Starfield: Red Tape Blues Quest [Location & Reward]

Get the job of Executive Assistant by completing the Red Tape Blues quest in Starfield!

Red Tape Blues is among the various sidequests found in Starfield on Mars in Sol. Although straightforward, the Red Tape Blues quest can be time-consuming due to the multiple tasks that must be completed for the quest to reach its conclusion. 

Key Takeaways
  • Red Tape Blues quest is on Mars within the Sol system in Starfield.
  • Speak with Trevor in Cydonia on Mars, lower level, near mining operations.
  • Help Trevor get equipment requests approved to secure a job as an Executive Assistant.
  • Apply for the Executive Assistant position at Deimos Staryard, answer multiple-choice questions in the application, and return to Cydonia.
  • Trevor asks you to delete other job applications to improve your chances of getting hired.
  • Delete other job applications on a computer in a nearby room, and then return to Trevor in Starfield
  • For rewards, you will get 3,700 credits and 100 XP upon quest completion in Starfield.

How To Start Red Tape Blues Quest In Starfield

Red Tape Blues quest Starfield
Starfield Red Tape Blues quest [Image by eXputer]
Starfield Red Tape Blues quest is located on Mars, where players have to visit Cydonia and interact with the miners working in the lower deck to begin the quest.

  1. You’ll be visiting Cydonia during the main mission with Sarah.
  2. While you’re gathering information about the artifacts, it’s a good idea to assist the miners on the lower deck.
  3. Simply follow the stairs until you reach the Martian terrain.
  4. Take a sharp right at the bottom of the stairs, and you’ll find Trevor standing next to a vehicle.
  5. Engaging in conversation with him will trigger the Starfield Red Tape Blues quest.

Completing The Red Tape Blues Quest In Starfield

Mars Cydonia
Cydonia in Mars [Image by eXputer]
Upon your initial conversation with Trevor, express your interest in helping with work, highlighting your relevant experience. As he informs you that there are no current job openings, he’ll elaborate on the miners’ struggles due to inadequate equipment, making it challenging to meet production targets.

Trevor shares that he’s submitted requests for new equipment, which are pending approval and often ignored by Peter. He’ll then inquire whether you might assist in getting these requests approved and improving conditions for the miners. Your ultimate goal in Red Tape Blues quest is to secure employment, work under Peter’s supervision, and gain access to terminal messages to approve Trevor’s equipment request.

Cutter Red Tape Blues Starfield
Cutter [Image by eXputer]
  1. Trevor will assess your skills in Starfield by asking you to collect iron ore through mining. 
  2. Iron ore is readily available in your surrounding area.
  3. Scan to see Iron ore deposits.
  4. Simply approach an Iron ore, utilize your cutter in inventory to extract some, and deposit it in the bin located opposite Trevor.
  5. Afterward, engage in another conversation with him. 
  6. During this interaction, Trevor will mention an executive assistant position that’s open and ask if you could apply, recognizing your potential to aid in acquiring the necessary equipment.

Applying For The Executive Assistant Position

Deimos Travel
Traveling to Deimos [Image by eXputer]
  1. Begin by boarding your spacecraft and setting a course for the Deimos Staryard, which orbits Mars.
  2. Upon docking at the Staryard, follow the marker guide to reach the area just outside the Victory Hall.
Staryard Deimos Red Tape Blues Starfield
Deimos Staryard [Image credit: eXputer]
  1. Located near the entrance to the Victory Hall, you’ll find a small yellow kiosk. Approach the kiosk to initiate the application process.
Executive Assistant Applying
Applying for Executive Assistant [Image credit: eXputer]
  1. The application will present you with a series of 7 questions, each offering 4 possible answers
  2. Worry not, as your responses to these questions will not matter, and you can choose any answers you like.
  3. Once you’ve completed the application, return to Cydonia and have a conversation with Trevor.

Deleting Other Applications

Upon revisiting Trevor, he will present you with an unconventional request: to delete other job applications to ensure your own hiring in Red Tape Blues quest. 

applications in HR computer Red Tape Blues Starfield
HR computer containing applications [Image credit: eXputer]
  1. Head up the stairs until you reach the ramp leading to the entrance.
  2. Instead of ascending the ramp, take a left and proceed down a hallway, passing the Governor’s office.
  3. Enter the room on your left, which contains windows and several desks.
  4. In the room, your task marker will guide you to a computer
  5. Although Trevor has provided you with a password, you won’t need to use it. 
  6. Simply interact with the computer to unlock it and access the home screen.
candidates applications Deleting
Deleting other candidates’ applications [Image credit: eXputer]
  1. Navigate to the “applications” tab and delete the other applications one by one.
  2. Once you’ve completed the task, return to Trevor and speak with him to conclude the Red Tape Blues quest.
Trevor Talking Red Tape Blues Starfield
Talking to Trevor [Image credit: eXputer]
The quest concludes at this point, granting you a reward of 3,700 credits and 100 XP. The sequel of the quest is Red Tape Runaround, and it will start as soon as the Starfield Red Tape Blues is completed.  

A player on Reddit is confused about waiting for 5 hours for people to leave so he can delete the other candidate’s applications. However, I didn’t wait in my gameplay and proceeded to delete the applications without waiting. If, for some reason, you are facing some issue, just access a comfortable space such as a bed, chair, or a couch and rest on it to pass the time. You will get access to a slider, and you can decide how much time you have to wait.

That’s it on how you can complete the Red Tape Blues quest; the process might be lengthy, though. Learn How To Dock Ships to easily attach your ship to Space Stations. You can also Increase Ship Storage and store more loot, resources, and materials. Moreover, you can also get Shielded Cargo in Starfield and successfully smuggle by evading routine cargo scans in settled systems,


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