Starfield: All Crimson Fleet Questline Missions & Choices

Explore the depths of space with Crimson Fleet Questline in Starfield, where choices shape your destiny & reveal narratives & rewards.

In Starfield, players can team up with the Crimson Fleet, which is a group of space pirates. By joining them, players face cool challenges like sneaking into places, solving ship problems, and making big choices that change Starfield’s story. These choices can even decide if players stick with the Crimson Fleet or join another group. Each choice offers different missions, battles, and gear, and I’ve listed all eight Crimson Fleet questline missions in Starfield

Key Takeaways
  • Starfield’s Crimson Fleet focuses on space piracy and faction loyalty.
  • The Crimson Fleet Questline comprises eight mission series with a compelling end choice.
  • Players face moral versus practical decisions shaping the storyline.
  • Crucial missions, from Deep Cover to Legacy’s End, present challenging choices in Starfield.
  • Rewards vary, impacting gameplay and character progression.
  • Faction loyalty tests determine alliances with UC SysDef or Crimson Fleet in Starfield.
  • The questline introduces high-stakes infiltration missions and significant moral outcomes.
  • Unlocking “The Key” is crucial in the overarching Crimson Fleet series of missions.

What Is Crimson Fleet In Starfield?

Crimson Fleet
Crimson Fleet (picture credits: eXputer)

I’ve provided all the information you need on Crimson Fleet Questline: 

Mission Planet Started Quest Giver Location Prerequisites Rewards
Deep Cover MissionJemison, Alpha CentauriCommander TualaMAST DistrictComplete the Grunt Work quest250 XP,4800 credits
Rook Meets King MissionMars, SolCommander TualaCydoniaComplete Deep Cover250 XP, 5800 credits, Pirate Swashbuckler Gear
Echoes of The Past MissionSuvorov, KryxDelgadoThe KeyComplete Rook Meets King350 XP, 20,000 credits, Keelhauler, UC Prison Shuttle
Breaking The BankArane SystemRokobSiren of StarsComplete Echoes of The Past500 XP
The Best There Is MissionSuvorov, KryxNaevaThe KeyComplete Breaking the Bank250 XP, 9600 credits
Absolute Powers MissionDeimos, SolCommander Kibwe IkandeUC VigilanceComplete The Best There Is350 XP, 12,400 credits
Eye of the StormBannoc SystemDelgado-Complete Absolute PowersRevenant Rifle
Legacy’s End MissionSuvorov, Kryx or SaganCommander Kibwe IkandeThe Key or UC VigilanceComplete Eye of the Storm350 XP, 250000 credits

The Crimson Fleet in Starfield is a space-faring pirate faction, where players can align with this faction, facing unique challenges and missions, such as infiltrating enemy lines, settling internal disputes, and making pivotal loyalty decisions.

The Crimson Fleet Questline intertwines with major characters and events, offering players moral dilemmas that influence their journey in Starfield. In my experience, the player’s choices, especially concerning loyalty to the United Colonies (UC) or the Crimson Fleet, shape the narrative and outcome of this intricate storyline.

All Crimson Fleet Missions Questline & Rewards In Starfield

Playing the missions associated with the Crimson Fleet in Starfield involves lots of challenges and high-stakes negotiation. Let me break down the mission “Deep Cover” and its associated rewards in the game:

1. Deep Cover Mission


Deep Cover Mission in my opinion is all about the politics and covert operations in Starfield, promising both thrilling gameplay and substantial rewards.

In the “Deep Cover” mission of Crimson Fleet questline, players have to get arrested on purpose in Starfield New Atlantis. This leads to meeting the Crimson Fleet.

While arrested, the United Colonies ask players to spy for them inside the Crimson Fleet. Players then deal with space debts and try to make peace between Karl Fielding and Adler Kemp. The mission ends with a meeting with Naeva Mora on Europa Moon, where I suggest players be ready for surprises.

Completing the Deep Cover mission in the Crimson questline of Starfield is rewarding in both experience and in-game currency:

2. Rook Meets King Mission

Rook Meets King
Rook Meets King (picture credits: eXputer)

From my experience this is a pivotal mission in the Crimson questline of Starfield, weaving together personal choices, tactical gameplay, and expansive narrative in a galactic exploration. 

During the “Rook Meets King” mission, players will need to go to Enceladus, a moon of Saturn in Starfield, to find “The Ragana” where Austin Rake might be hiding. The icy place will test players on how well they can move and find things. When players find Austin, they have to decide: give him to the cops or save his life. This choice changes the game’s story and who your friends are. More about this is continued in the next mission of Crimson Fleet questline.

I’ve listed the rewards received after completing the mission:

  • Experience Points: 250 XP
  • In-game Currency: A bounty of 5800 credits, invaluable for in-game advancements and purchases.
  • Unique Gear: The “Pirate Swashbuckler Gear” – a rare and potentially powerful set of equipment, signifying your ties with the Crimson Fleet.

3. Echoes Of The Past Mission

Echoes of The Past Mission
Echoes of The Past Mission (picture credits: eXputer)

I think the Echoes of the Past mission in Starfield is more than a quest. It’s about offering a blend of stealth gameplay, combat challenges, and lore discovery.

Players join the Crimson Fleet’s daily tasks in Starfield, learning more about the pirate group. They’ll need to be sneaky in some missions, avoiding being caught. During their journey, they’ll meet a tough enemy named Grylloba.

To win, I recommend that the players know Grylloba’s strong and weak points. The main goal here is to find out about the “Legacy” ship in Starfield, which holds big secrets about the Crimson Fleet questline’s story.

Successfully passing the “Echoes of the Past” offers players the following:

  • Experience Points: 350 XP
  • In-game Currency: A considerable sum of 20,000 credits
  • Unique Equipment: The “Keelhauler” 

4. Breaking The Bank

In “Breaking the Bank,” Crimson Fleet questline mission, players are tasked with exploring the mysterious dealings of Larry Dumbrosky. A significant objective here is to gather invaluable data on the valuable vessel, the Legacy ship.

Completing this investigation will not only reveal secrets vital to the overarching mission but also reward players with a notable 500 XP, offering an increase in their progression through Starfield.

5. The Best There Is Mission

The Best There Is
The Best There Is (picture credits: eXputer)

This mission in the Crimson quest line of Starfield presents a blend of stealth and information reconnaissance, emphasizing the player’s strategic approach.

Players team up with Huan Daiyu for a sneaky mission into SY-920. Huan is good at this stuff, so I suggest players use his skills or work together with him.

The big goal of “The Best There Is” mission is to find something called the ‘Compspike’ on the ship. It’s super important to the storyline. To get it, players might have to dodge security, use the ship’s computers, or even talk to the crew.

Upon successful mission completion, players will be awarded the following:

  • Experience Points: 250 XP
  • In-game Currency: 9600 credits

6. Absolute Powers Mission


This quest offers players a multi-approach mission involving tactical decision-making, potential combat, and meaningful character interaction in the Crimson Fleet questline of Starfield.

Players face a tricky task in helping the Crimson Fleet get into a blocked ship.

  • This might mean solving a puzzle or getting past security.
  • Next, there’s a mission to steal some fancy tech called Conduction Grid Tech from a place named Generdyne.
  • This will for sure involve sneaking around, fighting, or even playing mini-games.
  • Lastly, players will meet someone named Stelle Vincent.
  • It’s unclear what this character will do, but choices are involved for sure.
  • Stelle Vincent might talk, team up, or fight, depending on the story or who players side with during the “Absolute Powers” in Starfield.

Successful completion of the mission will give you the following rewards:

  • Experience Points: 350 XP 
  • In-game Currency: 12400 credits

7. Eye of the Storm

In the mission Eye of the Storm, you go to the Legacy ship for the Crimson Fleet to find out about Jason Kryx.

  • You set up modules and then travel to the Bannoc system.
  • Inside the ship, you find a vault with Kryx’s stuff and need to move data.
  • But the ship catches fire, and you have to escape.
  • This mission is the last part of Starfield’s Crimson Fleet quests.

After finishing “Eye of the Storm”, you need to choose between UC SysDef and the Crimson Fleet. I recommend making the choice that feels right and what gives the best rewards.

8. Legacy’s End Mission

Legacy's end
Legacy’s end (picture credits: eXputer)

Major Decision Point

Loyalty Test: Players will be faced with a significant moral and strategic choice. Their decision to align with either the UC (United Colonies) or the Crimson Fleet will likely determine future story arcs, alliances, and potential enemies.

Action Outcomes Based On Decision

  1. Destruction of Crimson Fleet Base: Choosing this path may lead to intense ground combat or strategic ship warfare against the pirates, ending their reign of terror.
  2. Neutralize UC Watcher Ship & Prisoner Liberation: This route suggests not only ship combat but also close-quarter skirmishes on the UC Watcher ship. Liberating prisoners could add allies or unlock new narrative branches.


  • Regardless of the choice made in Starfield’s Legacy’s End mission, players earn 350 XP. The 250,000 credits indicate the high-stakes nature of this mission, allowing significant gear, ship upgrades, or resource acquisition.

Recommendation For Players

“Legacy’s End” is an important mission in the Crimson Fleet questline of Starfield, likely influencing the narrative tone for subsequent gameplay.

I advocate that you make an informed choice by weighing the pros and cons of each faction.

Important: Considering the sizable credit reward, I recommend that you invest in equipment or skill upgrades post-mission to face heightened challenges ahead. The Legacy’s End Mission’s consequences will be long-lasting, so decisions should align with your desired role-playing path and endgame.

Should You Join UC SysDef or Crimson Fleet In Starfield?

join UC SysDef or Crimson Fleet
join UC SysDef or Crimson Fleet (picture credits: eXputer)

The crux of this Crimson Fleet questline mission revolves around Moral vs. Practical choices in Starfield.

Faction Consequences

Important Choices:

  • UC SysDef: Aligning with the United Colonies System Defense (UC SysDef) in Starfield probably favors order, governance, and established rule. Players might expect more structured missions but with the backing of an organized militia.
  • Crimson Fleet: Choosing the pirates in Starfield means you like freedom, but it can be wild and chaotic. Expect future missions to involve more sneaky moves and quick attacks.

Major Impacts

  • Battles: Expect differing combat scenarios based on your chosen allegiance. UC SysDef might involve defending key locations or strategic assaults in Starfield, while Crimson Fleet could focus on ambushes or resource heists.
  • Loyalty Decisions: Both factions will test the player’s commitment. This could manifest in missions challenging previous affiliations or calling for sacrifices for the greater good (or personal gain).
  • Rewards: Each side will have unique advantages. The UC SysDef could offer advanced military-grade equipment, while the Crimson Fleet might provide rare, unconventional gear or access to black markets in Starfield.
  • Companion Affinity: Your decisions could strengthen or sever bonds, affecting party dynamics, skills, and potential story arcs.
  • Access to “The Key”: A potentially significant artifact or resource, The Key’s access could determine mission options, story developments, or endgame scenarios in Starfield. Decide based on its value and utility.
  • Rewards Revisited: While material gains are very obvious, players should also look over the rewards like narrative satisfaction, character growth, or unique story arcs.
Note: When I was playing Starfield, I chose to align with the UC SysDef. Although pirates can be entertaining, I prefer the proper order and governance that the UC SysDef offers.

In conclusion, The Crimson Fleet missions in Starfield offer players thrilling space adventures filled with choices. Whether sneaking around or deciding who to side with, these missions shape the game’s story. Players can earn rewards and face challenges, making their journey in Starfield truly memorable.

That is all for now and if you want to learn more then I suggest you don’t skip reading Starfield Alternating Currents, All Religions, Starfield Money Glitch, and What happened to the Earth in Starfield guides.


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