadout. 
  • Since you can choose only Five Attachments, choose the ones that best fit the requirements of your gun.
  • VT-7 Spiritfire Suppressor L, Bruen Venom Long Barre, FTAC Tiger Grip, 45-Round Magazine, and Bruen Laur4 Light Precision Stock are the best attachments for the BAS B battle rifle.
  • Quick-Grip Gloves, Running Sneakers, Bone Conduction Headset, and Engineer Vest are the best perks for your setup.
  • Your BAS B loadout should be able to handle multiple enemies when you choose to either rush bases or camp your own base.

Best BAS-B Loadout 

The following are all the attachments and equipment you will need to build the best BAS B Loadout: 

MuzzleVT-7 Spiritfire Suppressor LIncreases accuracy and recoil control by two points. Undetectable by radar. Increases damage range.
BarrelBruen Venom Long BarrelSignificantly increases bullet velocity and range by two points.
UnderbarrelFTAC Tiger GripEnhances weapon handling with minimal swaying. Increases hipfire accuracy by two points.
Magazine45-Round MagazineProvides a larger magazine capacity for extended engagements.
StockBruen Laur4 Light Precision StockIncreases control over weapon recoil. Adds a slight boost to mobility.
Secondary WeaponCOR 45Balanced pistol with good fire rate and accuracy.
Tactical EquipmentStun GrenadeSlows down opponents and distorts their vision. Effective for pushing enemies on home bases.
Field UpgradeMunition BoxRefills ammunition to the maximum, allowing for continuous engagement.
GlovesQuick-Grip GlovesIncreases weapon-swapping speed, providing an advantage in 1v1 battles.
BootsRunning SneakersEnhances Tactical Sprint Duration and decreases refresh time for the next tactical sprint.
GearBone Conduction HeadsetIncreases the sound of footsteps and nearby fired bullets, aiding in location awareness.
VestEngineer VestSpot enemy equipment, including Field Upgrades, Lethal and Tactical Equipment, and certain killstreaks

Best BAS B Attachments 

Best BAS B Loadout Attachments In MW3
Best BAS B Loadout Attachments – [Image By Me]
The following are the best BAS B attachments you could equip:

  • Muzzle: VT-7 Spiritfire Suppressor L
  • Barrel: Bruen Venom Long Barrel
  • Underbarrel: FTAC Tiger Grip
  • Magazine: 45-round Magazine
  • Stock: Bruen Laur4 Light Precision Stock

VT-7 Spiritfire Suppressor L is a large suppressor that increases accuracy and recoil control by two points. More underrated pros of equipping the muzzle are that it is undetectable by radar and actually increases a bit of the damage range. The best barrel attachment you could pick for the BAS B loadout in MW3 is the Bruen Venom Long Barrel. Your bullet velocity and range are significantly increased so that you are able to kill an opponent even 80 meters away. 

The under barrel should be able to let you handle your weapon with very little swaying, which is precisely what the FTAC Tiger Grip does. Your Hipfire accuracy is also increased by two points, making sure that you can handle extremely quick engagements when necessary.

Important: When you run out of bullets first in combat, your chances of losing that battle greatly increase. That is why, for the safe side, you should keep a 45-round magazine for when you encounter multiple enemies or are in a very close 1v1 battle.

Bruen Laur4 Light Precision Stock increases the control you have over your weapon recoil. It will be essential to make this battle rifle resemble the control of assault rifles

Best BAS-B Class Setup 

 BAS B Class Setup
Best BAS B Class Setup-[Screenshot By Me]
The following are the best equipment and perks that you can equip to make the best BAS B loadout: 

  • Secondary Weapon: COR 45
  • Tactical Equipment: Engineer Vest (allows two Tactical equipment)
  • Field Upgrade: Munition Box
  • Gloves: Quick-Grip gloves
  • Boots: Running Sneakers
  • Gear: Bone Conduction Headset
  • Vest: Engineer Vest

A Secondary Weapon comes in handy when you want to finish off your opponent’s last bit of health. In those final moments, you can tend to mess up, so you require an extremely reliable weapon, which is the COR 45 pistol. The most reliable piece of tactical equipment is the Stun Grenade.  When running the BAS B loadout, you may eventually run out of bullets, which is where the Munition Box field upgrade will be useful.

With Quick-Grip gloves, your weapon-swapping speed will increase, which will, in turn, give you the upper hand in 1v1 battles. The best boots you could possibly pick to support your BAS B loadout better are Running Sneakers. These sneakers help to increase your Tactical Sprint Duration, meaning you will be able to run for a much longer time. It helped me a lot to just rush opponents at a much quicker rate.

My Thoughts 

I have played Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 for around 80+ hours, and some of these hours went into testing out different attachments for BAS B and upgrading it. Through many trials and errors, I came up with the above loadout, and trust me when I say that it works.

I was able to get so many kills by just rushing the entire team. The recoil control improves with the attachments, ensuring accuracy is also pinpointed. Players have expressed on X how the Bone Conduction Headset significantly increases the sound of the footsteps. So, it is safe to assume that your equipment and perks will surely back up the loadout.

So, these were all the attachments and equipment you need to make the best BAS B loadout in MW3. The attachments really complement each other well and make the handling of the gun much greater. If you continue looking for the next meta gun, then check out the best SVA 545 Loadout guide by our guide writer, Sameer Tahir


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