Starfield: All 6 Trade Authority Locations & Shops

Discover the best Trade Authority locations in Starfield, like Akila and Atlantis City, to maximize profits in this fast-paced adventure.

In Starfield, the Trade Authority plays a crucial role as a discreet marketplace for your discoveries and contraband. As you explore the galaxy, collecting valuable items and the occasional contraband, managing your inventory, and finding vendors to sell your goods for Credits becomes vital. While most merchants shy away from illegal items, the Trade Authority welcomes them with open arms. Discover Trade Authority locations, which include Akila City and New Atlantis in Starfield, to convert your galactic finds into profit.

Key Takeaways
  • In Starfield, the Trade Authority is a discreet and welcoming marketplace, offering an excellent way to profit from your discoveries, including contraband items.
  • Trade Authority locations include shops and kiosks, providing traders with approximately 12,000 credits for shops and 5,000 for kiosks, and these credits are replenished every 24 in-game hours in Starfield.
  • To speed up the credit replenishment process, wait in Starfield for 24 hours, making sure to match the clock to the local time of your current planet.
  • Key Trade Authority spots are spread across various planets and stations, including New Atlantis, The Den, Cydonia, Akila City, and Neon in Starfield, making it convenient to cash in your collected items throughout the galaxy.

What Is Trade Authority In Starfield?

Trade Authority
Trading at Trade Authority Shop – [Image credits: eXputer]
In Starfield, the Trade Authority is your go-to place to sell almost anything from your adventures, breaking free from the restrictions of selective vendors.

Important: These Trade Authority locations, including stores and kiosks, offer a hassle-free solution to offload items from your inventory. They start with approximately 12,000 credits for stores and 5,000 for kiosks, and after 24 in-game hours, they replenish their credit stock.

To expedite this process, I found out that you simply find a spot to sit and wait, though keep in mind that the 24-hour clock must match the local time of your current planet. In my experience, it’s a clever way to turn your collected items into a profitable venture in Starfield.

Trade Authority Locations Starfield

Trade Authority Starfield
Trade Authority Starfield – [Screenshot by eXputer]
Starfield Trade Authority has many locations. Trade Authorities generally have signs that attract customers. Learn about different Star Authority Locations to efficiently redeem your contraband to get credits.

1. New Atlantis

Players can find New Atlantis, the official capital of the United Colonies, on the Jamison Planet. Most can find their first Trade Authority here.


Starfield Trade Authority Locations
New Atlantis Trade Authority Shop – [Screenshot grabbed by eXputer]
In the big city of New Atlantis, you can find the Trade Authority nestled in the lower district known as The Well. This unassuming yet crucial hub provides an opportunity to sell a wide array of items from your interstellar adventures.

To access the following Trade Authority location in Starfield, follow these straightforward steps I have listed below:

  1. Upon landing in New Atlantis, head towards the scanner ramp.
  2. If you have contraband, use the garbage can to climb onto the balcony to the left of the ramp to avoid scanning.
  3. Walk towards the corridor between Jemison Mercantile and Terrabrew Coffee, and take the MAST district elevator down to The Well.
  4. Descend the small stairwell and take a left, walking around the House of the Enlightened.
  5. You will find the Trade Authority next to the House of the Enlightened.


Starfield Trade Authority Locations
New Atlantis kiosk – [Image taken by eXputer]
Located in New Atlantis, this Trade Authority Kiosk is one of the first you’ll encounter in Starfield. It’s positioned conveniently at the spaceport’s right of your ship’s parking area. You can’t miss it, as it’s right next to the Ship Services Technician

Here is how I found the Atlantis City Kiosk:

  1. Players can find a kiosk right next to their ship’s parking area in New Atlantis.
  2. The Ship Services Technician is standing and will help locate the kiosk.
  3. Head towards the entrance of the Ship building services to find Kiosk.

2. The Den

The Den, a substantial space station orbiting the planet Chthonia in the Wolf system, houses both a Trade Authority Shop and a Kiosk, offering unique advantages for traders.


Starfield Trade Authority Locations
The Den Trade Authority – [Screenshot by us]
Docking at The Den, a substantial space station orbiting Chthonia in the Wolf system, presents traders with a prime opportunity. The Trade Authority Shop at The Den is a hidden gem in the galaxy. Unlike most major cities, you won’t undergo scanning for contraband upon arrival, making it an ideal destination for selling illegal items.

Below, I have the procedure on how to find and utilize this exceptional Trade Authority Shop:

  1. Upon docking at The Den, proceed past the ship technician.
  2. As you reach a railing where the station opens up, turn to your left.
  3. Here, you’ll discover a discreet storefront nestled into the wall.
  4. The following unassuming shop represents The Den’s Trade Authority, offering a unique advantage for traders.
  5. You can freely sell stolen goods and contraband here without the need for a shielded cargo compartment.


Starfield Trade Authority Locations
The Den kiosk – [Screenshot taken by eXputer]
For a more streamlined trading experience in Starfield, The Den offers a convenient Trade Authority Kiosk perfectly positioned for quick transactions.

Here’s how to find and utilize this efficient Trade Authority Kiosk:

  1. Upon arriving at The Den, head towards the docking port.
  2. As you approach, you’ll likely encounter the ship technician, often engaged in amusing conversations.
  3. Pay no heed to the ship technician’s banter; instead, look to your right (his left).
  4. You’ll find The Den’s Trade Authority Kiosk near some storage crates.

3. Cydonia

As you start Starfield’s second main mission, “The Old Neighborhood,” your journey will lead you to the bustling mining colony of Cydonia on the red planet Mars.


Starfield Trade Authority Locations
Cydonia Trade Authority – [Image credits eXputer]
Located on the top left side of Alpha Centauri, Cydonia is a hub of activity, and its Trade Authority Shop provides a prime destination for traders.

I’ve listed below on how to find and access the shop with ease:

  1. Upon your arrival in Cydonia, enter the mining colony, and proceed straight ahead, descending a lengthy, steam-filled ramp.
  2. At the bottom of the ramp, on your right-hand side, look for a door adorned with a distinctive white sign that reads “Trade Authority Outpost.”


Starfield Trade Authority Locations
Cydonia kiosk – [Screenshot by eXputer]
For a swift and efficient trading experience in Cydonia, seek out the Trade Authority Kiosk, positioned conveniently near the entrance.

Here’s how to find it:

  1. Before venturing into the Cydonia mining colony, head in the direction of the station’s entrance while keeping to your left.
  2. You’ll come across a shack housing the Ship Services station, and right next to it, along the railing outside, you’ll discover the Trade Authority Kiosk.

4. Neon

During the “All That Money Can Buy” quest in Starfield’s main storyline, you’ll venture to the vibrant Neon City.


Starfield Trade Authority Locations
Neon Trade Authority – [image taken by eXputer]
The bustling and seemingly lawless streets of Neon might give off the impression that contraband isn’t a concern, but the space around the planet Volii Alpha in the Volii system tells a different story.

Here’s how I pinpointed the Neon Trade Authority shop:

  1. After landing at the Neon landing spot, proceed through the security checkpoint and descend via the elevator.
  2. Upon exiting the elevator, head to the bright neon yellow Trade Authority sign immediately to your left.
  3. The entrance to the Trade Authority shop is on the right side.


Starfield Trade Authority Locations
Neon Kiosk – [Screenshot grabbed by eXputer]
Before you go into Neon City, get off your spaceship and look to the left. There’s a little building called ‘Ship Services’ on the left side of your platform, and inside it, you’ll find the Trade Authority Kiosk.

Here’s how to find it:

  1. Upon landing at the Neon spaceport, look to your left to locate the Ship Services Technician’s hub.
  2. Here, you’ll find the Trade Authority Kiosk housed inside.

5. Akila City

Your first visit to Akila City happens during the early quest called ‘The Empty Nest‘ in Starfield. It is located at Cheyenne System. Players will find a Trade Authority Shop in Akila Starfield.


Starfield Trade Authority Locations
Akila City Trade Authority – [Screenshot taken by eXputer]
You’ll need to look a bit to find the Trade Authority shop in Akila City in Starfield. It’s located right behind Galbank, which is on your right as you enter the city gates. You’ll have to walk down a small alleyway to reach it.

Here’s how to get to the Authority shop:

  1. Enter the city through the main gate, and go straight until you see Galbank on your right.
  2. This is where you’ll start your first quest to join the Freestar Collective.
  3. Head up to Galbank, and you’ll see a path to the right.
  4. Follow the path, and you’ll encounter a large sign that says ‘Trade Authority.’


Starfield Trade Authority Locations
Akila City kiosk – [Screenshot credits eXputer]
As for the Akila City Trade Authority kiosk, it’s a bit farther from your ship compared to others. 

Follow my instructions below to find it:

  1. When you land, head towards the city gates along your path.
  2. Keep an eye on your right, and eventually, you’ll spot the familiar yellow Trade Authority Kiosk just outside the Ship Services station.

6. The Key

To access The Key in Starfield, complete the ‘Deep Cover’ mission, which involves getting arrested by the United Colonies. Earning the trust of the Starfield Crimson Fleet pirates is a challenging process with multiple quests. Inside, The Key offers various facilities, including a Trade Authority kiosk.

In Starfield, the Trade Authority serves as a discreet marketplace for your discoveries, including contraband. These locations, with shops and kiosks offering around 12,000 and 5,000 credits, respectively (replenished every 24 in-game hours), are vital for turning your collected items into profit. Key Trade Authority spots include New Atlantis, The Den, Cydonia, Neon, and Akila City.

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