Starfield: How To Find And Meet Your Parents [Location]

The Starfield Parents Location guide will showcase the Kid Stuff location and if your parents are missing or not in the home or apartment.

Starfield allows players to explore planets upon planets, explore the universe, and embark on a tremendous journey, but often, returning to your parents is all you need. Players might want to know the Starfield Parents Location, therefore a detailed walkthrough of where you can find them, and get your hands on the traits it offers too!

Important: Players can remove the Kid Stuff trait by kicking their parents out of their apartment in Starfield!
Key Takeaways
  • Your parents will be your Mom and Dad, and players will be able to meet them. 
  • The Kid Stuff trait lets players visit their apartment and send them 2% of their credit weekly.
  • Locate Parents: Head to Alpha Centauri, take the NAT Transit car to the Residential District and find Pioneer Towers.
  • Conversations: Engage in discussions with your parents about relationships, their roles at Constellation, and more.
  • Optional Action: Remove the Kid Stuff trait by talking to your dad to potentially change your living situation.

Overview Of Your Parents In Starfield

Your Parents
Your Parents (Image Credits eXputer)

One of the first things that players might want to know in my opinion is their Starfield Parent’s Location, but before doing so, I suggest another thing that you will want to see is whether you are even able to visit them or not. 

Before You Start: From my experience, you can only visit them if you have found and picked the Starfield Kid Stuff Parents Location, which grants you a specific trait.

At the start, you will be able to choose a total of three traits, which, I recommend choosing the Kid Stuff trait, as it will ensure that your parents stay alive and well. 

In doing so, you will also be granted the ability to visit your parents at home, but the downside I discovered is that you will need to send 2% of your total credits to Starfield Parents Not Home every week. 

Parents’ House Location

Jemison (Image Credits eXputer)

To locate your parents’ house in Starfield, follow the steps I’ve provided below:

  1. Complete the Gravity Jump Mission: Begin by completing the Gravity Jump mission that takes you to Jemison. This mission is part of the storyline and will eventually lead you to Alpha Centauri.
    Gravity Jump
    Gravity Jump (Image Credits eXputer)
  2. Travel to Alpha Centauri: Once you arrive at Jemison, you’ll be able to take your ship to Alpha Centauri. The United Colonies Security will perform a scan on your ship upon arrival.
    Going To Alpha Centauri
    Going To Alpha Centauri (Image Captured By Us)
  3. Clearance for Landing: After the scan is completed and no contraband is found on your ship, you will receive clearance for landing on Alpha Centauri.
  4. Exit Your Ship: You can now exit your ship. Head towards the terminal and proceed past the notices to visitors and the arrivals boards displayed on the walls.
  5. Board the NAT Transit Train: Continue running straight and look for the NAT transit train. It will offer destination options such as MAST District, Residential District, or Commercial District. Choose the Residential District and board the transit car.Transit Car
  6. Pioneer Towers: Arrive at Pioneer Towers, a grey building with its doors open. Head inside to find the elevators and the family apartments.
    Door Of Ship
    Door Of Ship (Image Credits eXputer)
  7. Find Your Parent’s Apartment: Locate the door to your parent’s apartment. If you find your dad inside, you have successfully located your parents’ house.
    Family Apartments
    Family Apartments (Image Credits eXputer)

Meeting The Parents 

Mom (Image Captured By Us)

Once you reach their house and find the Starfield Parent’s Location, the next thing to do is interact with them. Head closer to the dad and start talking to him; he will seem extremely surprised to see you here. 

  • After he informs the mother that you have appeared, he tells you that he is thrilled to see you, but then he asks if you are under contract with Argos Extractors
  • After this, you will inform them that you are now working under Constellation.
    Catching Up
    Catching Up (Credits eXputer)

After catching up with them, I recommend you take a short walk around the home to live out some memories again and knowing that you don’t have to deal with Starfield Parents Not In Apartment and being able to interact with them should help relieve the memories. 

Important: In between this, I discovered that if you interact with your parents while they are sitting in the living room, you should be able to talk to them, and when you do so, they will ask about your significant other and if you have any.

From here, you can either choose to say no or yes to the relationship question, and after that, you can ask your parents what they have been up to and what you have been Starfield Parents Missing out on. 

Important: I found that you can also choose to catch up with your father, and he will tell you that he threw a party for his retirement on Thursday when he taught his final class and is now a retiree.

Kick Parents Out Of Apartment 

Kicking Parents Out
Kicking Parents Out (Image Taken By eXputer)

Now, a rather mean thing you can try doing to get rid of the Starfield Parents Kid Stuff Location Trait is to have them kicked out of the apartment. 

  1. While talking to your dad, he will ask you if you want to talk about anything, and there will be a fourth option.
  2. The fourth option will discuss removing the Kid Stuff Best Trait and the message that you can no longer send money back home. 
  3. Your dad does not seem to have a negative reaction to your news, and he tells you that they will move out of the apartment.

After this, your dad asks you to say goodbye to your mother, as they will need to start finding new places immediately.

And that’s just about it! All that players need to know about the Parents Location guide! While interacting with the Parents in Starfield, why not read the Starfield Overdesigned Mission guide? Alongside that, the How To Wait In Starfield guide is a must-read! 

With that, the Starfield Store Items On Ship guide is one that you shouldn’t miss out on! Lastly, make sure that you read up on the Starfield Best Faction guide!

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