Starfield: Deimos Staryard Location, Vendor & Ship Parts

Explore Deimos Staryard in Starfield for top-tier ships, unique upgrades, and pivotal quests, enhancing your spacefaring adventure.

Starfield Deimos Staryard is famously known for its ship showroom and state-of-the-art upgrades using ship parts, it’s a hotspot for tasks and quest opportunities, notably the ‘Red Tape Blues’ side quest in Starfield. As one of the game’s major space module manufacturers, only selected ship items elsewhere in the game equal to what you get here, making Deimos Staryard a must-visit place.

Key Takeaways
  • Deimos Staryard orbits Mars’ Deimos moon in the SOL star system of Starfield.
  • The Deimos Staryard serves as a key showroom for various ship models.
  • Players can upgrade ships using exclusive Deimos parts.
  • Nikau Henderson is the primary vendor for ships and parts in Deimos Staryard.
  • Four distinct ship models are available for purchase at Deimos.
  • Deimos Staryard is one of four Staryards, with two offering upgrades.

What Is Deimos Staryard In Starfield?

Deimos Staryard
Deimos Staryard (picture credits: eXputer)

Deimos Staryard is a significant space station orbiting Mars’ Deimos moon in Starfield, that offers a variety of services including trade of ships and their parts.

The Deimos Staryard serves as a mega vendor or store for ships and a center for ship upgrades with Deimos parts. Additionally, players can take missions from its board to earn credits and engage in side quests, making it an essential location to visit any time during your gameplay in Starfield.

Important: While there are four Staryards scattered across Starfield, only two, including Deimos, offer ship augmentations and parts.


Locating Deimos
Locating Deimos (picture credits: eXputer)

To access the Staryard, players need to chart a course towards the Deimos moon. Once within its area, an interaction prompt will appear that will guide players on how to dock at the station. These are the steps I took once arriving at the area:

  • Initiate your onboard star-map system.
  • Once active, narrow your search by pinpointing the Sol system.
  • Within its constellation, Deimos, the moon in question, will be the go-to place.
  • Upon selection of Deimos, utilize the ‘Jump’ command, a faster-than-light travel function that will take you directly to the location.

Upon arrival, docking at the Deimos Staryard requires precision:

  1. Gradually navigate your ship within a 500-meter radius of the Staryard.
  2. The range ensures a stable docking trajectory.
  3. Secure Docking Protocol: Engage the docking mechanism by pressing and holding the X button.


Deimos Staryard's Services
Deimos Staryard’s Services (picture credits: eXputer)

Deimos Staryard stands out as a multifunctional hub in the game. It displays a comprehensive ship parts showroom, offering an array of the best ships in Starfield crafted by the said company, allowing players to expand their fleet options.

Personally, for those looking to optimize their current vessels and maybe want to buy the best ship parts in Starfield, I recommend that the Staryard provides a unique opportunity.

Moreover, an interactive Mission Board device is present, which becomes a reliable source for players to get credits, mainly by taking various tasks in Starfield. Additionally, a distinct side quest led by Sandra Fullerton offers an engaging task centered on resource collection and delivery that players should not miss while they’re at Deimos Staryard.

Ship And Parts Acquisition

Ship And Parts Acquisition At Deimos
Ship And Parts Acquisition At Deimos (picture credits: eXputer)

The Deimos Staryard facility boasts a selection of six exquisite ships for purchase in Starfield.

  1. Bireme – 172,545 Credits
  2. Hoplite II – 172,863 Credits
  3. Phalanx – 161,055 Credits
  4. Gladius II – 92,616 Credits
  5. Aegis – 196,780 Credits
  6. Longsword II – 132,821 Credits
Note: Players should seek out Nikau Henderson at Deimos Staryard, who can be easily spotted by his bald appearance and noteworthy position in front of a ship model.

The list of ship parts players can find there are as follows:

  1. Deimos Structurals.
  2. Dockers.
  3. Bays.
  4. Habs.
  5. Landing Gears.
  6. Cockpits.

Why Visit Deimos Staryard In Starfield?

Significance of Deimos Staryard
Significance of Deimos Staryard (picture credits: eXputer)

To sum it up, Deimos Staryard, close to Mars’ Deimos moon in Starfield, is a top spot to get the best ships and parts. It’s big for trading and has special missions to earn more credits. Players can see cool ship models, upgrade their own, and pick tasks. It’s a key place in Starfield for players wanting the best gear and fun missions.

It also holds a central position in Starfield. To begin with, it’s the center for the ‘Red Tape Blues’ side quest. Playing this quest will inevitably lead players to cross paths with the Staryard.

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